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Smaller is Smarter: 2 Person RV Rentals

Renting an RV is a fun yet sometimes overwhelming experience. With all the RV classes out there, the selection can be a bit intimidating. If it’s just you and a loved one hitting the road, you should look at your options for 2 passenger RV rentals. These RVs may be small, but they’re big on benefits. Here’s why.

Types of 2 Person RV Rentals

RVs these days can be as large as 40 feet or more. Obviously, a 40-foot RV for two people might be a bit of overkill. A more compact 20-30 feet is enough space to feel comfortable and still get around easily. There are several motorhomes and towables that fit into this size range:

  • Class B motorhomes are van campers with raised roofs. They’re on the smaller end of the spectrum and will be a cozy fit for two people. They’ll save you a ton on gas so you can spend your money on better things (like having fun!). If you plan on spending most of your time exploring and just want basic necessities, a Class B will work for you.

  • Consider Class C RVs the little brothers of Class A’s. They have the same amenities as their bigger counterparts but on a much smaller scale. Generally, they have two sleeping areas or more, one of which is over the cab. Whether you’re camping with your significant other or just a road companion, a 2 berth RV for hire offers space for everyone.

  • Fifth Wheels are towable motorhomes that fit into the bed of a truck. They’re a bit easier to tow than traditional trailers. They have plenty of options for layouts and amenities, so they’re great if you want a lot of space or separate sleeping areas. However, you’ll need a truck with a good towing capacity to rent a fifth wheel, and they can be overkill to 2 people on a shorter trip.

  • Ah, the travel trailer. It’s a popular choice and for good reason. Travel trailers vary the most in size, anywhere from 10 to 40 feet. Most models above 10 feet are self-contained. The best part is that you can easily detach them if you need to make a quick run into town with your vehicle. They’re affordable and convenient. The only downside is that you might want to have some experience towing, as it can be a little tricky for newcomers, and tend to sway more than fifth wheels.

  • Pop-up campers are best for those who want an experience that’s closer to “roughing it.” Basically, they’re upgraded versions of tents that you tow behind your car or truck. They’re the least expensive of the bunch, but they also don’t offer much in the way of amenities. They’re not self-contained, so you’ll need to use the bathrooms/showers at campgrounds. You’d be happy in a pop-up camper if you want to be closer to nature and save money.

Benefits of 2 Person RV Rentals

Hey, bigger isn’t always better. Two-person RV rentals have a few significant advantages over larger sizes:

  • Two passenger RV rentals are a lot cheaper. If you’re on a budget and don’t mind the close living quarters, they’ll save you a lot of cash. However, keep in mind that some luxury Class B’s (like Sprinters) can cost as much as a Class A.

  • They’re easy to drive or tow. Driving a class B or C is like driving a van or truck. Smaller fifth wheels and travel trailers are more stable, making them easier to navigate winding roads and tight campgrounds.

  • You’ll have more options for camping. You can get into virtually any campground with a smaller RV. It’s also a lot easier to dry camp without garnering attention.

  • They teach you something about living in a small space. Truly, it’s a skill everyone should learn. It takes patience, organization, and communication. There’s no better way to learn these valuable skills than traveling the country in a compact RV.

Quick Tips for Renting a 2 Person RV

As you browse for 2-person RV rentals, there are a few things you need to consider. Each RV is different, and owners are allowed to set their prices and rules. Be sure to keep the following in mind:

  1. Does the rental have a total distance or miles-per-day restriction? Some owners limit the amount you can travel, so make sure you know your limits before you set out on a cross-country trip.

  2. Where do you plan on staying? This directly affects your choice of RVs. You’ll want something self-contained if you’re going to be dry camping. If you plan on staying at campsites, you can get away with something that doesn’t have a lot of amenities.

  3. Do you have experience with RVs? If you don’t, you may want to rent something that’s easier to drive, like a Class B or C. If you don’t know how the systems work, there are plenty of online resources that teach you how to dump your tanks and other necessary tasks.

  4. Is there a security deposit and/or other safeguards? Most owners will charge you a security fee, which you’ll get back when you return the RV clean and free of damage. Make sure to check what type of insurance options there are in case you have an accident or breakdown.

Closing Thoughts

RVing is about having fun and exploring. Do your research and find the best RV for your needs before you rent. Then, you can spend more time enjoying the lifestyle than wishing you went with a different option. We hope this overview helped narrow down your decision. What do you think? Would you be comfortable in a cozy class B, or is a more spacious fifth wheel your thing?