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Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort

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Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort is one of only a few campgrounds in Newark, California that’s situated in a redwood forest. While they aren’t as well-known as the redwoods at Sequoia National Park, the redwoods in the Santa Cruz area are just as impressive. This highly-rated RV park is located right off Highway 9.

Why You’ll Love Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort

At Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort, you can wake up every morning to the sights of sunlight on tall redwood trunks. This RV park is right next to the San Lorenzo River, and the Bigfoot Discovery Museum is right down the road. To top it off, this campground charges surprisingly low nightly rates.

What People Are Saying About Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort

“There is simply no better campground. The sites, the staff, the level of service, the surroundings, the climate...everything. We have been coming for years now and this is a big annual trip. We have gone to dozens of campgrounds all over California and none even come close. As much as I tell everyone how amazing this place is, I hope it stays our hidden gem so that it isn’t impossible to book!” – Amy, Google Review

“I’ll be coming back to this place again. This is a peaceful place (other campers notwithstanding). The Redwoods are nice and the train whistle echoing through the canyon makes it seem peaceful.” – Lee, Google Review

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