RV Dump Stations Connecticut

Many of the RV dump stations in Connecticut are located on campgrounds, rest areas and other accessible locations for RV convenience. If you're traveling cross country or find yourself passing through the farthest eastern states in the USA, here are 25 of Connecticut's dump stations found in a few of the state's cities both big and small. Some of the stations are only accessible during specific seasonal months, but others are open year-round and 24 hours. While most sites require a small fee, there are a few stations that offer free services.

Top Connecticut RV Dump Stations

1. Housatonic Meadows State Park

  • 8 a.m. to sunset April through December
Both potable and non-potable rinse water refilling is available at this campground location. Other amenities such as bathrooms and showers are accessible here as well. 
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Pricing: $20

2. Cabela's

  • 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Non-potable rinse water is available at this location.
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Pricing: $5

3. Nickerson Park Campground

  • Open year-round 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.
This site is big rig friendly and also has water available.
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Pricing: $30 or less
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Explore Dump Stations by City

East Lyme

Dump stations in Connecticut usually operate with regular business hours, but East Lyme hosts a few stations that are seasonally active. Even during off-peak season, nearby locations offer the same services for fair Costs. For the most part, free RV dump stations will be located at rest areas in this area. Low-cost stations can be found at several of Connecticut's campsites that are located at state park locations.

East Lyme map

East Hartford

East Hartford is near some of the bigger cities that Connecticut is known for, so finding resources for your RV should be fairly easy to do. Some of the big box outdoor stores where camping materials are sold offer free RV dump stations in Connecticut. Most stations close either at sunset or before, but some of the dump stations in Connecticut are accessible 24 hours.

East Hartford map


A few of the Connecticut RV dump stations are big rig friendly, and they also have other conveniences that assist with making the dumping process swift and hassle-free. There are year-round dump stations in this area, so your traveling doesn't have to be limited to peak seasons.

Chaplin map


Barkhamsted is not very big and is rather cozy and homelike. Barkhamsted's main attractions include the state forests and parks. If you're just passing through and looking for a few waste dump stations, you'll find them near one of Barkhamsted's state reservoirs. 

Barkhamsted map

In Summary

Most of the motorhome dump stations in Connecticut are big rig friendly. While only certain locations boast this accommodation, they are perfect if you're in the driver's seat of an RV that has all the essentials for a rustic getaway. For the most part, the stations are located on campground property, but all of the listed locations are welcoming to those who are simply looking to use the dump station resources. If you choose to camp, there are several locations that are open year-round. Some dump stations in Connecticut offer extra amenities, such as potable or non-potable water, for free. Connecticut RV dump stations can be found throughout the state in several different cities, so you can travel with confidence and enjoy the great outdoors at your leisure.

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