Top 10 Campgrounds and RV Parks Brainerd, Minnesota

Minnesota is called the Land of 1,000 Lakes for a reason, and using Brainerd, MN as a central location to explore the area is a great vacation plan. The Brainerd Lakes Recreation Area offers many RV parks where you can camp and enjoy swimming, fishing and boating. Brainerd will serve you well as a primary location to start your exploration of the 10 best RV trips in Minnesota.

Shady Hollow Resort and Campground

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Shady Hollow Resort and Campground is one of several Brainerd campgrounds located in or near the city. One of the first RV site locations to open near Brainerd, Shady Hollow Resort and Campground is small and friendly. The focus is Hardy Lake, on which Shady Hollow is the only resort.

Why You’ll Love Shady Hollow Resort and Campground

Shady Hollow Resort and Campground offers a retreat from city life with only a few neighbors. The smallness of the campground makes it unique among the campgrounds around Brainerd. Here, you can canoe, kayak, swim, and fish in a small lake without other campgrounds crowding the area.

What People Are Saying About Shady Hollow Resort and Campground

“rustic” feel! You guys are the friendliest, yet not invasive hosts ever. It is so refreshing to be on vacation and not feel you have to have an eye on your child every second to ensure their safety-the resort is so small, homey and comfortable feeling that you can truly relax.” Michelle, Customer Testimonial

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Crow Wing Lake Campground ARVC Logo

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Crow Wing Lake Campground occupies 30 acres of wooded area on the shore of 400-acre Crow Wing Lake. Just 10 miles south of downtown, this Brainerd, MN campground offers all the amenities you’d expect plus a great outdoor experience. The camping sites accommodate RVs of nearly any size.

Why You’ll Love Crow Wing Lake Campground

Crow Wing Lake Campground is a quiet, serene and secluded spot in the woods. The lake offers excellent fishing, boating, swimming and canoeing opportunities. Quiet hours from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. are enforced so that your peaceful sojourn into ture is not disturbed.

What People Are Saying About Crow Wing Lake Campground

“The best family campground in Minnesota! I have been coming here since I was a child with my parents I am now a parent myself, and 30 years later it is still amazing.” Christy, Yelp Review

“Great place to spend a vacation! Dog and kid friendly, there’s a huge playground, dog park and boats to rent.” Bridget, Yelp Review

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Gull Lake Recreation Area Campground

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One of the most unique Braird, MN campgrounds involves the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Mississippi Headwaters Project. Gull Lake Recreation Area Campground sits aside the creek that exits Gull Lake, which is a source of the Mississippi River. Within an easy drive of Brainerd city center, the campground offers widely spaced RV camping sites.

Why You’ll Love Gull Lake Recreation Area Campground

The campground at Gull Lake is perfect for those who want to get away from electronics, TV and city life. Bringing your kids here lets them experience the tural wonders of the outdoors. Fishing is excellent with stocked fish of many varieties.

What People Are Saying About Gull Lake Recreation Area Campground

“This review is for weekend campers who do not need TV or Wi-Fi. What an awesome, clean campground with extremely long sites.” Brenda, RVparkreviews

“This is a great park for smaller RVs and tent campers.” Rosie, RVparkreviews

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Niemeyer’s Rugged River Resort

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One of the nearest RV parks to Brainerd is Niemeyer’s Rugged River Resort. Situated among the trees on a 100-acre parcel of woodland, Rigged River Resort sits beside the smooth flow of the youngest section of the Mississippi River. Just 15 minutes from Brainerd’s downtown, this RV park offers a peaceful alternative to the busy life.

Why You’ll Love Niemeyer’s Rugged River Resort

The Rugged River Resort is designed for those who wish to park their RV and visit other locations. Those who want to sit in tranquility at their site discover a quiet solitude as the sites are large and widely separated. Most of the mile-long riverfront of the campground is left pristine and invites the wandering hiker to observe nature at its source.

What People Are Saying About Niemeyer’s Rugged River Resort

“Rugged River Resort provided lots of wildlife, interesting boat rides and lots of family fun. Since the river is marshy and not swimmable, a heated pool is provided and very clean.” Libby, TripAdvisor Review

“This family-run resort offers just about everything a person could ask for in a vacation.” Michael, TripAdvisor Review

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Sullivan’s Resort & Campground

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Sullivan’s Resort & Campground is a mid-sized Brainerd campground that presents a park-like setting. Clean and well-maintained, this campground offers several amenities of a resort-like nature. Sitting beside North Long Lake, the fishing is phenomenal.

Why You’ll Love Sullivan’s Resort & Campground

Sullivan’s Resort & Campground offers shallow waters and docks from which to fish or launch your boat. There is no swimming in the lake, so the resort provides a clean and heated pool. This campground in Brainerd, MN, allows you to explore the Brainerd Lake area from a safe and secure location.

