Top Campgrounds and RV Parks in Saguaro National Park

Venturing into the Saguaro Wilderness Area within the Rincon Mountains, one encounters a diverse landscape ranging from cactus-draped deserts to pine-shrouded mountain peaks. This wilderness zone safeguards the last untouched 'sky island' mountain range in Southern Arizona. Established by Congress in 1976, alongside protected lands in the Tucson Mountains, this Wilderness Area provides an additional layer of conservation for Saguaro National Park. Complemented by the Rincon Mountain Wilderness on the Coronado National Forest, the combined preserved acreage reaches nearly 100,000 acres within view of the expansive city of Tucson. For those seeking tranquility, the cool, forested slopes of these mountains offer solitude. Backcountry camping requires reservations, and it's important to note that no vehicle camping, including RVs, is permitted. Camping is restricted to six designated campgrounds within the Saguaro Wilderness Area, accessible only by hiking.

RV rentals provided by RVshare present an array of benefits, including convenience, comfort, and flexibility, rendering them an ideal option for exploring Saguaro National Park and crafting enduring memories amidst the natural wonders of the outdoors.

Juniper Basin

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Nestled along the Tanque Verde Ridge, this campground is accessible via a challenging day hike spanning 6.9 miles with an elevation gain of 3000 feet. The journey is a visual delight, offering breathtaking views throughout as the landscape transitions swiftly from arid desert scrub to the more verdant realms of oak savanna and pine/juniper woodlands. However, the availability of water is notably seasonal, with the likelihood of dry conditions during the spring and fall. For those fortunate enough to encounter water, sources can be discovered west of site 1 by following a footpath to pools of water, and north of sites 2 and 3.

Why You’ll Love Juniper Basin

Amidst this rugged terrain, visitors are granted the privilege of enjoying fires, but only from responsibly collecting dead and downed wood. The limited access to this campground and its commitment to sustainable practices contribute to the preservation of this pristine natural setting, making it a destination worth the effort for those seeking a harmonious blend of challenging hiking and captivating ecological diversity.

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Douglas Spring

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Situated near the Douglas Spring trailhead, the primary access point to this campground requires a 6.5-mile hike with an elevation gain of approximately 1800 feet. The scenic journey is adorned with an abundance of cottonwoods and oaks, offering welcome shade during the warmer months. Positioned at the lowest elevation, this campground proves advantageous during winter storms, providing an escape from the substantial snowfall that blankets the higher elevations. The ascent provides splendid views overlooking Tanque Verde Falls and various drainages, including the picturesque Tina Larga tank. While there is drainage about 50 feet east of the campsite, the availability of water is contingent on seasonal conditions, prompting visitors to consult water reports before embarking on their trek.

Why You’ll Love Douglas Spring

Notably, campers must adhere to a no-fire policy at this location due to the scarcity of firewood and the heightened fire risk prevalent in the surrounding grasslands. Additionally, it's important to note that cell service is not guaranteed, requiring a potential venture uphill or eastward on the trail for improved signal reception. Nature enthusiasts and hikers seeking both tranquility and scenic beauty will find this campground to be a rewarding destination, blending challenging trail experiences with the allure of the desert landscape.

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Grass Shack

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Access to Grass Shack is most convenient from the Camino Loma Alta trailhead, with a 10-mile hike that ascends 2200 feet to reach the campground. This trail, resilient to winter storms, offers captivating views to the south as hikers traverse through and above the majestic saguaros. However, it's essential to note that consistent cell service may not be guaranteed in this remote backcountry location. For those requiring communication, a climb of 0.5 to 1 mile in either direction from the campsite can enhance connectivity. Serving as the inaugural stop on the Arizona Trail, Grass Shack promises an immersive outdoor experience amid nature's tranquility and panoramic vistas.

