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The Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina’s iconic scenic byway through the Blue Ridge Mountains, is named one of the best RV road trips in North Carolina for a reason. In fact, it’s often voted as one of the most stunning drives in the entire country.

Stretching on for 469 miles through the Appalachian highlands of both North Carolina and Virginia, the Blue Ridge Parkway is named as such for the hues of its mountains. A haze over the mountain range colors it in various shades of blue when viewed from a distance. When contrasted against vibrant orange and red sunsets, the vistas are unforgettable.

There is plenty to do along the Blue Ridge Parkway. On either end you’ll find a national park, Shenandoah to the east and the Smoky Mountains to the west. In autumn, the parkway is lined with some of the nation’s most vibrantly painted fall leaves.

History lovers can enjoy landmarks related to both Native American and European history. The Cherokee Indians of North Carolina along with several other tribes were the original inhabitants of the Blue Ridge mountains, and you’ll pass through the Cherokee Indian Reservation along with a couple museums and an informational center.

The Humpback Rocks Visitor Center, on the other hand, showcases the history of the area’s early European settlers through living history demonstrations, and you’ll also pass European homesteads and 19th century log cabins. You’ll even encounter mining operations, blacksmith shops, and whiskey stills. Traditional crafts are a big part of the regional culture.

As the third largest area owned by the National Park Service, there are ample hiking trails, viewpoints, and outdoor opportunities in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Rafting, kayaking, and mountain biking are also popular.

Traveling through the Blue Ridge Mountains with an RV rental near Asheville, NC is one of the best ways to see the sights. You’ll find no shortage of campgrounds in the Blue Ridge Mountains, both within the park and in nearby towns. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best campgrounds and RV parks in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Mount Pisgah Campground

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If it’s elevation you’re seeking, this tiol Park Service campground sits at the highest point in the Blue Ridge Mountains, 4,980 feet above its scenic views. It sits right on the parkway at mile-marker 408, just minutes from highway 276 and North Caroli’s beloved Sliding Rock. It’s also just 40 minutes from downtown Asheville, a town that’s well worth visiting.

Why You’ll Love Mount Pisgah Campground

If you’re looking for beautiful scenery and outdoor recreation, it’s hard to beat this campground. Not only do you have stunning views from the campground itself, but you’re minutes from some of the area’s best trails and sights, from sliding rocks to massive waterfall. While this is basic camping, you do have access to a restaurant, laundry, and even a gift shop, and you’re under an hour from Asheville, one of the most popular cities in North Caroli.

Crabtree Falls Campground

In the depth of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Caroli, Crabtree Falls Campground sits surrounded by ture and beauty. It’s at mile marker 340, close to Emerald Village and Little Switzerland. Dozens of rivers, creeks, and waterfalls are just outside the campground. Depsite its wilderness fell, the campground is only an hour east of Asheville.

Why You’ll Love Crabtree Falls Campground

Few campgrounds are as surrounded by tural wonders as this one. It sits at the intersection of several lovely creeks, right at the entrance to Crabtree Falls and just minutes from several other falls. The hiking trails in this area are simply stunning. While the campground is very basic, there are picnic areas, bathrooms, and an ampitheater, and Little Switzerland is just 5 miles away.

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Linville Falls Campground

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Surrounded by forest on the Blue Ridge Parkway yet right in the small town of Linville Falls, this campground is wild yet convenient. It sits on highway 221 as well, right next to Linville Falls, Duggers Creek Falls, the Linville River, and plenty of hiking trails and scenic overlooks. Filly, the campground is just over an hour from Asheville, NC, and close to the Cherokee tiol Forest.

Why You’ll Love Linville Falls Campground

You’ll find ample hiking and popular trails all over if you stay at Linville Falls Campground. You can go fishing in the Linville River, and if you find yourself in need of more amenities, the Linville Falls Cabins are nearby. The sites are big, private, cozy, and surrounded by tural beauty.

Doughton Park Campground

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On Basin Creek at the base of Wildcat Rock, just off of the Blue Ridge Parkway, you’ll find the lovely Doughton Park. Situated in the Doughton Recreation Area, it’s surrounded by forest, hiking, and outdoor recreation. At the same time, you’ll find Willis Lake and a very small town just across the parkway in Laurel Springs. Stone Mountain State Park is right next door, and the Virginia state line is about 10 miles north.

Why You’ll Love Doughton Park Campground

The largest recreational area on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Doughton Park is filled with scenery and activities. The hiking is abundant and the vistas are incredible. It’s one of the best stops along the parkway, and the Doughton Park Campground gives you the chance to wake up to it. The campground is certainly rustic and minimal, but that gives you the opportunity to appreciate the nature around you.

Rocky Knob Recreation Area

Just over the border in the rolling green hills of Virginia, you’ll find the Rocky Knob campground off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s in a rural, quiet, densely forested area that provides campers with stunning scenery. The campground is just down the road from the Rocky Knob visitor’s center and an hour and 20 minutes from Roanoke, Virginia.

