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Mill Point RV Park

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While Mill Point RV Park is a little farther away than the others, it’s located in Peoria, Illinois, which is a great small town in its own right and a good midway point between Springfield and Chicago. It’s just over an hour from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, and it sits right on the scenic Peoria Lake and next to the Spring Bay Fen Nature Preserve. Cross the bridge over the lake, and you’ll find yourself in the middle of downtown Peoria.

Why You’ll Love Mill Point RV Park

This large park is next to a big nature reserve, Bay Fen. It’s almost directly on the river and has a spacious layout. Although it’s a bit of a drive to Springfield, this location might just be worth it. The campground is picturesque and surrounded by beautiful scenery, and the facilities are impeccable and very well-maintained. You’ll find plenty to do in the park itself, from hiking and fishing to boating and beach time. You can easily get to the dining, nightlife, casinos, and shops of Peoria from this site.

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