Why You’ll Love Grass Shack

Grass Shack stands out as an exceptional campground discovered amid the Rincon Mountains, offering a delightful retreat shaded by expansive sycamores and other riparian species. Flowing through and near the campground, Chimenea Creek and Madrona Creek, two of the larger streams in the Rincon mountains, contribute to a consistent water supply throughout most of the year. Positioned within a delicate, riparian ecosystem enveloped by dense grassland, Grass Shack maintains its ecological balance by enforcing a strict no-fire policy.

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Happy Valley

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Happy Valley Road, located on the far side of the Rincon Mountains, serves as the gateway to the Miller Creek trailhead and Turkey Creek trailhead. Accessible via exit 297 from Interstate-10 (Mescal Road), it's essential to note that this dirt road, although rarely maintained, features several stream crossings. However, its passability can be compromised during wet winters and the monsoon season. Spanning a distance of 3.9 miles with an elevation gain exceeding 2000 feet, this route represents the shortest hike leading to a campground. The availability of water at this site is contingent on wet weather conditions.

Why You’ll Love Happy Valley

Situated at an elevation of 6200 feet, this campground serves as a convenient resting point for those ascending Rincon Peak. The area is characterized by numerous hazardous dead pine trees, and winter storms often impact this region. Nevertheless, during the summer months, the trailhead's elevated position provides breathtaking views to the east, making it an enticing destination for hiking enthusiasts seeking both challenges and scenic rewards.

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Spud Rock

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The campsite itself boasts exceptional eastward views, providing a captivating panorama. Water sources are accessible at various points along the trail, particularly during wetter months. However, winter transforms this area into a snow-covered landscape, and travelers are advised to inquire about current conditions before embarking on their journey. Despite the seasonal challenges, the campground offers a cool refuge beneath the shade of pines and aspens, with lower temperatures providing relief from the summer heat. While water availability is subject to the seasons, Manning Camp, not far away, ensures a year-round water source in most years.

Why You’ll Love Spud Rock

Spud Rock, positioned at an elevation of 7200 feet, stands out as the most remote among the six campgrounds in the vicinity. Typically accessed from the east, the route via Turkey Creek trailhead poses a considerable challenge, demanding a lifted truck or a jeep for traversal. A vehicle equipped with four-wheel drive is a minimum requirement, and vigilance is crucial to assess road conditions.

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Constructed by former Tucson Mayor Levi Manning, this camp, once the summer residence of his family, has transitioned into a vital high-elevation hub for numerous fire and natural resource studies. Perched at an elevation of 8000 feet, Manning Camp offers an entirely distinct climate compared to the desert scrub encountered at the Visitor Center. With six campsites, the area is predominantly shaded by ponderosa pines, providing a refreshing retreat from the sun-drenched desert. Serving as a refuge from the valley's scorching temperatures, Manning Camp seldom exceeds 85 degrees, ensuring a cool haven. A reliable perennial water source near the cabin, drying up only twice in Saguaro's history, makes water nearly always accessible, marked by a sign directing visitors to it. Embracing the chilly nights, fires are a necessity, with fire rings providing warmth, especially given the lows often dipping below 40 degrees until late May.

Why You’ll Love Manning

The journey to Manning Camp spans 14-18 miles and entails an elevation gain of 5500-6500 feet, contingent on the starting point. En route, hikers traverse various biomes, encountering dramatic shifts in flora and fauna composition while passing through riparian zones and arid cliffs, all accompanied by breathtaking views.

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Cactus Country RV Resort ARVC Logo

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When new owners took over the operation of Cactus Country RV Resort, they wanted to create a park that would give guests a place to relax, which is why they decided on a 55+ age policy. To stay here, the members of your group must be at least 55 years or older. The park also has quiet hours every day that help guests feel even more comfortable, and all visitors can have their own guests stop by for a visit.

Why You’ll Love Cactus Country RV Resort

Cactus Country RV Resort is conveniently located near Tucson and all the great things to see and do in the city, but it also offers plenty of activities and amenities for those who don’t want to leave the resort. A heated swimming pool features its own patio for those who want to lounge around the water, and there is a hot tub just a few feet away from the pool. You can use the TV in the clubhouse, sign up for cable television at your spot, and take your dog for a run or walk at the on-site dog park.

