Top 10 Campgrounds and RV Parks Heber Springs, Arkansas

Located in the heart of Northern Arkansas, Heber Springs is the perfect place to start your quest to experience the 10 best RV trips in Arkansas. Surrounded by low rolling hills, the town of Heber Springs borders the peaceful blue expanse of Greers Ferry Lake to the west. As you might imagine, renting an RV in Heber Springs is the best way to enjoy the local camping opportunities and warm southern climate.

With such a diverse array of places to park your RV in the Heber Springs area, you may never get the chance to set out on your journey to other parts of Arkansas. But even if your trip is limited to the campgrounds in Heber Springs, AR, you’ll still be able to get a taste of the incredible natural beauty for which Arkansas is famous. In this guide, we’ll familiarize you with 10 of the best Heber Springs campgrounds.

Heber Springs RV Park

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Heber Springs RV park is one of the most popular RV parks in its mesake city. Situated at the Swinging Bridge on the Little Red River, this RV park is close to Greers Ferry Lake. The locals love this area for trout fishing, and the moderate current of the river is great for swimming and boating.

Why You’ll Love Heber Springs RV Park

At Heber Springs RV Park, you can stay as long as you want. Some annual campsites even have decks for your trailer or motorhome. The easy access to fishing means that this place is ideal for anglers. If you’re a true professiol, you can try to beat the record trout weight of 40 pounds, 4 ounces.

What People Are Saying About Heber Springs RV Park

“Great RV park. Great residents that are friendly with lots of social gatherings. It’s the place to put your RV to live or just vacation.” – Ken, Google Review

“Very friendly atmosphere. Nice and by the river. Love it!” – AD G, Google Review

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Wagon Circle RV Park

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This Heber Springs, AR, campground is an ideal place to kick back and enjoy some fly fishing. Situated directly on the Little Red River, Wagon Circle RV Park features plenty of places to go swimming or cast a line. Horses are also welcome at this peaceful RV park.

Why You’ll Love Wagon Circle RV Park

If you’re looking for smaller Heber Springs campsites with plenty of activities and amenities, Wagon Circle RV Park should be one of your top picks. While this RV camping location is significantly off the beaten path, it still includes all the amenities you’ll need to stay comfortable. Wagon Circle RV Park even boasts a spacious building for meetings and gatherings.

What People Are Saying About Wagon Circle RV Park

“Great family friendly park…great kid friendly fishing dock! Owners are great!” – A Google User, Google Review

“Beautiful and so close to those brown trout… Get your pole and come on” – YourComputer People, Google Review

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River Rock RV Park

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Nestled into a bend of the Little Red River, River Rock RV Park is one of the most picturesque spots for RV camping in Heber Springs. There are plenty of places to fish for trout just a few feet away from each campsite, and swimming is comfortable as late as October and as early as April. This campgroun

Why You’ll Love River Rock RV Park

River Rock RV Park is one of the smallest campgrounds on this list, so if you like seclusion, this is the place for you. However, the campground is still only a short distance away from the downtown area of Heber Springs, so it’s easy to stock up on supplies. There are plenty of long-term residents living at this RV park who can clue you in on the best places to visit in the surrounding area.

What People Are Saying About River Rock RV Park

“A beautiful place to stay short or long term” – Patricia, Google Review

“Been here 8 years or so. Peaceful great host” – Jim, Google Review

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John F. Kennedy Campground

John F. Kennedy Campground is located at the base of the Little Red River where it outlets from Greers Ferry Lake. There are dozens of outdoor activities to choose from in the surrounding area, including hiking, swimming, and even scuba diving. The nearby dam is the site of President John F. Kennedy’s last major public appearance in which he gave a speech commemorating the opening of the historic dam.

