Marshall State Fish and Wildlife Area RV & Campground Guide


Central Illinois' Marshall State Fish and Wildlife Area is divided into three distinct areas found on either side of the Illinois River. The 3,000-acre Marshall unit located near Lacon, Illinois, serves as the park's headquarters. It has a small campground and wonderful hiking trails running across ravine-cut bluffs and around bottomland lakes. The second area is called the Spring Beach unit, and it is between Sparland and Chillicothe, Illinois. This 1,642-acre area is a fantastic place to have a picnic before hiking on the upland forest and river bottom trails, and it also offers a boat ramp. The third area, a 1,280-acre spot mainly used for waterfowl hunting and fishing, is near Sparland and is mostly covered in water. 

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Spring 41-63 F
Summer 63-86 F
Fall 49-72 F
Winter 19-36 F
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RV Resorts & Campsites in Marshall State Fish and Wildlife Area

You will want to spend every minute that you can exploring these three natural areas, so be sure to bring your RV. If you do not have one, then rent one on RVshare.com

Woodford State Fish and Wildlife Area

Go squirrel hunting, fish and launch your boat at Woodford State Fish and Wildlife Area, which is located on the east side of the Illinois River near Low Point, Illinois. Rates start at about $18 per night.

  • Water hookup: No

  • Electrical hookup: No

  • Sewer hookup: No

  • Wi-Fi: No

  • Pet-friendly: Yes

  • Other amenities: Dump station, water, outhouses

MillPoint RV Park

MillPoint RV Park features its own fishing pond, and it is adjacent to Spring Bay Fen Nature Preserve. Rates start at about $18 per night.

  • Water hookup: Yes

  • Electrical hookup: Yes

  • Sewer hookup: Yes

  • Wi-Fi: No

  • Pet-friendly: Yes

  • Other amenities: Fishing pond

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What to Do at
Marshall State Fish and Wildlife Area

Inside Marshall State Fish and Wildlife Area

Launch your boat at Marshall State Fish and Wildlife Area to go fishing in the three areas or the nearby Illinois River. You will love hiking along the trails through various ecosystems to see birds as this area is on the mainland flyway, and lots of Canadian geese visit in the fall. A variety of woodpeckers and songbirds can be spotted throughout the year. Squirrel hunting is a popular sport at this park. 

Outside Marshall State Fish and Wildlife Area

You can find many things to do around Marshall State Fish and Wildlife Area. If you do not want to clean and cook the fish you caught, no worries because you can find outstanding restaurants nearby. There are also great places to shop and other attractions you will want to visit. 


The Pizza Peel

Handmade dough sits in the refrigerator for three days before freshly diced vegetables and meats are added to make delicious hand-tossed pizza at The Pizza Peel. You can also choose thin-crust pizzas or opt for gluten-free options.

Type: Italian

Location: 340 5th St, Lacon, IL 61540

Mr. Mike's Place

For more than 20 years, people have enjoyed dining on pizza and Chicago-style hotdogs from Mr. Mike’s Place. Have a seat at one of the outside tables and enjoy the quick-bite meal.

Type: American

Location: 102 Marina Dr, Lacon, IL 61540

Club LaCon

Get buckets of freshly fried chicken from this homey restaurant. Alternatively, opt for one of the pasta entrees, seafood plates or steak options at Club LaCon.

Type: American

Location: 1241 Lacon Rd, Lacon, IL 61540

Victoria's Country Diner

You will not find anything fancy here, but you will discover excellent home cooking at a reasonable price. They serve your favorite breakfast items, like eggs and pancakes, and great lunch specials, like hamburger steak and fish.

Type: Home Cooking

Location: 223 N Washington St, Lacon, IL 61540

Linda Lou's 119

Find daily lunch and dinner specials such as tacos, burgers and sandwiches right on the main drag at this restaurant.

Type: American

Location: 119 N Washington St, Lacon, IL 61540


Small Town Girls Boutique

Find trendy women's clothing in all sizes alongside fashion accessories at Small Town Girls Boutique. The staff here is known for being helpful and friendly. 

Location: 126 N Washington St, Lacon, IL 61540

Midwest Farm Charm

Join workshops and learn how to create unique signs at Midwest Farm Charm, which is located in a historic building.

Location: 331 5th St, Lacon, IL 61540

Lela's Retail Shop

Find a wide variety of second-hand merchandise at Lela's Retail Shop. You might come home with new-to-you small kitchen appliances, dinnerware, clothing, home décor, seasonal merchandise and more.

Location: 412 5th St, Lacon, IL 61540

Little Shop of Hoarders

Books, sculptures, home décor, seasonal décor and more is available at Little Shop of Hoarders, where the talkative owners will be glad to tell you about their vintage and antique merchandise. 

Location: 107 N 2nd St, Chillicothe, IL 61523

Little Land Candy-N-More

Treat yourself to homemade ice cream, fudge, novelty candy and other sugary goodness at Little Land Candy-N-More.

Location: 102 N 2nd Street, Chillicothe, IL 61523


Rock Island Railroad Museum

Located in a former depot, the Rock Island Railroad Museum offers visitors historical artifacts that provide a look into the role that the railroad played in the Chillicothe area. You can also see a restored train caboose at this location.

Location: N 3rd St, Chillicothe, IL 61523

Peoria Zoo

Hear the lions roar and watch the zebras play by going to the Peoria Zoo. A special contact area lets you get up close to many animals. Special events happen here throughout the year

Location: 2320 N Prospect Rd, Peoria, IL 61603

Peoria Riverfront Museum

Peoria Riverfront Museum is a science, technology and art museum where you can visit a planetarium, see fossils and other exhibits, and participate in many different programs.

Location: 222 SW Washington St, Peoria, IL 61602

Peoria PlayHouse Children's Museum

Children are encouraged to pretend to be a paleontologist, explorer, farmer, construction worker or scientist when they visit Peoria PlayHouse Children's Museum. This museum caters to children from 2 to 10.

Location: 2218 N Prospect Rd, Peoria, IL 61603

Luthy Botanical Gardens

Visit the tropical conservatory, walk through the 15 themed gardens and see the seasonal shows at Luthy Botanical Gardens. This site, spread across 5 acres, also offers gardening workshops regularly.

Location: 2520 N Prospect Rd, Peoria, IL 61603

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How to Get to
Marshall State Fish and Wildlife Area

To reach Marshall State Fish and Wildlife Area's headquarters from Lacon, Illinois, go south on Illinois 26 S for 5.1 miles. 

Entering Marshall State Fish and Wildlife Area

Marshall State Fish and Wildlife Area is open throughout the year. While entry is free, groups of 25 or more are required to register in advance to prevent overcrowding.

Marshall State Fish and Wildlife Area Per vehicle : $0.0

If you have visited Marshall State Fish and Wildlife Area, then tell your friends about your experiences on your social media accounts. You may have a great story about encountering a deer closeup or having tripped over your own feet while hiking there. You may also have a unique story about the big fish you caught or the one that got away. Tag RVshare.com in your comments. Consider including which section of the park you think is best for different activities. Alternatively, send an email with your memories and photos to [email protected] We want to know what you think about this park.