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Rincon Parkway

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This county-run RV park near Oxrd is really just a large number of asphalt spaces lined up along the coast. No hookups exist, so it’s just you, your RV, and the ocean. Unless you get an end spot, you’ll have to climb down rocks to get to the beach. However, you can’t beat the view from your site.

Why You’ll Love Rincon Parkway

You’ll come to the campsites of Rincon Parkway when you drive along Highway 1 between Faria Beach and Hobson Beach. It’s a great place for spotting dolphins and whales; you may even find a nice area for surfing. Although the campground has no dump station, you can use the services of the “honey wagon” that comes around occasiolly.

What People Are Saying About Rincon Parkway

“…The waves are incredibly loud (and soothing, in my opinion) and they help to block out the road noise. Yes, you’re right on Hwy 1 and yes, there are train tracks right on the other side of that, but honestly, we were never bothered by it because the waves drowned it all out…You need to be fairly agile to climb down (and back up!) the rocks to the beach, although I do believe some spots at either end of the parkway have easier routes. We were near the center and it required a bit of effort – but so worth it!” – Audrey, Campendium Review

“…We love to just sit, read, eat, drink, p and completely relax…I have not found any other beach like it. I will keep coming here every year as long as my RV and I are in good health!!” – Russell, Yelp Review

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