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When you’re visiting Salt Lake City, it’s a great idea to rent an RV because nothing provides a better sense of freedom when you’re traveling. Fortunately, Salt Lake City camper rental is usually very easy and cheap, and you can easily find an RV rental in SLC that will conform to your price range. If you plan on just bringing yourself and one other person, then renting a small pop-up trailer is a great idea; these typically can go for as little as $75 a day.

If you’re thinking larger, something like a camper rental in Salt Lake City that includes a larger vehicle like a Thor will go for around $160 a day. One of these larger vehicles can sleep as many as seven, which means that this is a very budget-friendly option as well, especially considering that renting a vehicle of this type covers both transportation and accommodations.

Cheap RV Rental in Salt Lake City

It’s perfectly reasonable to expect to save some cash when you’re planning an RV rental in the Salt Lake City area; in fact, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or VW campervan rental in Salt Lake City will only set you back about $145 a day. 

There are many reasons to love the Salt Lake City area, and there are some great choices for RV rental around the city limits and around the local attractions. SLC RV rental prices can include mileage, and this will usually be all that you’ll need to truly enjoy your exploration of the desert and mountain environment around this beautiful city.

Luxury Motor Home Rental Near Me

Some people like to travel with a sense of true style, and Utah's largest city shines when it comes to luxury camper rental in Salt Lake City. In fact, there are several options all over the area if you're asking yourself "where can I find a luxurious Class A motor home rental near me." Salt Lake City luxury RV rental can be as inexpensive as $250 a day for a vehicle that will sleep eight individuals comfortably. 

These Class A vehicles provide you with a very lavish experience; some have things like marble floors, and you’re sure to be very entertained because you’ll have access to larger flat-screen televisions and large baths and showers. The driver of these types of vehicles will have every amenity; you’ll be able to use Bluetooth on some units. 

By Owner Camper Rental in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has a thriving, younger set of RV enthusiasts, so if you want to rent even more inexpensively, look for a rental-by-owner arrangement. These typically are cheaper and more personal, and you’ll often find that privately owned RVs are often some of the best-maintained units available.

Salt Lake City RV trailer rental by owner is very easy because there are a lot of full-time RVers in the state. This means that campervan rental in Salt Lake City and tent trailer rental in Utah, in general, can be very budget-friendly if you approach a full-time RVer.

RV Parks and Campgrounds to Explore With Your Salt Lake City Camper Rental

Don’t quite know what to do with your rented RV when you get to Utah? Fortunately, there are a lot of campgrounds in the state, which means that if you’re looking for an RV rental near Zion National Park or another popular area, you’ve got a lot of great options. Here are some of the better options for campgrounds.

For those looking for an RV park that’s close enough to Salt Lake City proper, the Pony Express RV Resort makes for a great option. When you want to explore downtown SLC, this location is convenient, and when you want to visit nature, the site has you covered in that regard as well. You can visit the Great Salt Lake, go skiing (if the season’s right), and hike the various trails. 

Additionally, Pony Express has accommodations for just about any type of RV, and you’ll have amenities like a nearby playground and free Wi-Fi. In addition to all of these, this site is considered one of the better RV locations for couples.

Riverbridge RV Park is also a great option for anyone in the Salt Lake City area because it is relatively centralized in an area that has a lot of attractions like the Weber River. While it’s not directly in SLC, it is in the nearby town of Morgan and has full hookups available for RV enthusiasts. In fact, if you enjoy activities like tubing, this is the park for you.

Zion National Park is one of the more popular places to visit in state, and fortunately, there are quite a few options available near this treasure. One of the best is the Zion Canyon Campground and RV Resort.

Owned by the Ferber family, this campground has several picturesque vistas, has full hookups for any type of RV, and has some of the best hiking trails in the state. If you want to be served, this campground has quick and easy access to several regional eateries as well.

SLC RV Rental Quality

Motor home rentals in Utah have a high level of quality. There are several RV rental establishments around Salt Lake City that will provide you with clean, well-maintained, and updated RVs. Also, each rental company will have RV accommodations for two people or larger families. 

It’s important to understand that RVing, especially in a beautiful area like Salt Lake City, is one of the most freeing experiences available. Head to the city, rent an RV, and go see what the state has to offer.