Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail

Covering Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Utah, the Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail comprises one of the longest routes in the United States. This trail started when members of the Church of Latter-Day Saints walked this pathway from 1846 to 1847 and settled in Salt Lake Valley. Nauvoo locals drove out Brigham Young, a historic American religious leader and politician, and his followers from their principal settlement in the Illinois city due to repeated conflict. This group of Mormon pioneers set up a new home for their church in the Great Basin area. The trail is accessible year-round, but snowshoes are required to tackle some snow-packed and muddy routes in winter. Generally, May to September offers the best period and conditions to tour the Mormon Pioneer Trail. 

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Brigham Young and other Mormon pioneers began this trail when they moved out of Nauvoo to settle in Utah. This shift created a route for hundreds of thousands of subsequent emigrants who moved to the West from the mid-1840s to early 1879, seeking fortunes and new lives. The 1,300-mile trail offers a perfect opportunity for RV users to see how people from the 19th century journeyed between the different states. In addition, you can find a few local, state, and federal parks along the Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail to suit family trips. An RV ensures that you can craft your preferred itinerary using guide booklets from the various museums and historical sites along the Mormon Pioneer Trail. 

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To get to Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail from the Des Moines International Airport in Iowa, drive from the Army Post Road to IA-5 N. Take IA-92 to Delta Avenue before continuing to the Mormon Trail. You can visit the famous route for free at any time throughout the year, but you may find some trail-related local and state parks with varying entrance fees. 


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Everyone can find some point of interest along this 1,300-mile trail that includes different museums, parks, and historical sites. The different pathways include directional signs that support self-guided hiking and biking and that enable you to find original routes while appreciating the surrounding nature. Using an RV is a great way to experience the Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail since it provides route guides for auto touring. Additionally, you can use the ride to visit the site as a group and to add a family-friendly and fun atmosphere to an educational and informative trip.