Pony Express National Historic Trail

With the absence of technological devices present today, long-distance communication in the mid-19th century can be hard to imagine. Before the invention of the telegraph, young men would ride horses to carry mail across eight states from Missouri to California in roughly 10 days. Today, portions of the route that the men used are preserved as the Pony Express National Historic Trail. Although the Pony Express was in operation for 18 months only, it became a unique symbol for linking the east and the west before private carriers and the electronic communication era. While time or human activities have wiped out a majority of the original trail, you can still get a glimpse of some traces of original trail routes in Utah and California. An RV drive along this historic trail route will enable you to visit sites and explore exhibits about the famous Pony Express.

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While touring this historic trail, the most logical choice is to start at Missouri and travel west. Note that the route is over 1,800 miles long and covers eight states, making an RV drive useful for your trip. Also, although the national historic trail alludes to a continuous accessible hiking trail, that's not the case; some parts are on private property. Nevertheless, you'll have many activities to enjoy depending on the trail segment you choose, including visiting museums, biking, hiking, and horseback riding.

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How To Get To Pony Express National Historic Trail

Ideally, a trip across the Pony Express National Historic Trail should begin at the eastern end in Missouri's St. Joseph and end in California. From St. Joseph's city center, drive west on Francis street onto North 10th Street. Head right at the 1st cross street and then turn left to Frederick Avenue. The avenue will turn left and become North 9th Street. From there, you should head left onto Penn Street. The Pony Express Historic Trail will be on your right. 


Pony Express National Historic Trail Headquarters, 1100 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87505

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When you get the chance, visit the Pony Express National Historic Trail and explore what transportation looked like before modernization. Transport and communication are vital components in everyday life, and it would be fascinating to experience how people communicated in the olden days. Whether you want to hike, ride, or drive through parts of the vast land, the experience will be worthwhile. For the best experience, take an RV and travel in comfort.