RV Dump Stations Kentucky

Kentucky is known as the horse capital of the world as it is home to the Kentucky Derby. While many people may flock to this state for the attractions, other travelers are just passing through and in search of one of many waste dump stations. The Bluegrass State has many things to experience, so while you’re there, it’s important to know where the RV dump stations in Kentucky are. Below is a list of the available sites where RV travelers can find the resources they need to have an enjoyable trip.

Top Kentucky RV Dump Stations

1. Kentucky Horse State Park

  • 9 AM to 5 PM
This location is open year-round during regular operating hours. Water is available at this site.
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Pricing: $10

2. Westgate RV Campground

  • 24 hours
This location is open year-round. There is potable and non-potable rinse water available here as well. The dump station is big rig friendly.
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Pricing: $8

3. German Bridge Camping Area

  • Monday thru Friday 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Closed on Saturday and Sunday
This location has water available. This site operates seasonally from May through September.
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Pricing: $30 or less
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Explore Dump Stations by City

Horse Cave

The majority of the locations here have the necessities for a comfortable experience. Horse Cave, KY, offers reasonable prices at the dump stations available.

Horse Cave map

Cave City

In Cave City, KY, many of the locations are open year-round and have excellent resources available. 

Cave City map


Prestonsburg also has convenient locations to visit during your RV trek. The sites located here are seasonally accessible.

Prestonsburg map


Union, KY, boasts beautiful and scenic state parks. Visitors can enjoy the scenes while using the convenient resources available for RVs.

Union map


The Kentucky RV dump stations located in London, KY, and cities nearby are affordable. They have other accommodations at their sites, such as room for large or oversized rigs and water stations that have potable and non-potable water access. 

London map


While there aren’t many free RV dump stations in Kentucky, there are a handful of sites that have discounted dumpsite rates. Travel plazas are usually an excellent place for travelers to visit for proper dumping. 

Walton map


Bradenburg, KY, is an ideal city to visit during your RV vacation as it hosts free dump site locations. 

Bradenburg map


Cadiz, KY, hosts a location that provides travelers with everything they need for dumping as well as recuperation and comfortable amenities. 24-hour availability adds extra convenience.

Cadiz map


Some Kentucky dump sites operate seasonally while others are available and can be used year-round. Georgetown, KY, is near other cities that have reasonable hours and inexpensive dump site options.

Georgetown map


Florence, KY, has a dump station that is located on an RV facility lot, which is useful for travelers who might need other utilities for their vehicles.

Florence map


Glasgow, KY, hosts campground locations which have free RV dump stations available. 

Glasgow map

Bowling Green

RV drivers visiting Bowling Green, KY, will find several locations that have reasonable hours, fun amenities, and dumpsites that are inexpensive and big-rig friendly.

Bowling Green map


This site located in Clarkson, KY, is found on an army base. Visitors can utilize the available big rig friendly resources during regular business hours. 

Clarkson map


Danville, KY, hosts locations that have entertainment as well as easily accessible dump sites. 

Danville map

Mammoth Cave

It would be a shame to visit Kentucky and skip out on Mammoth Cave. The dump stations in Kentucky can be found far and wide, including one of the most well-known locations in the state. 

Mammoth Cave map


A few of the dump stations in Kentucky can be found near campgrounds. Corbin, KY, is best known for its scenic nature sites and a wealth of outdoor recreational activities.

Corbin map


The motorhome dump stations in Kentucky can even be found near the iconic race tracks. If you’re planning to come to this city, you’ll surely find entertainment as well as some great state parks to further help you enjoy your stay or your short trip.

Lexington map


This city is known for the saddle-horse farms and has other fun attractions along with campgrounds that have excellent resources for RV travelers.

Shelbyville map

In Summary

The RV dump stations in Kentucky offer all of the essentials for anyone who drives a rig that is big, small, and everything in between. Kentucky also has quite a few interesting places to visit. No matter which city on this list you choose to go through or stay in, there will be a dump station nearby. With resources such as rinse water, discounted and low prices, convenient amenities, wonderful historical attractions, and beautiful state parks, Kentucky will not disappoint.

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