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Arcadia Campground

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This campground is located on the slopes of Mount Graham. Arcadia Campground is reached by a series of switchbacks that make it inaccessible to RVs exceeding 22 feet in length. There are plenty of nature trails in the area, and rates at Arcadia Campground are incredibly cheap.

Why You’ll Love Arcadia Campground

This RV campground doesn’t offer any hookups, but it makes up for it with an amazingly beautiful natural setting. Upon the slopes of Mount Graham, the days are practically silent and the nights are filled with stars. To make sure that you soak up every last inch of this beautiful piece of national forest, you can stay for up to 14 days at Arcadia Campground.

What People Are Saying About Arcadia Campground

“Difficult to get to, but the location is beautiful. Nestled in the mountains, with tons of great hiking nearby. A possibility of snow in the early spring.” – Ben, Google Review

“We really enjoyed the time on the mountain. Quiet and peaceful.” – Elvin, Google Review

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