Top 10 Campgrounds and RV Parks Heartland, Florida

The Florida Heartland is a region that centers around Lake Okeechobee. This lake is the biggest freshwater body in Florida, and many of the RV parks in the Florida Heartland, FL area surround this huge lake. It’s common for Lake Okeechobee to be near the top of a tourist’s list of the best RV adventure destinations in Florida since the lake stays warm and pleasant all year long. Here are 10 of the campgrounds in Florida Heartland, FL where you might want to take your rental RV.

Torrey Trails RV & Golf Resort

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Torrey Trails RV & Golf Resort is a luxury 55+ community located in Bowling Green, Florida. This newly constructed resort is great for maintaining an active lifestyle and enjoying beautiful weather year-round. Torrey Trails has a peaceful countryside setting while still being located a short trip away from major cities such as Tampa and Orlando.

Why You’ll Love Torrey Trails RV & Golf Resort

You will love Torrey Trails RV & Golf Resort for its luxurious amenities such as the 9-hole golf course, large heated pool, nature preserve, and 3-mile hiking trail. The RV sites are fully landscaped including concrete pads and full hook-ups. The resort even offers a fitness center and social events along with all standard comforts such as laundry facilities and showers.

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Okeechobee KOA Resort KOA Logo

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Okeechobee KOA Resort is the biggest RV park in the Lake Okeechobee area. The RV sites at Okeechobee KOA Resort are quite large, and they all feature campfire rings and picnic tables. Firewood is available on-site.

Why You’ll Love Okeechobee KOA Resort

Okeechobee KOA Resort features a communal kitchen where you can prepare your meals. As an alternative way to stave off hunger, the snack bar is open throughout the day. You can go fishing on the private lake that runs through this RV park, or you can head down to Lake Okeechobee to fish on the open water.

What People Are Saying About Okeechobee KOA Resort

“It’s awesome. They have their own little Tiki bar and a lunch place. Great cabins if you don’t have an Rv. Just great people. Bocce ball courts and 9 holes of golf too.” – Melody, Google Review

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Meadowlark Shores RV Park Passport America Logo ARVC Logo

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Meadowlark Shores RV Park is to the west of Lake Okeechobee. This Florida Heartland, FL campground is situated on the banks of the Caloosahatchee Cal, which is populated by matees, alligators, and otters. This RV park is relatively large, and it features a heated outdoor pool.

Why You’ll Love Meadowlark Shores RV Park

The Caloosahatchee Cal crosses the entire distance between Florida’s east and west coasts. This distinctive feature makes Meadowlark Shores RV Park a great place to observe boats passing one way or the other. Plus, there’s a boat ramp at Meadowlark Shores RV Park that you can use to launch your own vessel.

What People Are Saying About Meadowlark Shores RV Park

“Good spot for northerners to park their RVs, dock access, recreatiol area, but the fishing at this spot is not good at all.” – Arsenio, Google Review

“Love this park…good location near Orto locks, on Caloosahatchee river, good people, great owners, pool, activities,” – Suzanne, Google Review

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Lake Letta RV Park

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Lake Letta RV Park features both an indoor and an outdoor clubhouse. The outdoor facilities are screened in, and parties and other events are held in this clubhouse every week. The indoor clubhouse features a lending library and card room.

Why You’ll Love Lake Letta RV Park

Lake Letta RV Park is a small RV park on the shores of Lake Letta. This option for RV camping in the Florida Heartland is right next-door to Highlands Ridge North, which is a popular local golf course. Lake Letta RV Park charges affordable short-term rates, and it features a clubhouse with a commul kitchen.

What People Are Saying About Lake Letta RV Park

“Nice, quiet, the best people I have camped with in a long time. Need help? Talk about your project and there will be 8 people show up to help. Just a good park for 55 + folks.” – Roe, Google Review

“Very friendly park with a wonderful on-site mager. I really enjoyed my stay… I truly felt at home here. My site was large and level with good power. Lots to do in the area.” – John, Google Review

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Buttonwood Bay RV Resort Passport America Logo

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Buttonwood Bay RV Resort is operated by Sun RV Resorts. This RV park is medium-sized, and it borders Lake Josephine. It features multiple libraries, and there is also a hobby shop on-site.

Why You’ll Love Buttonwood Bay RV Resort

In addition to offering lake access, Buttonwood Bay RV Resort also features a heated outdoor pool. Group activities are offered every day, and this RV park includes a cafe by the lake. Unlike most RV parks in the Florida Heartland, Buttonwood Bay RV Resort includes a clubhouse with stained glass windows.

What People Are Saying About Buttonwood Bay RV Resort

“Beautiful, well-maintained community. Very clean. The only fault I noticed is that they need a traffic light at the entrance/exit. Highway 27 is too busy a road to have to pull in or out of the community.” – Tracey, Google Review

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Crooked Hook RV Resort ARVC Logo

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Crooked Hook RV Resort is a large RV park that is situated on the banks of the Caloosahatchee Cal. This RV park is near the point where the cal feeds into Lake Okeechobee, which makes it a great place to stay if you have a boat. Regular on-site activities include bingo, Red Shirt Friday, and bonfire sing-a-longs.

Why You’ll Love Crooked Hook RV Resort

The owners of Crooked Hook RV Resort work hard to imbue their RV park with a sense of community. In addition to regular activities held every week, occasiol holiday parties and dances are also offered. This RV park provides free Wi-Fi to guests.

