Top 10 Campgrounds and RV Parks Corvallis, Oregon

Corvallis is not just the home of the Oregon State Beavers. It also is a central point from which you can visit a vast panorama of RV sites. This list contains just a few of the facilities that are in the area and represents a taste of the plethora of the types of RV campgrounds that are available. Take a tour of Oregon by renting an RV in Corvallis. If you wish to purchase an RV in Oregon, there are plenty of dealerships throughout the state.

Benton Oaks RV & Campground

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Benton Oaks RV & Campground is the only Corvallis, Oregon campground that is located within the city limits of Corvallis. It was created to fulfill a need for RV camping for families visiting children who were students at Oregon State University or patients at Good Samaritan Hospital. Corvallis is a “green community” with an established green belt occupying its perimeter, so using the county fairgrounds for RV camping when sitting idle seemed an appropriate solution.

Why You’ll Love Benton Oaks RV & Campground

Benton Oaks RV & Camping is conveniently located for all sporting events at Oregon State University in Corvallis. The county fairgrounds on which the campsite sits had originally been used as an animal husbandry area for the agriculture-oriented school. Over the years, the site developed into the county fairgrounds and then into a convenient RV park for visitors to the school and the city.

What People Are Saying About Benton Oaks RV & Campground

“The park is next to the fairgrounds, so if you have something planned at the fairgrounds, it is within walking distance. The park is located right on the Corvallis bike trail system, all paved. The laundry facility was clean.” – Al, RV Park Review

“I liked the staggering of the full hookup sites. The camp host was very friendly.” – Darleen, RV Park Review

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Blue Ox RV Park ARVC Logo

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A 10-minute drive gets you to a Corvallis-area campground that’s located outside the city limits of Albany, OR. Situated on the Willamette Valley floor, Blue Ox RV Park is situated on former farmlands, making it a flat, smooth surface. The RV park is easy to get to off I-5 and is close enough to Albany’s city center to allow easy access to urban amenities.

Why You’ll Love Blue Ox RV Park

Family activities are a daily event at this RV park, and the city of Albany is close by, offering restaurants, entertainment, and exercise. Community events such as the Timber-Linn Fair bring crowds of people into the area. Good Sam club and military veterans receive a 10% discount.

What People Are Saying About Blue Ox RV Park

“I liked how close this park was to everything. The concrete site was nice. The staff was friendly and helpful.” – Cheryl, RV Park Review

“The staff was very friendly and helpful. The laundry rooms were clean and in good working order.” – Tracey, RV Park Review

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Knox Butte RV Park

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Another RV campground near Corvallis, Oregon worth visiting is Knox Butte RV Park. Situated just a few miles north of Corvallis, this RV park features a central location from which to visit Oregon’s Wine Country. Situated directly between the Coastal Range and the Cascades, playgrounds for adults and kids alike are within an easy drive.

Why You’ll Love Knox Butte RV Park

Knox Butte RV Park is located in Albany, so you can take advantage of all the city’s urban amenities. Albany is a historic city with important ties to Oregon’s history. Throughout the area, you will find a variety of restaurants, entertainment centers, and exercise facilities.

What People Are Saying About Knox Butte RV Park

“The park, restrooms, and laundry were clean. The park was quiet and peaceful even though it was almost full.” – Vikki, Yelp Review

“Sites are clean, very well kept, and flat. The gentleman maintaining this place is a real gem.” – Kimberly, Yelp Review

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Edgewater RV Resort & Marina

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Of all the RV parks near Corvallis, Edgewater RV Resort & Marina is one of the highest in elevation. The resort sits beside the immense Foster Reservoir near Sweet Home, OR. Nestled against the Cascade foothills on the east side of the Willamette Valley, this park is open year-round.

Why You’ll Love Edgewater RV Resort & Marina

Above Foster Reservoir are tall hills that climb precipitously to the great mountains of the Cascade Range. The views of the snow-capped hills and gem-like mountaintops are breathtaking. The fishing is excellent, and hiking trails offer unimaginable views.

What People Are Saying About Edgewater RV Resort & Marina

“Great attention is paid to provide a very clean and well-maintained RV resort. The resort has super level pads and full hookups as good as they come.” – Keith, Facebook Review

“Nice park. The host was very helpful and friendly. The restrooms and showers were clean. The campsites were clean.” – Warren, Facebook Review

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Foster Lake RV Resort

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Another trailer park near Corvallis, Oregon that sits at a higher elevation along the Foster Reservoir, is Foster Lake RV Resort. The resort is privately owned and operated. The facility nuzzles against the lake but has the amenities needed to be a self-contained unit for campers.

Why You’ll Love Foster Lake RV Resort

There are three reasons people come to Foster Lake RV Resort. First, they come for peace away from the bustle of working life. Second, they come for the magnificent views of the Cascades and the feel of nature that surrounds them. The third reason is the fishing, which is excellent.

What People Are Saying About Foster Lake RV Resort

“This is a nice RV park across Highway 20 from Foster Lake. The view is pretty. The new owners are really nice. We found it to be quiet. The resort has a nice pool and nice grassy areas. We enjoyed our stay here.” – Pat, Yelp Review

“We have been to many RV resorts through the states, and this has been by far the cleanest and well-maintained resort that we have been to.” – Dwayne, Yelp Review

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Deerwood RV Park

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For some pristine RV camping near Corvallis, visit Deerwood RV Park in Eugene. Even though it’s only 10 acres in size, the park is superbly maintained to the point of having a perfectly manicured look. Deerwood RV Park is an oasis of nature that’s just a few minutes away from the big city.

