Top 10 Campgrounds and RV Parks Pocahontas, Arkansas

Located along the Black River, Pocahontas, Arkansas, is a small city known for its historical significance and surrounded by beautiful forestry and wildlife. Being rich in culture, the entire town is a designated National Historic Landmark District. It is the home of several notable attractions such as the Studio of the Arts and the Imperial Dinner Theatre.

Pocahontas has a humid subtropical climate that makes it the perfect location to relax and park an RV to enjoy the natural beauty in the area. Not to mention, you can rent an RV right in Pocahontas, Arkansas and start your journey visiting the many beautiful campgrounds in the immediate area. Below, you will be able to find all the information about the best campgrounds in Pocahontas, Arkansas, along with individual reviews, rates, and other information.

Davidsonville Historic State Park

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Davidsonville Historic State Park was created to preserve the historical site of Davidsonville, a small town that was founded in 1815 but gone by 1830. It is the home of several archeological excavations that have opened the eyes of the world to what the Arkansas frontier was like after the Louisia Purchase.

Why You’ll Love Davidsonville Historic State Park

Davidsonville Historic State Park is the perfect campground for you and your entire family to enjoy the tural beauty of the area as well as an excellent place to enjoy the history of the region. There also are walking trails, fishing, and other activities that you can take part in to bring the family closer together.

What People Are Saying About Davidsonville Historic State Park

“I have loved this park since I was a kid. They host small events throughout most of the year. Always family friendly. Grounds are always clean with campsites, trails, grills, two playgrounds, multiple pavilions, a small lake and dock for fishing, a boat ramp for spring river access, and a favorite historical site of the town of Old Davidsonville. Very interesting history, and a great place to walk around and discover. Crowd size is usually pretty small, giving it a quiet and serene environment. Great place for the family.” – Adam, Google Review

“Clean and beautiful. Very well kept, and the staff was super nice! A bit tight for our 42’ RV towing a jeep, but it did feel like we were in ture, which was awesome!” – Daniel, Google Review

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Rone Valley Camping Park

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Rone Valley Camping Park is an excellent Pocahontas, Arkansas, campground to bring the entire family to because there are activities for everyone to enjoy. It is surrounded by tural beauty, and it has several locations available for fishing and swimming. With the park being located near Ravenden, Arkansas, you will also be able to visit some of the city’s local dining establishments and engulf yourself in the town’s rich heritage.

Why You’ll Love Rone Valley Camping Park

There are several reasons why you and your entire family will enjoy visiting and staying at Rone Valley Camping Park. They have horseback riding trails. Motorcyclists are welcome, and you can even bring along your four-legged family members as well. Plus, you can venture out into the beautiful tural surroundings of the park and enjoy swimming, fishing, and various other activities.

What People Are Saying About Rone Valley Camping Park

“I love it here. Anytime you can, you should visit. They have great bike rallies to raise money for the vets.” – Cristal, Google Review

“This place is so beautiful. Great rates too! Dean and Vicky are the perfect camp host.” – Ramy, Google Review

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Whitney Lane RV Park Passport America Logo

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Whitney Lane RV Park has everything that you and your family could possibly want for a short vacation or a long-term RV park in Pocahontas, Arkansas. It is located on the Little Red River, and there are several activities like fishing, swimming, and simply enjoying the beauty of the outdoors around the park. This facility is only a short distance from Kensett, Arkansas, where you can enjoy excellent local cuisine and shopping opportunities.

Why You’ll Love Whitney Lane RV Park

Besides the beauty surrounding Whitney Lane RV Park, you can enjoy several outdoor activities as an entire family, like swimming and fishing. You will also feel the warm hospitality of the people and staff who reside in the area as they are always welcoming to their guests and neighbors. Plus, the park is also close to tural Kensett attractions, like the Bald Knob tiol Wildlife Refuge.

