RV Dump Stations North Dakota

Whether you are in North Dakota for the beautiful scenery, the excellent state parks, or the wealth of cultural history, there is a lot to offer. North Dakota is a fantastic place for RVs as well. With any RV adventure comes the need for finding a suitable dump station. Here are some of the best North Dakota RV dump stations based on convenience, price, and ease of access.

Top North Dakota RV Dump Stations

1. Berthold Cenex RV Park

  • 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • May through October
This is a clean and well-kept RV park with a very friendly staff. The dump station is somewhat small but should be accessible by even large rigs if you take your time and navigate carefully. Potable and rinse water are available. 
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Pricing: Free to guests, $10 to use just the dump station

2. Ampride Convenience Mart

  • 24 hours
This is a very nicely maintained convenience store with an easy to navigate parking lot. The bathrooms are clean, there is a good selection of items, and the staff is friendly. The dump stations are nicely maintained, and water is available. 
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Pricing: Free

3. Red River Valley Fair Campground

  • 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • April through September
This is a beautiful campground located just a few minutes west of Fargo's center. The facilities are excellently maintained, and the dump stations are clean and easy to access. Water is available.
Additional Info
Pricing: Free for guests, $10 for using just the dump station. 
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Explore Dump Stations by City


Located just 15 miles south of the Minot Airforce Base, Minot is a rapidly growing city that is a great place to rest on an adventure. There are numerous parks, sports teams, and great restaurants sprinkled throughout this lovely town. There are also plenty of facilities for RVs. 

Minot map


Bismarck may be small for a capital city, but it isn't short of activities or worthwhile sites. It's also a fantastic place to head if you're on an RV adventure. If you need one of the RV dump stations in North Dakota, there are plenty in Bismarck.

Bismarck map


Fargo is the largest city in North Dakota and where you're unlikely to run out of things to do. Beyond the metropolitan bustle, there are plenty of waste dump stations for your RV needs. Here are some of the best. 

Fargo map

Grand Forks

Situated on the Minnesota border, Grand Forks sits just across from its sister city of East Grand Forks. It is a fantastic destination for anyone who enjoys nature, as beautiful hiking and fishing opportunities are abundant.

Grand Forks map

In Summary

North Dakota is a beautiful state full of diverse cultures and incredible nature. It is a fantastic place to explore in an RV, and there is no shortage of dump stations in North Dakota. These are just a few of the cities and nearby waste dump stations that are particularly nice, but there are likely many more.

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