Top Campgrounds and RV Parks in Monument Rocks, Kansas

For the geology and archaeology nerds of the family, Monument Rocks, Kansas is a true wonder. However, it’s a sight to behold for anyone.

These large rock formations also called “chalk pyramids” are formed from chalk and contain an abnormally high concentration of fossils. In fact, they were the first landmark chosen by the U.S. to be considered a National Natural Landmark.

Their arches, tall buttes, and sweeping plateaus give these rocks a fascinating shape, and they’re particularly astounding to view at sunrise or sunset. Some 80 million years old, these ancient rocks sit just 30 miles to the west of Castle Rock, a large limestone pillar that also contains high concentrations of fossils. Together, Monument Rocks and Castle Rock make up two of the eight “Wonders of Kansas”.

Monument Rocks is also located 25 miles south of Oakley, Kansas, a small town where you’ll find grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants as well as two of the campgrounds on this list. The town is also home to the Buffalo Bill Cultural Center and the Fick Fossil and History Museum.

When looking for a place to park it in Monument Rocks Kansas, you’ll notice that there’s not much nearby. This area of western Kansas is very rural. Aside from a couple campgrounds in nearby Oakley, you’ll have to drive a bit to get here.

However, staying farther afield has its advantages. There’s plenty more to see and do in other parts of Kansas, so Castle Rock and Monument Rocks are best seen as detours off of I-70 while on your way to do more sightseeing in the area.

Lots of quaint Kansas towns and interesting landscapes dot the route along I-70, and a number of state parks that lie a ways off the interstate are well worth the drive. If you prefer the amenities of a big city, Denver, Topeka, and Wichita are all within about a 4 hour drive from Monument Rocks.

To make your RV road trip to Kansas easier, check out our list of the 10 best campgrounds and RV parks near Monument Rocks.

High Plains Camping

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Situated in Oakley, Kansas with easy access to I-70, this is the closest campground and RV park to Monument Rocks. It’s across the street from a gas station and right next to a delicious family restaurant. It also sits on Highway 83 just 5 miles north of US-40 for those looking to explore other areas nearby.

Why You’ll Love High Plains Camping

This is a beautiful, family-owned campground with everything you need for a happy, comfortable stay. Their facilities are updated and very nice, with climate controlled bathrooms to boot, and their laundry room and common area are spacious and cozy. You’ll even find a huge library of travel literature. It’s a great place to stay with the kids, who will enjoy the giant hopscotch and outdoor splash zone, and the dogs, who can spend their days running and playing in the dog park. Meanwhile, adults can enjoy the hot tub and the well-stocked Cap’n Jack’s Pub.

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Scott State Park

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This beautiful state park is about 30 miles south of Oakley and just a 30-minute drive from Monument Rocks. The campgrounds are right on Lake Scott and offer lovely scenic views. This is a peaceful place to stay and the nearest state park to Monument Rocks.

Why You’ll Love Scott State Park

If you’re looking for a scenic setting where you can stay a while but still be within close reach to Monument Rocks, Scott State Park is the place to be. This fascinating state park is home to the very last Native American battle in Kansas — now known as Battle Canyon. It also offers a range of recreational activities, from swimming and boating on the lake to fishing, hiking, and even learning about fossils at the various archeological sites on site. The sparkling lake and stunning canyons make this park feel like you’ve left Kansas, and its landscape is why it’s one of the most treasured state parks in the nation.

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Thomas County Fairgrounds

The Thomas County Fairgrounds in Colby, Kansaofferser a limited number of RV parking spaces for people traveling through western Kansas. Colby lies just 30 minutes north of Oakley and an hour north of Monument Rocks, right off of I-70. The town of Colby itself is fairly large and worth exploring for a day, and the fairgrounds are right down the street from Meadow Lake Golf Course.

Why You’ll Love Thomas County Fairgrounds

One of the most affordable campgrounds in the area, the Thomas County Fairgrounds are an extremely convenient place to stop for the night along I-70. While the campgrounds are fairly primitive, they do offer full hookups and plenty of space. If you plan to visit any of the festivities taking place at the fairgrounds (there are year-round events), this is the spot to be. From Bluegrass Festivals to stock car racing to county fairs, there’s always something going on.