Why You’ll Love John F. Kennedy Campground

Since this campground is so close to Greers Ferry Lake, it’s easy to enjoy entertaining aquatic activities like boating, water skiing, swimming, and scuba diving. The campsites are spacious, and the John F. Kennedy Campground is just a short drive from Highway 25. This campground is one of the livelier places where you can choose to park your RV for the night, especially in the summer when locals and outsiders mingle to enjoy the hot weather.

What People Are Saying About John F. Kennedy Campground

“We had a great time at the campground. There was peace and quiet and they maintained security also. Looking forward to more outings.” – Dianne, Google Review

“There are no bad sites at this park…all are beautiful.” – Mandi, Google Review

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Sugar Loaf Campground

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Located on the north shore of Greers Ferry Lake, Sugar Loaf Campground is one of the larger Heber Springs camping sites. The main attraction is the Sugar Loaf Mountain Island National Nature Trail, which is located nearby. This trail is only accessible by boat, so grab a crew and prepare to see some 1,000-foot-high views of the surrounding area.

Why You’ll Love Sugar Loaf Campground

Staying at Sugar Loaf campground is the best way to access the secluded majesty of Sugar Loaf Mountain. Be advised that this campground is located some distance outside of town, so make sure to bring along enough amenities to stay comfortable as you explore the surrounding area. In addition to boating out to Sugar Loaf Mountain, there are plenty of other activities like swimming and fishing under the warm sun.

What People Are Saying About Sugar Loaf Campground

“Clean facilities, friendly staff, just have to reserve ahead of time for major holidays” – JC, Google Review

“It was a really nice place to swim and cook out with the family” – Ashley, Google Review

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Dam Site Campground

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The Dam Site Campground is an enormous camping area that’s located just outside of Heber Springs. The main attraction of this campground is the Dam Site Marina, a perfect site for launching and storing boats. The Dam Site Recreation Area spans over 100 acres and is filled with wildlife and nature trails.

Why You’ll Love Dam Site Campground

The Dam Site is the largest recreation area in the Heber Springs area. The extra space and immediate access to Greers Ferry Lake makes this campground the ideal place to stay for those who love water sports. You wouldn’t know it from staying there, but this spacious campground is only a 5-minute drive away from downtown Heber Springs. The Dam Site Recreation Area is also equipped with a playground, making this Heber Springs campground a hit with families.

What People Are Saying About Dam Site Campground

“Overall this is a very nice place to stay in a rig or tent.” – Laura, Google Review

“Great memories are made here!!!” – Patricia, Google Review

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Hill Creek Campground

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Located on the north side of Greers Ferry Lake, Hill Creek Campground is perfect for those who want to launch a boating adventure. This small and secluded campground is situated on a spit of ground that extends out into the lake, meaning that each campsite is equipped with lake views. Hill Creek Campground also features a swimming area that’s a hit with locals and out-of-towners alike during the blistering heat of Arkansas summers.

Why You’ll Love Hill Creek Campground

This out-of-the-way campground is the perfect place to stay if you want to enjoy some peace and quiet while soaking in the beauty of Greers Ferry Lake. Since there are only 41 campsites in total, chances are you won’t be kept up all night by loud partying even at the height of summer. Immediate access to lakefront makes Hill Creek Campground the ideal spot to stay until you intend to go out in a boat or enjoy any of the other water sports. There’s a nice marina conveniently nearby the campground.

What People Are Saying About Hill Creek Campground

“Good place to go swimming! Fun for kids, the experience is amazing! You can swim, fish, boat, and more!” – Autumn, Google Review

“Absolutely amazing stay…loved my stay.” – Tereasa, Google Review

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Devils Fork Campground

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Devils Fork Campground is situated in a relatively large recreation area located just outside of the small town of Greers Ferry. Water practically surrounds this campground, which means there’s lakefront access from every campsite. The campsites themselves are spacious and are designed to accommodate large RVs.

