RV Dump Stations Tennessee

Tennessee is home to many of the country's most beautiful mountain forests and rivers, so there's no shortage of places for RVers to enjoy. Places like the Great Smoky Mountains in eastern Tennessee and Beale Street in Downtown Memphis attract visitors from all over the country. To accommodate all these travelers, there are plenty of easy-to-find Tennessee dump stations. Many travel centers, RV campgrounds, and state parks offer a place to dump your waste. You can even find free RV dump stations Tennessee at many state parks and municipal campgrounds.

Top Tennessee RV Dump Stations

1. Chickasaw State Park

  • Monday - Sunday from 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Located 20 miles south of Jackson, this historic location was one of Tennessee's New Deal state parks built in the 1930s. Both guests and visitors can use the RV dump station free or at a low cost.
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Pricing: Free for registered guests and $5 for visitors

2. Love's Travel Stop #344

  • Open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
The Love's Travel Shop franchise serves truckers and RV drivers with a variety of personal care and vehicle maintenance services. Located close to I-240 in Memphis, it's a convenient place for a pit stop if you're traveling east or west through the city.
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Pricing: $10

3. Clinton / Knoxville North KOA

  • Call for availability
This KOA campground is located about 15 miles north of Knoxville on I-75. Like many RV-friendly campgrounds, they offer free dumping service for their guests and provide other amenities like water supplies.
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Pricing: Free for registered guests and a small fee for visitors
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Explore Dump Stations by City


As the state's capital, Nashville has plenty of urban RV amenities for travelers. Its central location on the crossroads between I-24, I-40, and I-65 also puts the city within range of many of the RV dump stations in Tennessee.

Nashville map


Tennessee RV dump stations can be found throughout the state, but the Memphis area makes a good stopping point for travelers as they cross the Mississippi River. Memphis is the nexus of I-55, I-40, and I-240, and tourists and vacationers can explore the region where southeastern Tennessee meets with Arkansas and Mississippi.

Memphis map


Located about halfway between Memphis and Nashville on I-40, Jackson is surrounded by national and state forests in the hills of the Appalachians. RV dump stations are available at several local state parks and travel centers that serve vacationers.

Jackson map


When it comes to RV dump stations Tennessee, there are plenty of options on the east side of the state near Knoxville. Since this college town sits at the junction between I-75 and I-40, those passing through or visiting can stop at a variety of dumping station facilities.

Knoxville map


Near Tennessee's southern border with Georgia, Chattanooga is another cultural site that tourists often visit as they explore the state. It's close to major interstate freeways and vacation spots, so you're sure to find dump stations in Tennessee as you pass through the area.

Chattanooga map

In Summary

You can find Tennessee dump facilities at many types of locations, and each presents RV owners with different advantages. State, county, and city parks are the places to find free dump stations, but they can be too far from a major interstate if you’re traveling. Travel centers are better located for stops during a road trip, but they'll cost more. Campground resorts that cater to RVs usually provide motorhome dump stations Tennessee as well. This variety of choices means you'll be able to find the right mix of amenities, convenience, and pricing you prefer.

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