Why You’ll Love Rocky Knob Recreation Area

The Rocky Knob Recreation Area is made up of over 4,000 acres of forest, leaving ample opportunity for campers to hike and enjoy the outdoors at this campground. There’s ample picnic space and the campsites are clean, beautiful, and quiet. Nearby hikes include Rockcastle Gorge, Round Meadow Creek, and Black Ridge.

Mama Gertie’s Hideaway Campground

Mountaintop sites are this campground’s specialty. It also could not be more convenient. Just 5 miles from the beautiful Black Mountain and 15 miles from the trendy downtown Asheville, you’ve truly got the best of both worlds. Mama Gertie’s is right off of I-40 and close to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Drive 2 miles to I-40, and you’ll find a plethora of amenities including dining and gas stations.

Why You’ll Love Mama Gertie’s Hideaway Campground

Enjoy the wilderness of North Carolina’s Appalachian mountains and the urban center of Asheville all in one day. This campground is right on a mountainside, offering stunning views right from the window of your RV. Plus, sites are very clean and landscaping is terraced, offering privacy. Facilities are incredibly nice and well-maintained.

Campfire Lodgings ARVC Logo

Right off of I-26, this campground is just minutes from dining, gas stations, and supplies. It’s also minutes from the French Broad River, offering ample outdoor recreation. The best part about this Campfire Lodgings location, though, is its proximity to downtown Asheville. It sits on the northern outskirts of the city, offering access to its fantastic dining and culture within minutes.

Why You’ll Love Campfire Lodgings

Surrounded by 100 acres of woods and numerous trails, this campground is an outdoor lover’s dream. However, if you’ve got folks in the family who prefer food, art, and culture, you’re also just minutes from downtown Asheville, a trendy city that has all of those things. Campfire Lodgings truly offers the best of both worlds. The campground is clean, scenic, and well-maintained, and sunsets from the grounds are incredible.

Asheville’s Bear Creek RV Park & Campground

If you’re looking for convenience and amenities, Asheville’s Bear Creek RV Park is a great place to stay. It’s in Asheville, on of North Carolina’s most beloved cities, and it sits at the intersection of I-240 and I-40, making it easy to get to and surrounded by dining, shopping, and supply options. It’s minutes south of central Asheville near the Biltmore Estates.

Why You’ll Love Asheville’s Bear Creek RV Park & Campground

For visitors who want to combine the Blue Ridge Mountains with a trip to the famous Biltmore Estates, the location here can’t get any better. Despite being near amenities, you still have marvelous views from the campsites here. This campground is also one of few along the parkway to offer a pool.

Lake Powhatan Recreation Area

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Right along some of the most scenic spots on the Blue Ridge Parkway, near the North Carolina Arboretum, you’ll find this stunning campground. It sits in the midst of a large wooded recreation area on Lake Powhatan, offering both forested hiking and sand beaches. It’s also close to the interstate and just around 10 minutes from Asheville, so you have easy access to urban areas too.

Why You’ll Love Lake Powhatan Recreation Area

One of the most beautiful and popular recreation areas and campgrounds along the Blue Ridge Parkway, Lake Powhatan offers a real sand beach, wildlife viewing, hiking trails, and great mountain biking through the 6,000 acre Bent Creek Experimental Forest. You’ll also find the state arboretum, French Broad River, which is great for fishing, and of course, the Blue Ridge Parkway. Best of all, Asheville is just down the road.

Rutledge Lake RV Park Roverpass Logo

Just down the road from the Asheville airport sits Rutledge Lake RV Park, a scenic luxury campground that offers immediate access to both downtown Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains. You’ll find plenty of nearby amenities, including gas stations, shops, and dining. The campsites are right along Frady Lake and off of I-26. You’re minutes from the Blue Ridge Mountains as well as the North Carolina wine trail.

Why You’ll Love Rutledge Lake RV Park

This is one of very few luxury RV parks along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Lakeside campsites offer lovely views and great tranquility. You’ll find options for outdoor recreation as well as the city of Asheville nearby. This RV park offers all the necessary amenities, from swimming and showers to laundry and a well-stocked general store.

In Summary

If you’re looking to add to your trip, consider extending your vacation and visiting one of the national parks on either end of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is a national treasure, known for its larger-than-life landscapes, abundant wildflowers, and diverse animal and plant life. In Tennessee right along the North Carolina border, this national park is close to both Asheville, North Carolina and Knoxville, Tennessee.

On the other hand, Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, near Charlottesville, is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains and offers even more sweeping views than the parkway. Skyline Drive runs through the park stopping at a variety of astounding lookout points. You’ll even find a section of the Appalachian Trail here.

Wherever you go, the campgrounds on this list have got you covered. You’ll find plenty of options if you’re looking for quiet, rustic, outdoor adventure, as most of the campgrounds on this list are run by the National Park Service and immersed in the wilderness of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

However, you’ll also find campgrounds in or on the outskirts of Asheville, North Carolina. This is a city that you don’t want to miss during your trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains, and if you really enjoy it, these campgrounds give you the chance to stick around and experience more.

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