What People Are Saying About Cactus Country RV Resort

“This is a great RV park. It’s large enough to have nice amenities and small enough to feel homey.” – Paul, Google Review

“Quiet and secure. We will be back!” – Bryan, Google Review

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Voyager RV Resort & Hotel

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Voyager RV Resort and Hotel is more of a full neighborhood than just another RV park, and this campground offers so many amenities that some visitors actually live here for a portion of the year. There is a health center for those who need medical help and multiple areas where you can run and exercise with your dog. You’ll even find rooms set aside for those who love hobbies like woodworking, sewing, and quilting.

Why You’ll Love Voyager RV Resort & Hotel

No matter what you prefer doing, you’re sure to find something about the Voyager RV Resort and Hotel to love. Outdoor amenities include bocce ball and shuffleboard courts, a heated swimming pool, gas and charcoal grills, and a nine-hole golf course. Indoor amenities that you might want to check out include a library, bar and restaurant, hotel, fitness center, and billiards room.

What People Are Saying About Voyager RV Resort & Hotel

“Wonderful facility with great amenities and a staff that is very helpful. You can’t go wrong with staying here.” – William, Google Review

“The amenities here are over the top. Anything you have always wanted to do is waiting for you here.” – Laurie, Google Review

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Crazy Horse RV Park

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Crazy Horse RV Park makes it easy for guests to check in and out because it never closes. You’ll always find friendly and helpful staff members at this RV park in Tucson who want to help you make the most of your stay. The park underwent a major renovation in 2015 and 2016 to add a new shower and other facilities, and there also are covered parking spots available.

Why You’ll Love Crazy Horse RV Park

While you can stay for just a few nights or a full week, this RV park also features monthly spots. Some guests even call the park home. These permanent residents are just as friendly as the staff and can give you some recommendations on things to see and do nearby. You can grab a free cup of coffee anytime and stop by for free doughnuts on Wednesdays. The park has a recreation hall that puts on special activities from December through March

What People Are Saying About Crazy Horse RV Park

“I had no issues staying here. Free doughnuts on Wednesday was a nice perk for sure. They are upgrading the facilities to include more shade and a new rec hall. Rates are fair. I stayed for a year and a half without incident. Clean bathrooms, and the pool is refreshing during warmer months (only time I used it).” – Derek, Google Review

“Staff was very friendly and helpful. Several friendly full-timers that hang out by the pool in the evenings.” – Tisha, Google Review

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Bog Springs Campground

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Bog Springs Campground is a remote campsite in Coronado National Forest. This campground is perched high in the mountains, and it features stunning views. It’s surprisingly inexpensive, and campsites are handed out on a first come, first served basis.

Why You’ll Love Bog Springs Campground

Bog Springs Campground is the perfect place to stay if you’re feeling adventurous. There are no RV hookups, but you’re surrounded by nature on all sides. This is an ideal place to beat the heat during the summer.

What People Are Saying About Bog Springs Campground

“Great campsite. The host had some extra firewood and shared it with us. He was very helpful and respectful of all the campers. The campsite is at 5100 feet and there are lots of nice trees. Our campsite had a water faucet directly on site. They don’t all have that.” – The Fat Theist, Google Review

“This place was awesome, fun time with the family. Not many campsites so make sure you go early.” – Rose, Google Review

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El Pais Motel & Campgrounds

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El Pias Motel and Campground is a Vintage Vacation Destination. A Truly Unique & Memorable place. This Mother & Daughter Team has renovated a mid-Century 1949 Motel & Campground and even restored Classic very rare Airstreams, Trailers, and a Bus. El Pais Motel and campground has so much to offer including Live Music & Events, Photoshoots & Activities, movies at the pool, and more!