Why You’ll Love Deerwood RV Park

Deerwood RV Park is an intimate little facility that takes pride in its appearance. At this park, you can sit back and enjoy a clean and secure site with more than adequate amenities. Deerwood RV Park is close to Eugene’s city center and the University of Oregon, where art, song, and theater hit their height of glory in Oregon. You are only a brief drive away from either the Oregon coast or the rugged Cascades.

What People Are Saying About Deerwood RV Park

“Hidden gem. This is a smaller RV park, but with all the amenities you need. We loved all the trees and gardens. All the spaces come with a table and two chairs.” Nancy, Yelp Review

“The landscape is gorgeous and yet stays very natural looking. The spaces are not crowded together, and the showers and laundry are sparkling clean.” – Melinda, Yelp Review

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Rovers RV Park

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There are a select few Corvallis camping sites that are located on the Oregon Coast, and Rovers RV Park near Waldport, OR, is one of these locations. Only 90 minutes from Corvallis, this RV park shelters many of the birds on the national endangered species’ list. The weather is always cool, which can be a great relief during hot summer days.

Why You’ll Love Rovers RV Park

If you want to spend a few days enjoying the cool weather on the Oregon Coast, Rovers RV Park is a great place to stop and sit for a while. The hiking trails take you through some of the most intriguing bird habitats in the U.S. The cool salt air is refreshing and relaxing, serving as a balm to weary campers. Fishing, crabbing, and sightseeing are some of the other activities available to you, not to mention a brief visit to the local casino.

What People Are Saying About Rovers RV Park

“Charming campground without the high prices of the 101 campgrounds. Very reasonably priced. Clean, friendly staff. We would definitely stay here again.” – Jill, Yelp Review

“This is by far one of the sweetest places that we’ve ever stayed. Very friendly people, and a real hidden gem.” – Sue, Yelp Review

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Aurora Acres RV Park Passport America Logo

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Aurora Acres RV Park is an RV park in the Corvallis, Oregon area that is an easy drive north along the I-5 corridor. It is a welcome sight for travelers that are taking a leisurely trip from Southern Oregon to Southern Washington. The park is well established with mature trees that produce plenty of shade for sun-weary travelers.

Why You’ll Love Aurora Acres RV Park

Aurora Acres RV Park is a beautiful setting in which to relax. The trees are mature and provide excellent shade while the breeze soothingly rustles through the leaves. The park is easy to access, and you are just a short drive away from the historic city of Aurora with its huge antique community of shops.

What People Are Saying About Aurora Acres RV Park

“It is nice that this property offers dry storage, of which we have access to during business hours. It is nice to know that our storage area is secured with lock and key and not a free-for-all for whoever decides to take off with something so costly and personal to us.” – Kristin, Yelp Review

“The park is clean. Any full-timer spots were picked up and tidy and the people friendly.” – Kathy, Yelp Review

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Coyote Rock RV Resort & Marina

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Some of the best RV camping near Corvallis, Oregon is along the coast or just upstream from where a river empties into the Pacific Ocean. Coyote Rock RV Resort & Marina lies beside the beautiful Siletz River and is a favorite for local fishers who seek the elusive steelhead. The park is nestled in the deep canyon created by the river and is the home of deer, elk, and many other examples of native wildlife.

Why You’ll Love Coyote Rock RV Resort & Marina

The fishing at Coyote Rock RV Resort & Marina is fantastic. Those who do not wish to fish can immerse themselves in the forested areas of the campground, where tall trees sway in the ocean breeze, and puffy clouds skim across the sky. Boat tours are available. The crab fishing in Siletz Bay is just a short boat ride away. The stream is slow, and the flow easy to handle.

What People Are Saying About Coyote Rock RV Resort & Marina

“The fishing is spectacular. At night, the sound of the Siletz River was wonderful, and there was no traffic noise around.” – Laura, Yelp Review

“We had a space right on the Siletz River that was quiet and peaceful. The management is friendly and helpful.” – Patricia, Yelp Review

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Cape Kiwanda RV Resort

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Located only 90 minutes away, Cape Kiwanda RV Resort is a jewel on the Corvallis RV parks map. There are sites for any size of RV set in different locations, even on the beach itself. With spacious views of the Pacific Ocean, spectacular sunsets are common sights.

Why You’ll Love Cape Kiwanda RV Resort

The pound of the surf beckons the traveler at Cape Kiwanda RV Resort as it does nowhere else. The long, golden sandy beach is pristine, and Oregonians expect you to keep it that way. Walking the beach provides a sense of belonging to the nature that surrounds you. Surf fishing is not uncommon, and if you are hungry, there is a well-stocked camp store to help you out.

What People Are Saying About Cape Kiwanda RV Resort

“The staff was very nice and friendly and helped answer any questions we had. The bathrooms and showers were very nice and kept clean, which is always appreciated. The pool and hot tub are nice to have.” – Katey, Yelp Review

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In Summary

These are but just a few of the campgrounds near Corvallis, Oregon. However, you can always do your own research on more Corvallis campsites that are available. The area around Corvallis provides immense opportunities for the intrepid RV enthusiast. Taking in the region piecemeal does not do the area justice. For help organizing your exploration, look to these 10 RV trips in Oregon as a guide for coordinating your trips.

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