What People Are Saying About Whitney Lane RV Park

“A large RV park, has 3 sections. One is a ways back on the river; another is in a field and the area by the office/laundry. We stayed in the office area. The owner lives next to the park and keeps an eye on things. Full hookups w/ 50 amp. There are no bathrooms, and the Wi-Fi isn’t reliable. Sites are somewhat close. Shade trees readily available. Seemed several long-term living here. Rates very reasoble. We will return when in the area.” – Ronda, Google Review

“The owner is very kind and helpful; he helped me hook everything up after my husband was released from the hospital! We stayed much longer than anticipated due to medical situations, and the owner worked with us to help us save money. A dear old guy!” – Anita, Google Review

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Philadelphia Mobile Home Court

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Philadelphia Mobile Home Court is located just inside of Jonesboro, Arkansas, and it is the perfect spot for a short stay or long-term visit to the area. It is locally owned, and the owners live on-site to make sure that the atmosphere remains clean and friendly. This RV park in Pocahontas has several permanent residents, but they are welcoming to their shorter-term camper and RV residents.

Why You’ll Love Philadelphia Mobile Home Court

Whether you are looking for a long-term resting stop or somewhere to stay for a shorter trip, Philadelphia Mobile Home Court has proven that it has everything you and your family will need to rest and relax. Although it is less than 5 miles from Downtown Jonesboro, the surrounding area is serene and quiet. It is located close to several local dining establishments and shopping areas, like the Turtle Creek Mall. There are also several attractions in the area, like the Hijinx Family Entertainment Center, the Escape Room, and the Ultimate Air Trampoline Park.

What People Are Saying About Philadelphia Mobile Home Court

“A nice, quiet neighborhood. Owners live on site.” – Jan, Google Review

“Clean and quiet.” – Brian, Google Review

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Sunshine Meadows RV Park

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Sunshine Meadows RV Park is located in Judsonia, Arkansas, near the Little Red River. It is designed to provide families and residents with a beautiful place to stay or visit. This facility is situated near numerous local attractions, like the Judsonia Bridge, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and several other local shops and dining establishments.

Why You’ll Love Sunshine Meadows RV Park

This park was designed to be a peaceful setting, and it is run by a family of accommodating and friendly people. You and your entire family can enjoy the peaceful and serene setting in the park, and the beauty of the area around the park will provide a picturesque place to visit. Not only can you enjoy the local establishments, but you can also enjoy numerous outdoor activities like swimming and fishing in the nearby Little Red River.

What People Are Saying About Sunshine Meadows RV Park

“Great place to stop and stay for a while. Owner is one of the nicest people.” – Tracey, Google Review

“Quiet, great price and owned by very nice people.” – Juliana, Google Review

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Speedway RV Park

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Speedway RV Park is located near Batesville, Arkansas, and it has been around for over 20 years. It is set away from the town to provide a serene and peaceful atmosphere. However, the facility is close enough that you and your family can enjoy different types of local attractions, shopping opportunities, and dining establishments.

Why You’ll Love Speedway RV Park

Speedway RV Park provides a lot of excellent activities for visitors to enjoy, and it is only minutes away from several local attractions, like the Natural State Golf Trail and Greers Ferry Lake. The park is only a 4 miles away from the speedway, which makes it one of the best Pocahontas campgrounds for the family to spend time together doing various activities.

What People Are Saying About Speedway RV Park

“Very nice people in Arkansas. Campground has full hookup — electric, water, and sewer. And let me tell ya — showers have the best water pressure I’ve ever seen at an RV park. Will be returning next year.” – Terry, Google Review

“We camped here for two months. The managers, Bob and Teina Osgood, are wonderful folks. Friends we will have for life. Great time.” – Dee, Google Review

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Brecks RV Park

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Brecks RV Park is located near the historical city of Batesville, Arkansas. It is near several local attractions that you and the entire family can enjoy, and it contains three different historical districts and even more landmarks in the area to visit. However, the best part about Brecks RV Park is it is surrounded by beauty, and the community in the park is friendly and welcoming.

Why You’ll Love Brecks RV Park

There are many reasons why your family will love visiting Brecks RV Park, but the most important is that it is family- and pet-friendly. Therefore, you can enjoy your activities while in the company of your favorite four-legged family members. Plus, the park provides the options of experiencing a peaceful outdoors vacation or partaking in the delicious local cuisine and town shopping experiences.