Why You’ll Love El Pais Motel & Campgrounds

Mid Century Marvel Authentic & Artsy Amenities Galore! The atmosphere is awe-inspiring, accommodating & friendly. The clubhouse, pool, outdoor kitchen, and art patio are fantastically designed and great for entertaining. Be sure to see the Historic Rare RVs & Cars at El Pais! This campground and motel also offer Free Organic Eggs, Free Laundry, Free WiFi, and complimentary coffee at 7:30 am on the patio.

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Tucson/Lazydays KOA KOA Logo

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Staying at a KOA campground like Tucson/Lazydays is a great option for members of its VIP club because they can book a spot at a discounted rate. Even if you aren’t a member, though, you’ll still find some fun things to do at this campground. It has a sck bar with food and camping supplies available for sale, but you can also pick up some firewood or book a bicycle to explore the park.

Why You’ll Love Tucson/Lazydays KOA

With more than two acres of space available, this KOA park provides guests with all the privacy that they want. Each of the 30 RV spots that are available is covered, which will give you some extra privacy. You’ll also love the fruit trees found all across the park, and the owners encourage guests to pick some fruit from them. The park features a swimming pool and hot tub.

What People Are Saying About Tucson/Lazydays KOA

“Large RV park with plenty of amenities. Two pools, two separate laundry and shower areas. On-site restaurant and a clubhouse with pinball machines, pool table, etc. Grounds are well kept, and there are lemon, orange, and grapefruit trees everywhere laden with fruit free for the picking.” – Sean, Google Review

“Wonderful RV park! Great spots. Clean and friendly.” – Ellen, Google Review

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Miracle RV Park

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Located in the center of Tucson, Arizona, Miracle RV Park gives you quick access to a variety of local attractions and adventures. The park is five minutes from the Interstate 10 highway and is walking distance from Arco gas station, Jacinto Park, Jacobs Park, convenience stores, and a Mexican restaurant. Whether you’re in Tucson for the annual car show or the museums, this camping spot gives you the serenity you’re looking for in the heart of a thriving and energetic community.

Why You’ll Love Miracle RV Park

Miracle RV Park offers free Wi-Fi, 30- and 50-amp sites, pull-thru sites, on-site security, laundry facilities, and restrooms with hot showers. BBQ areas, a recreation room, and a business center with a computer, printer, and mail service give you any extra space you might need it. The park organizes potlucks and movie or card nights should you want to engage with your neighbors and meet new people. 

What People Are Saying About Miracle RV Park

“Small park with mostly full time residents. We have a forty ft fifth wheel and long bed dually truck, so getting in was tight. But the manager and residents were on site and helpful, getting cars moved and a tree trimmed so we got in without any incidents.” – dphoto1, Tripadvisor Review

“Its great the manager is awesome and the security is right there if you need them” – Tracey Shelton, Google Review

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Sentinel Peak RV Park Passport America Logo

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Thanks to Sentinel Peak RV Park, you no longer need to choose between leaving your RV at home to stay in the heart of the city. This is the only RV park located in the heart of downtown Tucson. Not only do you have access to public transportation, but you also have access to dozens of bicycle trails, too.

Why You’ll Love Sentinel Peak RV Park

Tucson camping sites are available at a number of different facilities in and around the city, but Sentinel Peak RV Park is the only one of those parks that put you close to all the action. All guests have access to a free shuttle and a swimming pool that helps them cool off on hot days. The resort welcomes pets on leashes, and there are areas for walking your pets. You’ll find Tucson dog runs and parks close to the resort also. When you bring your bike from home, you can explore every part of the city without relying on a car due to Sentinel Peak RV Park’s close proximity to several bike trails.

What People Are Saying About Sentinel Peak RV Park

“This park is two minutes from a path that will take you anywhere you want to go. In 15 minutes, we were in the heart of downtown.” – John, Google Review

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“Really close to most everything in Tucson. Close to good public transportation.” – Tim, Google Review

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Whispering Palms RV Park

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Whispering Palms RV Park is close to one of the largest shopping districts in Tucson, which lets you pick out everything you need for your trip and grab some souvenirs for those back home. You’ll also find yourself close to attractions like the Air and Space Museum, Tucson Botanical Gardens, and Sabino Canyon. When you stay here, you’ll even be somewhat close to the Grand Canyon, which is a can’t-miss spot for many Arizona travelers.