What People Are Saying About Sullivan’s Resort & Campground

“We had a great time. The owners and helpers are very nice and accommodating. We would highly recommend this resort to anyone looking for an awesome family vacation. The kids and I are very excited to be back next year.” Matthew, Facebook Review

“We have been seasonal for over 20 years. Sullivan’s is a well-run resort by the new owners and all of the helpers that work there. Would recommend the resort to anyone who asks about it.” Mary, Facebook Review

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Birch Bay RV Resort

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RV camping near Brainerd is not restricted to the Brainerd city limits. The nearby town of Nisswa, MN, has an RV resort with all the amenities as well, and it’s only 16 miles from Brainerd. The Birch Bay RV Resort has some of the largest RV sites in the state.

Why You’ll Love Birch Bay RV Resort

Birch Bay RV Resort provides wide and long sites, often with brush and trees between the sites, to provide an extra element of privacy. The RV resort sits on the shore of Birch Lake and offers excellent fishing, snorkeling, boating and nearly every other imaginable water activity. Located within easy driving distance to several municipalities, you can pick and choose events to attend throughout the Brainerd Lakes area when you stay here.

What People Are Saying About Birch Bay RV Resort

“Great time…walk to the beach. Tim and his wife were great!! We enjoyed the water tramp and floating platform. Would definitely go back.” Amanda, Facebook Review

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Fritz’s Resort and Campground

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Another trailer park in the Brainerd, MN area is Fritz’s Resort and Campground. Trees shade the sites for your comfort during the hot summer months. Management has upgraded each site with a level gravel parking area beside a cement patio that contains your electric and sewer hookups.

Why You’ll Love Fritz’s Resort and Campground

Fritz’s Resort and Campground is the only campground on Lake Edna. The campsites are huge and separated for your privacy. You can have an excellent time boating and fishing on the lake.

What People Are Saying About Fritz’s Resort and Campground

“Loved the campground! We had a pull through with lots of room. We work for a company that cleans trails & lakes, and it was wonderful to come back each evening and have great shower facilities, awesome hosts and be able to walk up to the rec room and meet people.” Scott, Facebook Review

“We had a great time. Staff was great and super friendly. Facilities were clean and up kept. I would recommend to anyone looking for a family friendly campground. Lots to do and great location just down the road from Nisswa.” Chad, Facebook Review

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Crosby Memorial Park

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Crosby Memorial Park is one of the few RV Parks in the Brainerd, MN area that is supported by a municipality. Crosby is only 16 miles from Brainerd, and its park provides a haven for those who have ventured into the wild and seek a more city-like stay for a while. Here, you can relax in your RV or walk the streets of Crosby to enjoy local restaurants, take in a film or visit a church.

Why You’ll Love Crosby Memorial Park

Crosby Memorial Park campground is beside the Memorial Park. It is a city-subsidized area with family-oriented activities sponsored every week, including live music on Thursdays. The town of Crosby is just across the street with all its amenities available to campers. Children love the unusual playground that has a castle for them to explore, and there’s also a skatepark on-site. The large sculpture of a serpent in front of Serpent Lake provides an amazing photo opportunity.

What People Are Saying About Crosby Memorial Park

“They have a ton of fun events during the summer and the playground is absolutely amazing for the kids, right next to the scenic serpent lake where you and the family can swim! I highly recommend this to anyone interested in going here.” Matt, Google Review

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Camp Holiday Resort & Campground

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Camp Holiday Resort & Campground offers some of the best RV camping in the Brainerd, MN, area. Located just 18 miles from Brainerd, the campground sits on the shores of Turtle Lake. The sites are large, and the views are spectacular.

Why You’ll Love Camp Holiday Resort & Campground

Camp Holiday offers many amenities that other RV parks do not. The views of Turtle Lake are spectacular, and the fishing is good enough to demand the construction of a heated fish-cleaning room. The park maintains a quiet policy to make your stay a peaceful one.

What People Are Saying About Camp Holiday Resort & Campground

“We spent seven days at Camp Holiday Resort. I highly recommend this to anyone that wants a quiet and relaxing stay.” Andrea, Facebook Review

“It was a beautiful place to visit, being so close to the lake was great. Very clean and the people were very nice.” Peg, Facebook Review

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Auger’s Pine View Resort

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A little further away but still on the Brainerd RV parks map is Auger’s Pine View Resort. Most of the RV sites there are seasonal, but there are several sites left open for daily RV camping. The resort sits on Shamineau Lake, a spring-fed lake with crystal-clear water.

Why You’ll Love Auger’s Pine View Resort

The fishing here is wonderful, and there are long, sandy beaches on which to stroll or fish. The rec room provides several games for guests. The sites are spacious, and the park is well-maintained.

What People Are Saying About Auger’s Pine View Resort

“I am from Oregon and have a camper at Auger’s Resort. It is beautiful, relaxing and fun. They added flowers by the lake this year. Who doesn’t love water, flowers and loons? Swimming, fishing and kayaking make it even better.” Carol, Facebook Review

“This place has been everything that I could have possibly asked for. I’m so glad I could bring my family and friends here to cap off our summer – we are making this a yearly tradition.” Karen, Facebook Reviews

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In Summary

These are some of the best camping sites around Brainerd, MN. Several campgrounds are within an easy drive of the city, and Brainerd area campgrounds vary significantly in amenities and size, and so it’s easy to find one that meets your needs. If you are a frequent visitor to the natural wonders of Minnesota, then you might consider purchasing an RV for seasonal camping.

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