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Camp Nelson RV Park

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The great thing about Kentucky is how expansive the tural beauty is. Camp Nelson is one of the great trailer parks near Lexington, Kentucky, for visitors who want a no-frills approach to RV camping. Situated directly near the river and off the beaten trail of heavy traffic and highway noise, this campground lets you forget about the modern world for a while.

Why You’ll Love Camp Nelson RV Park

An opportunity to forget the stresses of modern life is the main reason why many people are drawn to RV journeys, and Camp Nelson offers this in spades. It’s rustic and remote, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be left to fend for yourself. The staff is generous, helpful and friendly, even if that means keeping the office open after hours to accommodate the needs of a guest.

What People Are Saying About Camp Nelson RV Park

“Peace and quiet place for relaxation. Nice and accommodating staff. It’s our second day and hope to have good memories in this place so we can come back again next year.” – Grace, Google Review

“It’s a nice park with large spacious sites. I love having the river on one side and these huge, beautiful, limestone bluffs on the other.” – Tracie, Google Review

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