Why You’ll Love Whispering Palms RV Park

Though Whispering Palms RV Park does not list monthly rates, it is one of the top long-term RV parks in Tucson, Arizona, and will work out a price for you that you can afford. Amenities at this RV park include clean restrooms, hot showers, and barbecue areas with grills and picnic tables. Long-term guests can sign up for wireless internet access and cable television, too.

What People Are Saying About Whispering Palms RV Park

“Grounds are well kept. Would definitely come back again. No complaints.” – Grace, Google Review

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Catalina State Park Campground

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When looking for campgrounds in Tucson, Arizona, visitors should give some thought to staying at a state park like Catalina State Park Campground. While this facility is a little on the smaller side, it provides visitors with instant access to all the top features of the park. In addition to single sites, the campground also has group camping available and options for those traveling with livestock in its equestrian area.

Why You’ll Love Catalina State Park Campground

You can find out everything you need to know about this state park at the visitor’s center, which also doubles as a ranger station. Clean restrooms are available at the trailhead, and you can use this head to decide which one of the trails you want to take. Some trails are best for beginners, but other ones are more suitable for adventurous hikers. The park also provides hot showers for registered guests and features a dump station.

What People Are Saying About Catalina State Park Campground

“The RV sites are level and well-spaced, giving each site plenty of elbow room. Bathrooms are spotless and well maintained.” – Bruce, Google Review

“Like the spacious campground. Restrooms and showers are immaculate.” – Susan, Google Review

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South Forty RV Ranch

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South Forty RV Ranch loves dog owners so much that it now has two separate dog runs. One of the areas is set aside for dogs that are a little more upbeat and like making new friends while the second play area is best for pets that are a little shier or timid. South Forty RV Ranch is close to golf courses and casinos for guests who are more active and those who want to try their luck, and it also boasts several showers and clean bathrooms.

Why You’ll Love South Forty RV Ranch

An on-site recycling program makes it easy for you to recycle your cans and bottles before leaving, but that’s far from the only amenity that you’ll find at South Forty RV Ranch. There also is a large and stocked clubhouse with its own library and reading room. This clubhouse also has an exercise room, billiards room, puzzle station, and a full kitchen that is open to all guests. You can also take advantage of business services and have propane delivered right to your spot.

What People Are Saying About South Forty RV Ranch

“Great place with lots of activities and wonderful location.” – Captain, Google Review

“Lots of activities and games. We love it here.” – Michael, Google Review

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Green Valley RV Resort

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Green Valley RV Resort is an RV park for seniors. As such, it offers many different senior-oriented amenities, like shuffleboard. It’s located in Green Valley, AZ and it only accepts guests who are 55 years old or older.

Why You’ll Love Green Valley RV Resort

Green Valley RV Resort is one of the biggest RV parks in the area, which makes it easy to make friends. There’s a large clubhouse at the center of the park. Green Valley RV Resort schedules daily structured activities to keep guests entertained.

What People Are Saying About Green Valley RV Resort

“This park is divided into two separate parts and my review is the part where the main office and Clubhouse are. The park is subdivided into an area for RVs with pets and those without. Both areas are beautiful and well maintained. The clubhouse has a swimming pool, a craft area, Billiards, and outdoor shuffleboard areas also. Many of the residents lived there for several years or longer. All of the residents and visitors seemed quiet to me.” – Joe, Google Review

“Wonderful facility secure with lots of shopping close by. Our Spot 177 was close to clubhouse, laundry, pool, and hot tub, heated and sparkly clean pool. Wonderful shower room. Very secure and gated!!” – Patricia, Google Review

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Gilbert Ray Campground

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Gilbert Ray Campground is one of the best choices for those who want to rest and relax while remaining close to some of the top attractions in Tucson. A self-pay box at the front lets you drop your money in before setting up, and you can then stay for a total of seven full days. Visitors love hiking in the nearby desert and checking out some of the historic sites near the campground.

