RV Dump Stations Massachusetts

Massachusetts is known for its historical locations, urban centers and abundance of professional sports teams. There are plenty of desirable natural wonders to see in the state as well. One great way to experience a variety of attractions in Massachusetts is to take an RV out on the open road. If you’re traveling in Massachusetts using an RV, then you’ll need to know about a variety of dump stations in Massachusetts. There are free RV dump stations Massachusetts, but there are also some Massachusetts dump stations for which you have to pay to use. No matter where you’re going in Massachusetts, you’ll be able to find a dump station near you.

Top Massachusetts RV Dump Stations

1. Salisbury Beach State Reservation

  • Monday through Sunday from Sunrise to Sunset
Right on the North Massachusetts coast, this dump station is located right at the mouth of the Merrimack River. Drinking and rinsing water are both available.
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Pricing: Free for guests and $20 for everyone else

2. Ellis Haven Family Campground

  • 24/7
Ellis Haven is close to Plymouth Municipal Airport. Myles Standish Forest is right next door. Morton Park and Billington Sea are up the road.
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Pricing: Guests dump for free, and non-guests have to pay.

3. Bonnie Brae Cabins & Campsites

Bonnie Brae Cabins & Campsites is right next to Pontoosuc Lake and Highway 7. Cheshire Reservoir and Lake Onota are within easy driving distance.
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Pricing: Fee for non-guests and free for registered guests
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Explore Dump Stations by City


Those not traveling on the coast still have plenty of Massachusetts RV dump stations from which to choose. One popular area for dump stations is Brimfield State Forest. Within this forest is Dean Pond Recreation Area, which is an ideal place to fish, picnic, ride, and hunt. Multiple other forests and lakes are in the area as well.

Brimfield map


If you’re looking for dump stations in the northern coastal part of the state, then these places may be ideal. Whether you’re spending time at Salisbury Beach or on the Merrimack River, these waste dump stations are at your service. 

Salisbury map


The New York border is close by as are numerous parks and recreational areas, and Onota Lake, Pontoosuc Lake and Pittsfield State Forest are popular natural destinations. Other outdoor locations include Canoe Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary and Bousquet Skiing Area.

Pittsfield map

Cape Cod

Many Massachusetts RV dump stations are located in Cape Cod, a beloved coastal area to the residents of Massachusetts and beyond. Nearby places like Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are popular and important destinations, so whether you’re staying way out on the Cape or closer to the mainline coast, you’ll have multiple choices from which to pick.

Cape Cod map


While big cities usually aren’t good places to find RV dump stations, there are, however, a couple of dump stations in Massachusetts that are relatively close to Boston. Whether you are planning to take in a New England Patriots game or have just watched the Red Sox play, you’ll be able to empty your RV at these places outside of town. 

Boston map


If you’d prefer to camp more on the mainline coast, then you may want to stay near historic Plymouth. Multiple motorhome dump stations Massachusetts are nearby, so you’ll have numerous places to clean out your RV’s tanks.

Plymouth map

In Summary

As you can see, no matter where you’re traveling in Massachusetts, you’ll have no problem finding a nearby place to empty your RV. If you want to dump your tanks for free, your best bet is to stay at one of the many campgrounds in the state. However, many of these same facilities will let you use their dump stations by paying a small fee.

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