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Renting an RV for 4: What are the Best Options?

You’ve been talking about going on a life changing adventure for months now. You’ve finally stopped putting it off and you’re ready to take the family out for some real fun. Well, not much can compete with the thrill of renting an RV and setting off on the type of expedition that brings you closer together as a family, while at the same time bringing you closer to nature.

Right now, as you read the words on this page, more and more families are joining the ranks of RVers and searching for the perfect RV. Today, the RV industry is larger than it’s ever been, and it’s because of families like yours who are finally ready to get out of their comfort zones and take on the world.

If you’re a family of four who are new to the world of RVs and you want to know a little about the different kinds of units out there and which ones are ideal for the size of your tribe, this article is for you.

For those of you who are veterans and are just looking for some actionable advice for finding amazing rates for your next getaway, this is definitely for you too.

We’re going cover which RVs are best for accommodating four travelers comfortably, and find out how you can find the best rates possible on a rental.

Perfect for Four

The good news is that for a group of four, finding a unit that could fit all of you comfortably is relatively easy, because of the ubiquitousness of the kind of campers you would need; there’s an option for any taste with any budget. After you know how many people you’re expecting to bring with you, the next decision has to be what style fits you best.

There are about a dozen different classes of RV and finding the right one can be a little intimidating, so let’s narrow it down to fifth wheels, class C, and class A RVs.

Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheels are large units that latch onto a tow vehicle. They make great rental options for four people because they are massive in space and provide many of the comforts of a real home. They’re known for being quite luxurious and less expensive that traditional motorhomes.

Fifth wheels are the best options for families who want to save the most and already have a heavy duty tow vehicle, like a truck.

Class C

These are a more compact version of class A RVs and are usually built on a van frame. They tend to be one of the most popular options for reasons like the fact that they provide a more natural driving feel. The fuel economy for class C types is better than the larger motorhomes as well, which is a very convenient benefit.

They come equipped with a stove, refrigerator, and decent storage capacity. Even though they’re smaller and simpler, they still have options for those looking for a little luxury.

For people who are brand new to the RV lifestyle, these are a good choice because they make a good transition to the feel of driving an RV, and they provide a comfortable amount of space for the amount you’re traveling with, without having to go all out on a huge unit.

Class A

Finally, class A RVs are the largest options available. They’re built on a bus frame and are considered one of the most luxurious in the RV family. Class A RV rentals don’t just sleep four people, they can sometimes sleep up to eight or more! Most even have slideout options which increases the living space available.

Class A units have the most options as far as amenities and technology, easily featuring things like large screen TVs, full bathrooms, a bedroom with a king size bed, and different high-class options as far as flooring, cabinetry, etc.

These units are really meant for the veteran RVer who’s already got the experience of managing such a massive unit, or for a group that is traveling a large distance and requires a more spacious ride. Besides, Class A RVs are known to be a little more dependable for longer and more complicated expeditions.

Finding the Best Rates for Four-Person Rentals

Those were just a few of the different classes of RV that could be perfect rentals if you’re traveling in a four passenger group. The truth is, there are even more possibilities for groups of that size. Ranging from the most basic, to the most complex, RV manufacturers tend to keep that party size in mind.

But, like was mentioned earlier, you can find an RV rental that sleeps 4 in tons of places. If you want to find the best ones for the greatest value, then you should look no further. We have some of the largest selections of not just the three kinds we’ve covered, but also many more than fit your party size perfectly.

Finding the best prices on RVshare is meant to be fun and easy. First, locate the search bar on the bottom of the page and enter in where and when you’re looking to rent.

  • When your results load, you’ll notice a simple layout that shows you hundreds of options of RVs to choose from in the area.

  • If you want to choose from the kinds of units we’ve covered, just go over to the menu on the left side of the page and select which RV classes you want to see.

  • If you’re not exactly sure what kind of unit you want quite yet, just select the number 4 where it says “travelers” and it’ll automatically narrow down your search to RV rentals that sleep at least four.

As you peruse through all the different choices and experiment with the filtering options, it’d be hard not to find the perfect fit to make everyone in your group happy and excited to head out to the adventure!

You’ll also notice that right off the bat, our 4 passenger RV rental rates start from unheard of prices. On average, rates for fifth wheels are about $75 a night, class C rates average at about $99 a night, and class A rates average at about the same price. Where else can you get a C or A class for almost the same rate per night?

Wrap Up

All in all, finding a four passenger RV rental may not be the most challenging to find, but it doesn't’ mean it’s not stressful. At RVshare, we try to change that by making the entire experience as simple as possible, while causing you to grin from ear to ear when you notice the prices.

Get ready to take the family out on one of the greatest adventures of their lives, using the greatest RV rental hub you’ll ever see!

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