Why You’ll Love Gilbert Ray Campground

A lot of RV parks in the Tucson, Arizona, area often feature loads of amenities, and while this park is a fairly no-frills facility, it does provide you with the opportunity to get back to nature. Saguaro National Park is just 5 miles away from the campground, and you can leave your RV behind while checking out the park without worrying about anything happening to it. The campground has water spigots available for those who want to clean up as well as clean restrooms.

What People Are Saying About Gilbert Ray Campground

“Nice clean, level spots. Clean bathrooms. And it is located within an easy drive to a lot of interesting locations.” – George, Google Review

“Large enough for any camper from a tent to a big RV. Affordable. Not too crowded.” – Bonnie, Google Review

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Desert Trails RV Park Passport America Logo

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This park in Tucson allows guests to have a true Arizona desert experience, it’s surrounded by vast sandy and rocky landscapes, cacti, and of course beautiful desert sunsets. Many people choose Desert Trails to stay at because of the utter peacefulness campers experience here- there’s no noisy trains, planes, or freeways!

Why You’ll Love Desert Trails RV Park

Although the park may have the atmosphere and quiet of being cut off from the rest of the world, campers are still able to enjoy modern amenities they would expect from any five-star resort or hotel. Free wi-fi is provided so you can stay connected, there’s a heated pool for guests to enjoy, and plenty of activities, from bingo to art classes, to keep you busy and entertained. Although it’s almost certain you’ll enjoy a stay at Desert Trails RV Park, if you’re still not sure you want to stay at this park, you can try it out for a night or two, and if you decide you want to stay longer, the price of the first two nights will be applied to your weekly or monthly rates!

What People Are Saying About Desert Trails RV Park

“Third time returning enjoyed the comrade of the visitors and staff. Always something to do or someone to converse with. Highly recommend.” -Nancy, Google reviews

“Clean, well marked and pleasant atmosphere. Friendly people.” – Jacqueline, Google reviews

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Diamond J RV Park

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Diamond J RV Park puts you close to all the top attractions in Tucson, including Saguaro National Park, International Wildlife Museum, San Xavier Mission, and Casino of the Sun. As an adult resort, this RV park is only open to adult guests, but many like that the age restriction keeps the campground quiet. There is a dog run for more active guests who want to bring their pets and courts for playing bocce ball, horseshoes, and pickleball.

Why You’ll Love Diamond J RV Park

The on-site clubhouse at Diamond J RV Park provides you with access to almost everything you could want while traveling in Arizona. This clubhouse is home to the front desk and check-in area, and there also is a gift shop that sells souvenirs and features a library stocked with books. You’ll also find a barbecue area with its own fire pit, and laundry facilities are available as well.

What People Are Saying About Diamond J RV Park

“Great park, caring staff, nice trails, awesome views. Super place for seniors.” – Gordon, Google Review

“The place is great with lots of room, and the owners are the best.” – Dennis, Google Review

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Cochise Terrace RV Resort

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Cochise Terrace RV Resort is a sprawling RV park located in Benson, AZ. Benson is near popular landmarks, like Saguaro National Park and Mica Mountain. The RV pads at Cochise Terrace RV Resort are much larger than average, and they are widely spaced.

Why You’ll Love Cochise Terrace RV Resort

While most RV parks in the Nogales area are situated in the midst of barren moonscapes, a lushly vegetated area called Jackrabbit Gulch runs through Cochise Terrace RV Resorts. This RV park is also home to a large event venue called The Barn. Their rates get lower the longer that you stay.

