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Rangely Rock Crawling Park

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is responsible for 1 in every 10 acres of land in the U.S.

Rangely Rock Crawling Park is the only designated rock crawling park in Colorado and is the top destination for off-roading activities in the state. The park itself encompasses more than 500 acres of land and is maintained by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Within the park, the BLM has marked one main trail that extends from the park entrance to the opposite edge of the land, and the rest of the park is broken up into four off-roading areas that are covered with hilly rocks and rugged terrain. 

The BLM maintains certain public lands with the aim of protecting them while keeping them open to the public for tourism and recreation. Rangely Rock Crawling Park is just 161 miles northeast of the spectacular Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. It's also 171 miles northeast of Canyonlands National Park.

What to See and Do

What to See and Do

Hiking and BikingHiking and Biking

Bull Canyon Rim Trail

The Bull Canyon Rim Trail is located just north of Rangely Rock Crawling Park and is a short, reasonably level hiking trail surrounding the edges of Bull Canyon. Here, you can enjoy scenic views of the canyon valley below and various types of wildflowers during the spring and summer.

Length: 1.7 

Intensity: Easy

Desert Voices Trail

The Desert Voices Trail is in Utah, just across the Colorado border. It's open year-round and includes informational signs about the surrounding environment and its protection. 

Length: 2.2 miles

Intensity: Moderate

Box Canyon Trail

The Box Canyon Trail loops around Box Canyon at the Dinosaur National Monument in Utah. Pets are not permitted on this trail, but hiking and biking are allowed. 

Length: 1.7 miles

Intensity: Easy

Fishing & Boating

The Rangely area's go-to spot for fishing and boating is the Kenney Reservoir, located about five miles east of town. All types of boating are allowed there, and there's a concrete boat ramp and fiberglass docks. You're also welcome to swim and waterski in the reservoir. As for fishing, the waters are stocked with rainbow trout each year, and you can also catch other species of trout as well as catfish and crappie.

Wildlife ViewingWildlife Viewing

Though the Rangely Rock Crawling Park is relatively small, there are animals small and large that journey through the area. These include elk, deer, mountain lions, foxes, and coyotes. There are lots of Colorado songbirds that frequent the area, too, like American robins, blue jays, lark buntings, and downy woodpeckers, among many others. Also found in the Rangely Rock Crawling Park is vegetation like saltwood or greasebush.


Picnicking is permitted at the Rangely Rock Crawling Park. However, there are no existing picnic areas or shelters at the park, so visitors who wish to picnic should bring their own camping chairs, blankets, or towels to sit on. Those who come to the park for off-roading activities may enjoy parking and eating in their vehicles. Be sure to pick up after yourself when you picnic at the Rangely Rock Crawling Park by packing everything out in your own trash bags.

Off-Roading Activities

The top reason visitors come to Rangely Rock Crawling Park is for off-roading excursions. All types of vehicles are permitted for use at the park, including but not limited to ATVs, Jeeps, mountain bikes, and dirt bikes. The park has existing trails available for vehicles to follow — most are marked with a difficulty level. Aside from the trails, though, you can find areas of large rocks that have not been driven on yet, giving you the possibility of being the very first to climb and explore some areas.


Bureau of Land Management Camping

RV Camping Caravan Icon

If you're looking for BLM camping and want to skip the primitive experience, consider staying at a privately owned campground near the Rangely Rock Crawling Park instead of on BLM land. One option for RV camping with full hookups nearby is Buck N Bull RV Park, which also has free Wi-Fi, showers, and laundry facilities. You may also like River Camp RV Park in Meeker, Colorado, a full-service campground right on the edge of a river with pull-through RV sites and good cell service. If you're looking for a more secluded RV camping experience, check out Meeker RiverBend RV Park, also in Meeker, which has just 10 campsites but plenty of space and privacy, thanks to the campgrounds' location within a small forest.

Free Camping Campground Icon

If you're looking for Bureau of Land Management free camping options, consider staying right on the Rangely Rock Crawling Park's land. The park does not have an organized campground with hookups, but you are still permitted to camp in the area in a dispersed manner. If you want to stay at these Bureau of Land Management campgrounds, keep in mind that the terrain is very rocky and difficult for RVs to navigate. If you can pull your camper into the area, be sure to set up your campsite off the trails so that other off-roading vehicles can still use them.

RV Rentals Near Rangely Rock Crawling Park Plan your next adventure

Planning Your Trip

Credit: Vanna Mae, @vannamaeart

Planning your Rangely Rock Crawling Park BLM trip

When you're getting ready to visit the Rangely Rock Crawling Park with an off-roading vehicle, make sure to pack any gear you may need in case your vehicle gets stuck while crawling. Ropes and pulleys are recommended. If you are visiting the area as a camper, bring everything you will need for your stay as there are no sources for water or electricity on the land. Clean jugs of water and battery- or gas-operated heaters are a must for overnight stays. 

When you stay on rustic BLM-owned land, you're choosing to camp in the quiet serenity of the United States' natural environment. Before you head out on your trip, check out our blog for all you need to know about BLM camping.

Leave No Trace Leaf

At Rangely Rock Crawling Park, you're asked to follow the BLM's Leave No Trace Policy, which works to protect the natural environment and the animals that live in it. To do this, pack up everything you bring in and leave nothing behind, including food scraps. You'll also want to keep your distance from wildlife, remembering that you are simply a visitor to their natural habitat.

Leave No Trace

Rangely Rock Crawling Park Location

To reach Rangely Rock Crawling Park, take State Highway 64 from Rangely, Colorado, onto River Road, right by the Loaf N Jug Gas Station in town. From there, travel on River Road for 2.75 miles and then turn left onto BLM Road 1072. Keep going until you reach the parking lot for the Rangely Rock Crawling Park. 

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