RV Rentals near Haggard’s RV Campground Pueblo, Colorado

Haggard’s RV Campground

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Haggard’s RV Campground is located a few minutes west of downtown Pueblo. This option for RV camping in Pueblo is smaller than most other RV parks in the area, and it is in a flat, remote area. To the west, the peaks of the Rocky Mountains are visible over a slight rise of land.

Why You’ll Love Haggard’s RV Campground

Unlike most RV parks in this area of Colorado, Haggard’s RV Campground has a heated outdoor pool. Plus, the cost of Wi-Fi is included in your rates. Haggard’s RV Campground is also located right next to US Highway 50.

What People Are Saying About Haggard’s RV Campground

“Stayed here for the second year in a row. Hope to have many more visits. I can’t say enough good about the resort and the owners. ncy is always friendly and makes time for everyone no matter how busy she is. Everything is clean and organized.” – Tamerak, Google Review,

“I have never seen or experienced anything more peaceful. Absolutely beautiful views. The staff was terrific and informative. Clean swimming pool, showers, and bathrooms. Plenty of places to sit and be at one with ture. I highly recommend!!” – Stacey, Google Review

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