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RVing is a fun and frugal way to experience the great state of Alaska in all its glory. There's so much to see and do in this snowy wonderland and so many ways a reliable RV can improve the experience. That being said, an overflowing waste tank can ruin all the fun and excitement in an instant. RV dump stations in Alaska are as essential as food and water on a road trip, so it's important to plan out your trip with this consideration in mind. Luckily, Alaska has a whole host of clean and reliable dump stations to visit in the most popular parts of the state. We've collected a list of the top 28 best dump stations right here (in no particular order) for you to use as a reference.

Top Alaska RV Dump Stations

1. Trapper Creek Inn & RV Park

  • 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Every day from May to September
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Pricing: $10

2. Holiday Gas Station

  • 24/7
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Pricing: Free

3. Mendenhall Lake Campground

  • 24/7
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Pricing: Free
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Explore Dump Stations by City


As the largest city in the whole state, Anchorage is home to several Alaska RV dump stations. You'll have no trouble finding a good facility in this region when you're ready to take a break from all the nature tours, skiing excursions, and sightseeing trips.

Anchorage map


There's always plenty to do when you visit Homer on Kachemak Bay, and there's even an RV dump station conveniently located just outside the city. You can find plenty to occupy yourself while down at Bishop's Bay Park — from swimming to boating to surfing and more — as well as the Norman Lowell Gallery or Bear Creek Winery.

Homer map

North Pole

The North Pole might be most famous as Santa Claus' home, but even you can take a nice family RV trip up to the top of the globe when you visit this Alaskan city. In addition to the pristine view of snow-covered nature, you can also try an ice-fishing expedition, see the Aurora Borealis, or visit Santa's workshop.

North Pole map


While Soldotna might not have as big a public profile as some of the larger cities in Alaska, it's one of the most beautiful that you'll find on your journey. Visit the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge for some camping, or grab a drink at the Kenai River Brewing Company before taking advantage of an RV dump station nearby.

Soldotna map


Known for offering some amazing zip-lining opportunities, Ketchikan is a beautiful waterfront city located along the southeastern edge of the state. Outdoor enthusiasts come here to enjoy everything from kayaking and boating to flight tours and lumberjack shows, and there are RV dump stations Alaska tourists can take advantage of.

Ketchikan map


Wasilla is always a fun place to visit while you're RVing around the Alaskan wilderness. Stop by the Iditarod Headquarters to learn about the race's history and meet some very good dogs, experience some local history and culture at the Dorothy G Page Museum, or take a flight over the wild area for some unforgettable photo opportunities before using the free Alaska dump stations in the city.

Wasilla map


As the capital of Alaska, Juneau naturally offers tons to do and see from the comfort of your RV. You can watch whales, tour the various forests and other natural spaces, visit the Alaska State Museum, and enjoy plenty of other activities while on your travels, just remember to take advantage of any RV dump stations in Alaska that you find along the way.

Juneau map


Situated near the center of the state, Fairbanks offers a great view of the Northern Lights at different points during the year. You can experience nature, see the sights, take a soak in the hot springs, fish through the ice or have a dogsledding experience while you're here, but remember to take advantage of the convenient RV dump stations located around the city before you hit the road again.

Fairbanks map


There's a lot to do when you come to Eagle — from visiting the Odd Man Rush Brewing company to hiking up Mt. Baldy. Riverside Hotel is a great place to lodge and get some grub, and you can even empty your RV at their on-site dump station.

Eagle map


Kodiak offers a sea of culture among the vast white wilderness of Alaska. Stop on by to enjoy any of the nature reserves in the area, check out the beautiful architecture of the Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church, or learn about Native history at the Alutiiq Museum in between dumping your RV's waste tank along the way.

Kodiak map

Trapper Creek

Trapper Creek is a scenic area of Alaska known for its relationship to Denali State Park, so it's no surprise that you can find a convenient local dump station that caters to the many campers that come through the area. There's plenty of local flora and fauna to experience in the area, but the most popular tourist activity in the area is to take the Denali gold tour.

Trapper Creek map


While Palmer is a picturesque little place nestled in the Alaskan wilderness, it offers tons of fun attractions as well as some convenient RV dump stations. Be sure to check out the local reindeer farm and visit with Santa's friends, camp near the amazing Bodenburg Butte and see the sights, or experience the Independence Mine State Historical Park when you're in Palmer.

Palmer map


Haines is known for boasting unparalleled beauty that stands out in a state with lots of pretty regions. Between camping and kayaking along the Chilkoot Trail or riding a bike rental around the city, you can also take advantage of the local dump stations in Alaska to clear out your tank and get ready for the road ahead.

Haines map


Tok is an area of eastern Alaska known for some of the coldest and hottest temperatures in the whole state. When you're not hiking through the Tok River State Recreation Site or seeing the oddities at the Mukluk Land park, be sure to take advantage of an RV dump station in the area.

Tok map

In Summary

There are few things better than taking to the open road in your rental RV from RVshare, but don't let the excitement of the trip persuade you to go out unprepared. Any of these 28 RV dump stations in Alaska will be excellent to use. You can count on these motorhome dump stations in Alaska to help ensure an easy and pleasant traveling experience. Of course, you'll want to consider many factors when choosing where to stop. For example, you may want to think about the convenience of waste dump stations being located along your route, cheap or free RV dump stations in Alaska, extra amenities like propane, and the options of getting food or gas nearby. It's important to note that Alaska is our nation's biggest state. That means many Alaska dump facilities are spaced far apart. Be sure to refer back to this list when you're looking for Alaska RV dump stations.

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