What People Are Saying About Brecks RV Park

“Definitely the best RV park in the area. Very clean! Bathrooms are awesome. Hot breakfast served in the store every morning. Service was a little slow because there was only one girl working all areas.” – Shannon, Google Review

“Fairly new with nice pull-through concrete pads, and they’re level! Full hookups, clean, and convenient to everything you might want to do when staying close to Batesville. Glad we chose to stay here.” – Kay, Google Review

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Red River RV Park

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Red River RV Park is located on the Red River near the town of Judsonia, Arkansas. It has been operating for over 10 years, and the staff strives to keep the park clean and welcoming for all their short- and long-term visitors. Surrounded by the beautiful nature in the area, it provides a place for the entire family to enjoy outdoor activities and local shopping experiences.

Why You’ll Love Red River RV Park

The area surrounding Red River RV Park is beautiful, and the park itself is a peaceful place where you can enjoy a quiet family vacation while doing all the things you love. Plus, you will be close to the river, and depending on the season when you visit, you can partake in several activities, like fishing, swimming, and floating on the river.

What People Are Saying About Red River RV Park

“We stayed here two nights. The park is beautiful and very well kept up. The staff is really, really helpful and has downright Southern hospitality! There is a very nice laundry facility and very reasonable prices. We will definitely stay here again. The nightly price is 30 amp, $25 for full hookup, including Wi-Fi. They also have monthly rent. 30 amp is $375. 50 amp is $425. Laundry is $1.50 to wash and $1 to dry. This park was full when we arrived except for the spot I reserved. If you’re looking for a nice stop overnight or staying for a while, this place is a little jewel.” – Cindy, Google Review

“Stayed here for a week back in March. Owners very friendly, down-home types. Campground clean and comfortable. Hope to be able to get a site again in early November while visiting family or on way to Texas for the winter.” – Gregory, Google Review

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Almost Home RV Park

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Almost Home RV Park was designed to provide a homey feeling, and it has been providing visitors with a safe and peaceful environment for years. It is located close enough to Walnut Ridge that your entire family can enjoy visits into town and dine on exquisite cuisine. You can still experience the serene and friendly nature of the park from its long- and short-term residents.

Why You’ll Love Almost Home RV Park

When visiting Walnut Ridge, you’ll love staying at Almost Home RV Park because it is a friendly and clean place where you and your entire family can enjoy fun activities like fishing and swimming. However, you are also close enough to enjoy civilization with shopping and unique and delicious cuisine choices.

What People Are Saying About Almost Home RV Park

“The service at this park was excellent! Me and my kids had a fun time. The sites are clean, and we will definitely be back camping again soon!” – Beverly, Google Review

“Beautiful place!” – Yani, Google Review

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Spring River Oaks Campground

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Spring River Oaks Campground is located on the beautiful Spring River near Mammoth Spring, Arkansas. There are numerous activities to keep the entire family entertained, and the surroundings are peaceful and beautiful. However, although it is set away from the city, it is still close enough to enjoy fun shopping trips and partake in delicious eating experiences.

Why You’ll Love Spring River Oaks Campground

When visiting the Mammoth Spring area, you and your entire family can enjoy an excellent time in the great outdoors surrounded by peaceful nature. There are plenty of activities to keep everyone occupied during your stay, especially if you are looking to enjoy the outdoors and water sports with your family. However, you will also enjoy being close enough to Mammoth Springs that you can partake in some their local cuisine and quaint shopping experiences.

What People Are Saying About Spring River Oaks Campground

“We have stayed here just twice, but this will be the only place we stay from now on. Wonderful staff; nice, clean campgrounds; and great scenery!” – Morgan, Google Review

“If you are looking for a less wild, nicer experience on the spring river, this place is it. Beautiful, great location and well kept.” – Geoffrey, Google Review

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In Summary

After reviewing information about the different RV parks in the Pocahontas, Arkansas, area, you should be able to make an educated choice about where to spend your time on vacation. If you are looking for a quiet place to stay with long-term residents who welcome newcomers, then RV parks like Philadelphia Mobile Home Court will suit your needs. However, if you are looking for a more exciting and lively place to enjoy outdoor activities with your family, you might be better off choosing a place like Spring River Oaks Campground or Speedway RV Park. All in all, there are numerous RV parks out there, so you should make your own lists and gather your own data on Pocahontas camping sites before making your final decision.

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Pricing will vary. The top 10 RV Parks we selected all display daily, weekly and monthly rates for you.

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