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A road trip to an exciting place is a rite of passage every person should experience at one point or another. However, renting an RV to take a trip with your friends isn't as easy as getting your license when you turn 16 and renting a vacation vehicle. The privilege of renting an RV is actually reserved for older adults. This is done to protect both the owners of rental RVs and the customers who are seeking to rent their vehicles. What is the age to rent an RV in the United States? Many people are surprised to learn that you actually have to be quite mature before you're granted the privilege of getting behind the wheel of a rental RV.

How old do you have to be to Rent a RV?

The RV rental age limit is 25. It's important to note that the RV rental age is actually higher than the legal age for renting a car in most states. Some states actually allow drivers to rent cars when they're as young as 21. It should never be assumed that any of the regulations that apply to rental cars reflect the regulations and policies that apply to rental RVs.

How to Plan a Vacation When You're Under the RV Rental USA Age Limit

It can be discouraging to learn that you're not old enough to legally rent an RV if you had your heart set on planning an amazing road trip. What can you do if you aren't old enough to rent an RV yet? It's important to make sure that you never break the law or provide fraudulent information in order to obtain a rental RV. In addition, you should never plan to take the wheel of an RV that has been rented in someone else's name. There are plenty of ways you can still enjoy the benefits of using a rental RV for a vacation if you aren't old enough to rent one and get behind the wheel.

Ways to Enjoy an RV When You're Under 25

You might not have to cancel your plans if you were planning to take to the open road and enjoy the road trip of a lifetime with friends. Some ways that you can legally get around the age limit for renting RVs include:

  • Asking a parent, older sibling or another family member to rent an RV and drive for you
  • Asking a friend above the age of 25 to rent an RV and drive for you
  • Arranging a chaperoned trip through your school using a rental RV
  • Hiring a driver

The Benefits of Having Multiple Drivers

If you're not old enough to legally rent and drive an RV, you may want to consider asking more than one adult to accompany you on your journey. Having two legally qualified drivers can help you enjoy a much smoother trip because your primary driver won't have to worry about the following problems:

  • Making long stops for sleep during the night
  • Making long stops for naps and breaks during the day
  • Boredom
  • Highway fatigue

Renting an RV When You Turn 25

The reality is that you may not have an adult driver over the age of 25 who is able or willing to accompany you on the road trip you're planning. This doesn't leave you with many options for going forward. You may simply need to wait until you turn 25 to actually take that amazing road trip that you've been dreaming of.

The good news is that you'll have plenty of time to thoroughly plan every detail and create a map of the places you want to go. Even if you won't be taking to the open road in the upcoming weeks or months, you can still review rental listings on peer-to-peer RV rental websites to get a feel for what you like and don't like. You can even bookmark listings from certain RV owners to keep for the day when you can legally rent one of your own.

Safety and Honest Always Come First

It is important to remember that the RV rental USA age limit isn't in place to punish or exclude people below the age of 25. The age has simply been chosen based on statistics and studies. The goal is to protect owners of rental vehicles and customers as much as possible. Drivers under the age of 25 statistically get into more auto accidents than other age groups. When you factor in that a road trip in an RV could last for several days or weeks that entail straight driving, it's easy to understand why owners of RVs would be wary about having young drivers behind the wheel.

Why You Should Never Commit Fraud to Rent an RV

Some people might be tempted to try to use a fabricated license to attempt to rent a vehicle if they are under the age of 25. This could end up being a very costly mistake for a number of reasons. The decision to use a fake license is especially risky if you'll be crossing through many states during your trip. States have differing penalties when it comes to fabricated licenses. However, all of the penalties are quite severe. It should also be noted that using fraudulent identification is a misdemeanor in all 50 states. Some specific consequences you could face for attempting to rent an RV using fraudulent identification include:

  • Arrest
  • Revocation of your license
  • Liability for any damage incurred during an accident
  • Jail time
  • Personal lawsuits

The bottom line is that committing fraud to rent an RV is never the solution. Using the suggestions provided in this article can help you stay above the law and truly enjoy your RV rental experience. Respecting the RV rental age limit helps to keep everyone safe and protected while enjoying the road.