Why You’ll Love Devils Fork Campground

While Devils Fork Campground seems secluded, it’s actually close to all of the amenities of town. The Devils Fork Recreation Area spans a large expanse of land and features a variety of trails as well as a playground to keep the kids entertained. There’s a cordoned-off swim area just outside of the campsite where you can splash around without having to worry about wayward boats ruining your fun.

What People Are Saying About Devils Fork Campground

“I enjoy the separation of the camping spaces, even though they all are back in’s. There are several areas to swim in. The boat ramps are not congested. The showers and bathrooms are always clean when I used them.” – Dennis, Google Review

“Great campground hosts! Very and accommodating. Very nice place. Quiet and peaceful.” – Steve, Google Review

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Cove Creek Campground

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Cove Creek Campground is located a few miles to the west of Heber Springs on the shores of Greers Ferry Lake. This medium-sized campground is equipped with plenty of places to park for RVs of all sizes. In addition, the surrounding recreation area is filled with amenities to keep the whole family occupied.

Why You’ll Love Cove Creek Campground

Cove Creek Campground is far enough outside of town that you’ll be able to leave the noise of the city entirely behind you. With easy access to the lake from any campsite, this is a great place to stay if you plan to hit the waves for boating or swimming. This campground is big enough to make socializing easy but small enough to keep your stay private if you’d prefer to remain off the radar. This isolated campsite is the perfect location for a quiet getaway.

What People Are Saying About Cove Creek Campground

“The hosts are fantastic. The sites are big. The campground is quiet and everyone is friendly. We love it here” – Jacki, Google Review

“Nice large boat ramp, parking right next to it, and plenty of camping areas.” – Texas, Google Review

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Old Highway 25 Campground

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This scenic campground is located at the very end of State Highway 25, and the surrounding recreation area extends far into the surrounding waters of Greers Ferry Lake. The main features of the Old Highway 25 Recreation Area are the two national nature trails that wind through the forest near the campground. Mossy Bluff ascends a ridge of land that overlooks the Little Red River, and Buckeye Trail is paved and flat.

Why You’ll Love Old Highway 25 Campground

While Heber Springs is just across the river, the driving route to reach Old Highway 25 Campground is long enough to give you the impression that you’ve traveled a long distance to reach your destination. The nature trails are hands-down the best feature of this campground, but the recreation area is filled with other hidden gems that reward an adventurous spirit. As with all of the other campsites that border Greers Ferry Lake, water sports and other aquatic activities are easy to embark upon from Old Highway 25 Campground.

What People Are Saying About Old Highway 25 Campground

“Great beach/swim area for families. Lots of sand for kids. Picnic area is good, each with a grill. There are life jackets available if needed. Great place to camp as well.” – Courtney, Google Review

“We had a wonderful large site with an awesome view. Quiet, peaceful and scenic. Love the rocky shoreline, made for a nice hike.” – Mary, Google Review

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In Summary

While RV camping areas like John F. Kennedy Campground are great for those who enjoy having a lot of neighbors, the rowdy and crowded scene isn’t for everyone. River Rock RV Park might be the perfect place if you want to camp out somewhere that’s low key and quiet. An RV park like River Rock might also be the right place to stay if you plan to explore the region for an extended period since most campgrounds in the area don’t offer weekly or monthly rates.

Those who enjoy the amenities and features of being in a protected recreation area also have many options near Greers Ferry Lake. For example, Dam Site Campground offers some of the best RV camping in Heber Spring, AR. There are plenty of campsites, plus the area features lots of nature trails, wildlife, and well-kept facilities.

Of course, Heber Springs RV Park is perfect for those who want to be close to the city. While you’re checking out the downtown area, check out the various shops and restaurants that have views of the lake. Be sure to explore the historic Clarence Frauenthal House as well.

After seeing all of the RV parks in Heber Springs, you may even want to buy an RV of your own and stay for good. No matter where you travel in Heber Springs, you can expect to have an unforgettable RV experience. The area surrounding Greers Ferry Lake is simply ideal for families and couples who enjoy beautiful views and water activities.

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