What People Are Saying About Cochise Terrace RV Resort

“This is a fun Senior community. The short stay sites are level, wide & clean. In fact, the whole park is clean and beautiful. The staff is wonderful. One of the staff helped my husband set-up. They gave us complimentary meal tickets. They have on-site meal service. We also received a calendar of daily activities which included morning exercise classes, line dancing, Zumba, art classes, remote control helicopter flying, card bingo & dances.” – Lorraine, Google Review

“This is our second time staying at Cochise Terrace RV Park. This is a great place to stay. The RV spaces are roomy, the park ius quiet and very clean. The staff and guests are friendly and there are fun activities to do sponsored by the park employees.” – Sally, Google Review

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Benson KOA KOA Logo

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This RV park is located north of Interstate 10 in the town of Benson. Benson KOA is near popular tourist destinations, including Kartchner Caverns and Chiricahua National Monument. This RV park has a lot of amenities for families with kids.

Why You’ll Love Benson KOA

Like other KOA campgrounds, this RV park features a communal kitchen. There’s also a large playground on site. This RV park is smaller than most KOA campgrounds, but there is still ample space between each RV pad.

What People Are Saying About Benson KOA

“cleanest” campground sure but it reminded us of the more wilderness forward camps that got us excited about KOAs in the first place. Not the over-primped corporate standard that most kamps have become, this kamp is a gem of its own.” – Sam, Google Review

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Butterfield RV Resort & Observatory

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This RV park is located in the town of Benson, AZ. Guests can use the observatory on the premises, and the owners are astronomy buffs. Butterfield RV Resort is one of the largest RV parks in the area, and there is a putting green on-site.

Why You’ll Love Butterfield RV Resort & Observatory

The best aspect of this RV park is the observatory. It might be the only RV park in the country where you can observe the stars with professional-grade clarity. This RV park also offers many other luxurious amenities.

What People Are Saying About Butterfield RV Resort & Observatory

“Very nice place! They have their own observatory that is free for the guests as well as very knowledgeable astronomers. The park is very quiet except for the charming, lonely cry of a passing freight train. Nice facilities, nice people. Would definitely recommend!!!” – Dan, Google Review

“Super clean and always warm and welcoming. Great activities. Wonderful people and caring individuals. We love it here and will be back next year. Thank you to Management, Staff and Activities Team for a memorable and enjoyable 6-week stay.” – Shirley, Google Review

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Encore Valley Vista Passport America Logo Equity Lifestyle Logo

Image Source:

This RV park is operated by Thousand Trails. This company is a national chain that is famous for its impeccably maintained RV parks. Valley Vista RV Resort is one of the largest RV campgrounds in Douglas, AZ.

Why You’ll Love Encore Valley Vista

Valley Vista RV Resort is one of the cleanest RV parks in the Douglas area. This property is popular with retirees as well as families with children. It’s easy to get to Interstate 10 from the park.

What People Are Saying About Encore Valley Vista

“First time at this park. We were pleasantly surprised. The park is probably one of the best-maintained parks we’ve been at. The restrooms were really clean as well as the laundry facilities. Not to mention great water pressure and hot water. The pool (cool)and jacuzzi (hot) were refreshing, working and maintained.” – Darlene, Google Review

“Nice park we definitely will l be back again very clean bathrooms and showers really nice pool good laundry facility. Just a friendly place and the town that it’s in has everything you need for shopping” – Heidi, Google Review

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In Summary

Tucson, Arizona, boasts the distinction of being the home to the largest cacti in the nation. The iconic giant saguaro, a universal symbol of the American West, graces the landscape in a unique display that is only found in a limited portion of the United States. The preservation of these majestic plants is entrusted to Saguaro National Park, spanning both the eastern and western regions of the contemporary city of Tucson. A visit to this park offers the opportunity to witness the grandeur of these colossal cacti, silhouetted against the backdrop of a breathtaking desert sunset.

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Pricing will vary. The top 10 RV Parks we selected all display daily, weekly and monthly rates for you.

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Staying at an RV Park for a long period of time will vary on the campground & RV Park you choose. View our post for more information.

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Yes. The majority of campgrounds we selected in this blog allow pets.