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How to Rent an RV Cheap in Albany

As the capital of New York, Albany makes for a very entertaining and cultured destination. However, securing a hotel room in the area can be pricey. When you want to travel through Upstate New York cheaply, consider renting a recreational vehicle. RVing is a great way to travel because both your accommodations and mode of transportation will be covered in one neat package.

If you're searching the internet for "cheap RV rentals near me," there are some extra steps you can take to save even more cash. RVshare has plenty of great deals for those traveling to or from Albany. The site works by connecting RV owners with potential renters. Since RVshare is so easy to use, you'll have no problem finding the right camper or trailer for your road trip.


How to Find the Cheapest RV Rentals Near Me

The first thing that you should try to understand in the world of RVing is that you’ll have a wealth of choices. There are several types of RV to choose from, and the majority of them are very economical. When considering your options, you’ll have the following two groups of RVs to take into account.

  • Towables: If you have a sturdy truck or minivan, you’ll be able to select a towable RV. The smallest type of towable, which is the teardrop trailer, can actually be towed around Albany with a standard-sized car. However, pop-up campers, travel trailers, and fifth-wheel hitches will require a large vehicle to tow. These towables are often quite spacious and can hold up to eight people.

  • Motorhomes: If you don’t have a tow vehicle, or you just want to have a reasonably simplistic means of bringing an RV, then a motorhome is the way to go. A good motorhome will almost always have a bathroom, a living area, cooking space, and a dinette for eating and socialization. These are easy to drive for the most part and can be very luxurious. Class B motorhomes, which look a lot like vans, are the smallest. Therefore, if you know how to drive a van, you’ll be right at home. The largest type of motorhome is the Class A option. These are often quite luxurious and offer spacious accommodations.


Benefits of Cheap RV Rentals

If you’re out to save some cash, finding good cheap RV rentals Albany is the way to go. RVing is more than a great pastime; it’s also a great way to experience true freedom. The fact that it’s budget-friendly is icing on the cake. Here are a couple of benefits that you can experience when you find a cheap RV rental.

  • You’ll Have Versatile Accommodation Options: With a wide variety of RV campgrounds and wide-open spaces to explore in the area, utilizing cheap RV rentals Albany opens up a whole world of options. Just about every style of RV can be used anywhere a vehicle can travel. If you're planning a fishing trip, for example, just park the RV near the stream and get out your rods. Additionally, if you have propane, you can easily prepare your food anywhere you’re staying. This means RVers don't have to worry about dining out.

  • You’ll Get to Meet Other RV Fans: RVing is becoming a trendy means of travel. As the population of RVers continuously grows, you’ll be able to more easily find like-minded fans. RV parks and campgrounds are significant meeting places for road trip enthusiasts, so explore a few while visiting Albany.


How to Rent an RV for Next to Nothing

When you’re thinking of renting, there are definitely a few tips to consider before making a payment. For example, renting on the larger side is often a good idea. It’s important to understand that RVing is almost always a budget-friendly pastime, no matter your camper size. For this reason, if you’re trying to save big, bring more adults and rent larger RVs. On a per-night basis, most travelers will only end up paying about $25 to $40 a night. Additionally, some of the larger RVs even have multiple bathrooms and larger bedrooms so that you’ll never feel crowded.

When it comes to finding deals, preparation is crucial. Always rent in the off-season, even if you’re planning on taking your vacation during the summer. This way, you can seize on any promotions going on during the winter months.

It's also wise to consider unlimited mileage options. While mileage costs seldom go over a few cents a mile, if you’re adventurous, this price can make a difference. RVshare has several RV rentals Albany cheap with unlimited mile options, which can help you save a few bucks and help you feel less constrained.


Cheap RV Rentals Near Me

Some of the best Albany RV rentals cheap are motorhomes. These RVs are very versatile, and in cases like the Class B models, you can even park them on the street. These vehicles are very spacious and run under their own power, so you can go from place to place without detaching and attaching a trailer. However, your ultimate choice will depend on the type of trip you are taking.

If you are looking for a specific type of motorhome, just set you RVshare search parameters to your needs. You can browse by size, type, location, and more. In addition, it's easy to communicate directly with the private owners. Many of these providers will go to great lengths to please renters. After all, you are their customer. Owners are RV enthusiasts too, so they can also offer some tips on how to save extra money on your trip.