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The Hitchin’ Post

Located in Healy and conjoined with a gas station, this RV park offers quick and easy access to refueling, food, and a bar. The town itself is very small but peaceful and safe. It’s only 30 minutes from Monument Rocks and sits on Highway 4 quite a ways from the closest interstate, making it a very quiet and rural place to stay the night.

Why You’ll Love The Hitchin’ Post

Managed by the local gas station, this is a small but affordable RV park right next to fueling and a well-reviewed restaurant. The park is well-reviewed and a great way to see real small-town Kansas.

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Atwood Lion’s Park

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Just under 90 minutes north of Monument Rocks, Atwood Lion’s Park is located directly beneath the Nebraska border, making it a great stop for people who are heading in from Nebraska. The park is right at the intersection of US-25 and Highway 36 and offers plenty of amenities. The park itself sits on the edge of town right on the shores of Atwood Lake, surrounded by beautiful scenery and great opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Why You’ll Love Atwood Lion’s Park

This is a great park for people who want to stay off the beaten path in a scenic area. Atwood Lake offers lovely views as well as fishing and boating, and the surrounding area is full of great hiking and biking trails. The park also offers a number of activities, such as a golf course, volleyball courts, picnic areas, and basketball courts. The park is also close enough to all of the amenities on offer in the town of Atwood. While this part of Kansas is very rural and sparsely populated, Atwood Lake is a popular destination.

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Cedar Bluff State Park

Nestled on the shores of the Cedar Bluff Reservoir, Cedar Bluff State Park is just a few miles from I-70 and 90 minutes east of Monument Rocks. While there isn’t much town nearby, the surrounding area is incredibly scenic and serene, and the state park does offer some basic amenities. This is the ideal way to get off the beaten path and experience the natural beauty of Kansas while still having access to facilities.

Why You’ll Love Cedar Bluff State Park

This 1,000 acre state park is home to a stunning 600 acre reservoir that sits below dramatic bluffs and tall limestone cliffs. This park is truly one of the most beautiful spots in all of Kansas. The reservoir also offers fantastic boating and fishing, and you can catch everything from walleye, white bass, crappie, and catfish to largemouth and smallmouth bass and flathead catfish. The park also features a BMX track, basketball, volleyball, hiking, and hunting. This park is very remote so come prepared.

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Prairie Dog State Park

Offering views of Keith Sebelius Lake, this state park is just 10 minutes from Norton, Kansas, a small town at the intersection of Highways 36 and 283. Not only is it on the shores of a massive lake, but it’s right next to the Norton Wildlife Area. Its proximity to the border makes it a good camping location for those coming from Nebraska, and it’s just a 2 hour drive from Monument Rocks.

Why You’ll Love Prairie Dog State Park

While this state park has minimal facilities and is quite rustic, it’s a great way to experience rural Kansas and its history. The park specializes in historical interpretation and has two preserved 19th-century buildings on-site, a school room and an adobe house. The park and its reservoir are a great place to observe wildlife, go fishing for a multitude of fish species, and they even offer some hunting.

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Ellis Lakeside Campground

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Managed by the city of Ellis, this lakeside campground offers direct access to all of the amenities and activities on offer in Ellis. The town has a wide variety of dining options, a lake and two rivers, a public library, and many opportunities for outdoor recreation. Directly off of I-70, Ellis is an hour and a half east of Monument Rocks.

Why You’ll Love Ellis Lakeside Campground

This campground is a slice of peaceful nature in the middle of a good sized town, offering the best of both worlds. The facilities are clean and offer everything a camper needs, while the grounds are incredibly scenic and offer great lake views. There’s also a boat dock, fishing pier, playground, and great spots for picnicking. It’s also very affordable.

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In Summary

Kansas, the Sunflower State, is a beautiful and serene yet often overlooked state. It’s a great place to visit, and traveling through Kansas with an RV camper is the best way to take it all in. Monument Rocks is one of the most unique sights in this region of the country, but there’s plenty more where that came from.

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