What People Are Saying About Crooked Hook RV Resort

“We have been traveling thru Florida since October 2017 and have been to 4 different Campgrounds throughout the state and my husband and I think that Crooked Hook has been the best one that we have stayed at so far…we were there for a full month and this RV resort is the nicest cleanest place ever…they have many things to do…they also have a complete workout room with all the machines u can ever want to work out on!!” – Mary, Google Review

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Lake Bonnet Village Passport America Logo

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Lake Bonnet Village is a large RV park that offers access to Bonnet Lake. This RV park includes 2,000 feet of private lakeshore, and both of the on-site clubhouses overlook the lake. Fishing on the lake is encouraged, and Lake Bonnet Village features lighted shuffleboard courts.

Why You’ll Love Lake Bonnet Village

At Lake Bonnet Village, activities are scheduled for every day of the week. On Tuesday mornings, you can enjoy coffee and doughnuts while listening to a professional speaker. On Saturday nights, the chairs in the clubhouse are pushed back for dancing, and the residents of Lake Bonnet Village enjoy live music.

What People Are Saying About Lake Bonnet Village

“Friendly people and helpful also!” – Richard, Google Review

“Love the place and the people.” – Linda, Google Review

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South Bay RV Park

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South Bay RV Park offers access to South Bay, which is a small body of water to the south of Lake Okeechobee. This RV park is located along the Caloosahatchee Canal, which makes it a great place for boat watching. South Bay RV Park is operated by Palm Beach County.

Why You’ll Love South Bay RV Park

If you want to explore Lake Okeechobee in a boat, all you need to do is use the boat ramp across the street from South Bay RV Park. This RV park serves as a haven for Florida’s native wildlife, and there are plenty of nature trails in the area. In addition to offering access to the canal, South Bay RV Park also has a small private lake

What People Are Saying About South Bay RV Park

“Great place that is meticulously maintained. All the streets and the nearly perfectly level campsites are paved. Water, sewer, electric, and free Wi-Fi. For security, there is a moat around the campground with alligators in it and the entry and exit gates are electric. Just across the street is a levee around Lake Okeechobee with a paved bike path on top of the levee. I will come here again.”

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The Glades RV Resort Passport America Logo

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The Glades RV Resort is part of a huge resort complex that includes a golf course and marina. There is also a restaurant on-site, and this RV park includes fishing docks. The Glades RV Resort hosts special events for every holiday.

Why You’ll Love The Glades RV Resort

This RV park has lots of recreational facilities, such as bike trails and lighted tennis courts. You can enjoy dinner at Crumb’s Country Grill every night, and The Glades RV Resort also offers an indoor fitness room. Best of all, there is a firepit where you can enjoy long conversations deep into the night.

What People Are Saying About The Glades RV Resort

“Nice campground but the grass is all dead, even on the golf course. We lost electricity the first night and had to sit in the dark outside because it was too hot in the camper. Then we were accosted by 2 coyotes but we still had fun and can laugh about it. So go out there and have some fun. The residents were the friendliest group of people I have ever met.” – Lena, Google Review

“Great place, a real gem. Good lunch restaurant and nice nine hole golf course that is well maintained. I go here for golf and food. They also have an RV camp here and a boat dock. Rates are not expensive here for anything.” – Benjamin, Google Review

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Aruba RV Resort

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Aruba RV Resort is a very large RV park on the west side of Lake Okeechobee. This RV park is on the shores of a small pond that feeds into the main lake. There are numerous docks on this pond that you can use for boating or fishing.

Why You’ll Love Aruba RV Resort

Aruba RV Resort features its own cafe and bar. Live bands play at the bar every weekend, and happy hour is offered every day at 4 p.m. Local attractions and activities include fishing tours, skydiving, and airboat charters.

What People Are Saying About Aruba RV Resort

“Had a great time seeing and visiting Aruba. GREAT band Tonight. Standing room only at the outside dining and bar area. Good food and service. Had lots of fun and enjoyed the crowd hear from Aruba. We might have been the only ones from Northlake but they all made us feel welcome.” – Pam, Google Review

“Great place! Very accommodating when we rolled in late at night after a hurricane evacuation. We were only there one night but the people we met were very friendly and helpful. The place was well maintained and welcoming. We’ll be stopping by again.” – Amanda, Google Review

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Silver Palms RV Resort

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Silver Palms RV Resort is on the north shore of Lake Okeechobee. The sites at this RV park are lined with tall trees, and the streets are wide and paved. The clubhouse at Silver Palms RV Resort features a large library, and it also includes a high-capacity meeting hall.

Why You’ll Love Silver Palms RV Resort

Silver Palms RV Resort was designed to accommodate the largest, most luxurious RV’s on the market. The beautifully landscaped, well designed RV community, gives every lot a private feel, with hedges and tropical trees. The ease and comfort of your Florida luxury RV lifestyle is magnified for Silver Palms residents by the oversized lots and the resort’s attention to details. Silver Palms RV Resort also has cottage sites available for purchase, all equipped with luxurious amenities and necessities found in a fully functioning home. For additional privacy, the resort is situated behind a gated entryway. As one happy RV resident describes our resort experience “When we came through the gates, it’s like the gates of heaven opened up.” The Silver Palms RV Resort experience provides breathtaking views and unparalleled panoramic possibilities. If you are looking for the perfect RV lot to park your motorhome, then look no further. The tropical retreat offers surreal sunrises and brilliant sunsets that only add to the overall enjoyment of your premier Florida RV resort ownership.

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In Summary

After reviewing these Florida Heartland campgrounds, you can see that this area is an ideal location to park your RV. If you’re looking forward to fishing and boating on Lake Okeechobee, you should stay at RV campgrounds in Florida Heartland, FL like Silver Palms RV Resort or Okeechobee KOA Resort. But if you’re more interested in staying at an inexpensive riverside RV park, you might prefer to visit The Glades RV Resort. Wherever you end up staying in the Florida Heartland, make sure to come ready to enjoy the water sports that make this region such a pleasure to visit.

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