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Renting an RV for the Weekend

Weekend getaways aren’t just something we want, they’re something we need. After hitting the pavement at work for 40 hours or more a week, getting away for a little while becomes something more than just a luxury. Americans, as a whole, work longer hours than many other countries around the world, so sometimes it’s appropriate to wind down, get as far from the office as possible, and forget all about life’s problems just for a weekend.

Hotels are a fun way to travel, but if you’re looking to stay at one for a discounted rate, you won’t always get bang for your buck (just look underneath your hotel bed). On top of that, we all know that staying in even the cheapest of rooms can get pretty pricey, especially when you start adding up all the costs. Room rates and food costs are getting more expensive. Staying at a hotel with nice amenities can sometimes cost an arm and a leg.

So what can you do if you want to get away for a little while, but don’t want to break the bank in the process?

You can always rent a campervan for the weekend and save a ton of money on hotel rooms, eating out, and other expenses that come up when traveling. In fact, RVing has been known as one of the most cost-effective ways to travel in general.

We’re going to review the advantages of an RV rental for a weekend, over staying in a hotel room and then figure out about how much it’ll cost to do so!

Recreational Vehicle vs Hotel Room

Exploring the great outdoors in an RV is an awesome experience that many find to be unrivaled. Even though they both have their pros and cons, RVing seems to be attracting travelers at a higher velocity than hotels. Let’s take a look at why you should rent a RV for a weekend trip of your own.

Reason number one to go for a weekend RV rental over a hotel is the fact that you get all of the benefits of a house, while on the road. Depending on the kind of model you rent, an RV may come standard with amenities like a bathroom, kitchen, one bedroom, tons of storage space, and a dining area. A typical hotel room is four walls and an AC unit. Not until you’re paying hundreds per night does a hotel room become luxurious.

On top of just feeling homey on the inside, many models come with things like awnings for the outside. You can lounge around while grilling and feel just like you’re hanging out on the patio.

Reason number two for renting an RV over a hotel room is how easy it is to get around to where you want to go. You can always rent a hotel room close to some of the best attractions in the country, but with an RV, you can literally take them with you. Don’t stay by the Grand Canyon, stay at the Grand Canyon. Don’t stay near Cedar Point, stay inside it. RVing opens up a world of possibilities as far as being right where the magic happens.

Imagine spending the night at a beautiful park, being able to enjoy the sunset from your site. Camping right under the stars, while having the comfort of your refrigerator, microwave, and everything else ten feet away from you.

Reason number three to rent an RV for the weekend is that your money goes a lot farther than a hotel room. For a few hundred dollars a night, you can stay in a hotel room that comes with a nice flat screen TV, maybe a kitchenette and a couple of full sized beds. For the same price, or even less, you can rent an RV of the highest quality. Wooden floors, backsplashes in the kitchen, appliances, a bedroom with a king sized bed, and all of the latest technological advancements.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent an RV for a Weekend?

Speaking of saving hundreds of dollars, how much does it really cost to rent an RV for a weekend?

Well, the answer really depends on what you’re looking for. But, no matter what your style, with RVshare, you’ll always be saving money. Our rates start at less than $10 per night and depending on when you rent, or how long, you can save more.

If you’re going for just a couple’s weekend getaway, rates average at about $50 per night for smaller units like folding campers. Some are actually only $9 per night. So, for a couple of night’s rental, it’ll cost around $100. Less than one night at some standard hotels.

If you’re going as a family or a group of at least four travelers, rates average at about $125 per night for units like C class RVs, fifth wheels, and travel trailers. These are all spacious RVs with convenient, home-like features. If you want a little more luxury, go with the fifth wheel. They’re huge and you can get the most luxury for the least amount.

For families who really want to travel in style, consider renting an A class RV. These are the biggest units available and have the most options as far as features and luxury. Our average rate per night for motorhome like this is about $175 to $200 per night.

Depending on how long you consider a weekend is, prices vary. If you want to rent an RV that accommodates four comfortably for two nights, plan to spend around $250 to $300. If you want to rent for a long weekend or let’s say four nights (Thursday to Sunday night), for the same accommodations, it’ll run you around $500 to $600.

So at just a few hundred dollars per night, you can find yourself traveling in a spacious, home-like, high-quality vehicle that you can take anywhere you go! Take the hundreds you’re saving on accommodations and put it towards real entertainment!

Final Thoughts

Considering the long hours the average American works, it’s important to spend at least one weekend out of the month treating yourself to the relaxation you deserve. But, if you’re spending a fortune while doing it, your anxiety levels could actually be going up instead of down. Why not give yourself the break you need while saving as much money as possible in the process? Rent an RV for the weekend with RVshare!