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When you want to get away during the holidays, winter RV living is a natural choice. Winter RV camping allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of the season so that you can enjoy a more relaxed and leisurely pace. There are many RV rental December vacation destinations that you could visit if you are in need of a few ideas.

RV December Travel Ideas

You might be wondering about the best places to RV in winter. When you have a fully equipped recreation vehicle, there is no limit to the areas you can visit during the cold-weather months. Since winter is the off-peak travel season, you may find that the places you have always wanted to explore are less crowded, more visitor-friendly and available for the dates that you want to set up at a campsite.

One great destination for a winter holidays RV rental is the Gulf Coast. This area enjoys mild weather from December through March. Since there are few crowds at the beaches and campsites during this time of the year, you'll be able to beat the spring break rush.

Another option for Christmas RV destinations is the Las Vegas area. This city's desert location makes for a warm winter holiday season. If you've always wanted to visit the city and take in a show, put Las Vegas on your list for places to visit in an RV in December.

RV Rental December Calendar

Because December is a busy month of the year for many people, it is important to note that some RV owners may have their own vacations and family gatherings planned. You may need to make your arrangements well in advance in order to ensure that you can spend your Christmas in an RV. The RV rental December schedule tends to fill up quickly as people make their travel plans, so be sure to start looking as soon as you know the dates that you want to travel.

If you plan to spend your Christmas in an RV, you may need to make special arrangements with the rental owners. The busy nature of the season often necessitates pick-up and drop-off times on specific dates. Since many RV owners host their own families for the holidays, however, you might be surprised at the increased availability for RV rentals on the December calendar. 

RV Rental December Weather

The weather in December is often inconsistent, and it can change a lot based on elevation, proximity to the coast and low-pressure systems. When you plan to take an RV rental December vacation, you may wish to have a weather app on your smartphone so you can get notified of sudden changes that might affect your activity plans. December weather could also impact the route that you plan on taking to your destination, so you might want to have a backup plan in place.

Snowy weather in December is not always predictable. In some years, southern parts of the United States, including Houston, Austin, Nashville and Atlanta, have received measurable snow. You may want to ask the owners of the RV about how well their vehicle can handle winter weather. 

It is important that the motorhome be equipped with winter windshield wiper blades. Depending on your travel route and destination, snow tires or chains may be needed. These amenities will prevent the RV from getting stuck in a snowy area.

If your destination only rarely receives snow, ice or freezing rain, it is still important to keep weather considerations in mind. December is often a rainy time of the year along the southern and eastern coasts. In the southwestern states, however, it is a dry and windy time of the year. 

Furthermore, you should remember that the elevation plays a big role in December weather. While valleys tend to be warm and windy, mountainous areas are colder and snowy.

RV Driving in Winter

Some of the most common RV rental December questions that you might have are related to how driving a large vehicle in the winter is different. If you can, ask the owners to take you on a short ride in the RV before you go it alone. This could help you get a feel for how it handles on wet or slippery roads and where all of its key safety features are.

Before you get out on the roads, it is also a good idea to ask the owners about how the RV performs on wet, icy or snowy roads and if they have any tips for you about driving the vehicle in wintry precipitation. You may have some questions, such as whether the RV has anti-skid capabilities in its tires. 

If you live in a place that does not get much frozen precipitation, you may not be familiar with winter driving techniques. For starters, it's important to drive slowly on snowy and icy roads. You will also need to be aware of surrounding vehicles that may slide around a lot in such conditions.

As you prepare for a December vacation in an RV, it is always a good idea to take the same preparations that you would take for any other type of a trip during the winter. Pack some blankets, bottled water, and food that will be ready to eat without needing to be cooked. Have your cell phone fully charged, and keep your family updated about your travel itinerary.

With a little bit of planning, you can expect to have a wonderful RV road trip this December.