RV Dump Stations Minnesota

There is a wide selection of RV dump stations in Minnesota, and they can be found spread throughout the state. Listed below in no particular order, you'll find the top 25 places to empty your tanks in Minnesota. Unlike many other states, there are quite a few outright free RV dump stations in Minnesota, meaning you don't need to be a registered guest or make a purchase in order to use these waste dump stations. Also, the vast majority of these dumping locations are near major highways that take you directly into cities or to major outdoor attractions. 

Top Minnesota RV Dump Stations

1. City of Greenbush Legion Park

  • Call for hours
Legion Park offers simple dump-facility use. If you're in the mood, you can hang out at the nearby Oak View Golf Course.
Additional Info
Pricing: Call for the dump-station fee

2. City of Rosemount Maintenance Building

  • Open May through early October
  • Mon-Fri from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
This Minnesota dump station is not far south of Minneapolis in Rosemount, and it is run by the city. You will find plenty of basic supplies and services in the area, including shopping, restaurants, and gasoline.
Additional Info
Pricing: This dump station is free for all users.

3. Camden State Park

  • Mon-Sun from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Camden State Park is only minutes from Marshall and is just off Highway 23. Hiking trails and camping spots abound in the area.
Additional Info
Pricing: The dump station located here is free for all users.
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Explore Dump Stations by City


There is a lot of city action happening in Minneapolis, and it is the perfect place to pick up supplies as well as take in some city life. You'll find more than a couple of free Minnesota dump stations in the area as well as some options that charge a fee.

Minneapolis map

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is surrounded by spectacular natural destinations, including Savanna State Forest, Hill River State Forest, and Chippewa National Forest. The majority of the Minnesota RV dump stations are within campgrounds and are usually free for registered guests. 

Grand Rapids map


Owatonna is just north of US Highway 14 and is a short one-hour drive from downtown Minneapolis. Most of the Minnesota dump stations in the area are just off of major highways and are located in campgrounds and RV parks.

Owatonna map


Many of the Minnesota dump stations in the Marshall area are free of charge or very reasonably priced. Many major highways cross through Marshall, including Highways 68, 19, and 23. 

Marshall map


This quaint town is located right at the intersection of Highways 11 and 32 and is close to the Canadian border. It's a good area for dump stations in Minnesota, and many of them are conveniently located near highways. 

Greenbush map

In Summary

With the choices above, you can practically be anywhere in the state and find an appropriate motorhome dump station in Minnesota. Conveniently, most of these locations are close to essential services such as food, gasoline, potable water, and propane. Although many of the dump stations in Minnesota are outright free, some of them, such as those located in campgrounds and RV parks, are only free if you have registered as a guest. In some cases, it's better to choose a dump station that charges a fee rather than a free one if getting there causes too much hassle.

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