Top Campgrounds and RV Parks in Big Island, Hawaii

RV camping in Hawaii’s Big Island is an unforgettable experience. This island’s winding, two-lane highways might seem intimidating at first, but as soon as you arrive at your destination, you’ll realize that it’s worth the effort. The most popular types of RVs for rent in Hawaii are converted VW buses and Class B RVs. Those vehicle options for RV camping on the Big Island are large enough to provide plenty of legroom while maintaining the maneuverability you’ll need to access remote beaches and steamy jungles.

There are plenty of campgrounds on Big Island, Hawaii and many of these RV parking locations offer running water and outdoor showers. Once you’ve found an RV that fits your needs, check out 10 of the top places for RV camping on the Big Island.

Kulaokuaiki Campground

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Kulaokuaiki Campground is a drive-up campground in Hawaii Volcanoes tiol Park. All of the sites at this campground are equipped with picnic tables, and they feature driveways that are big enough to fit Class B RVs. Kulaokuaiki Campground is at an elevation of 2,700 feet, and it is only a few minutes away from the park’s visitor center.

Why You’ll Love Kulaokuaiki Campground

Kulaokuaiki Campground is the best place to stay while you explore Hawaii Volcanoes tiol Park. You can watch smoke billow off the volcano from your campsite, and the stars are incredibly bright at night. To top it off, Kulaokuaiki Campground is usually quiet and uncrowded since it’s a significant distance off the beaten path.

What People Are Saying About Kulaokuaiki Campground

“One of my favorite campsites in Big Island! Free with park entry, and off the beaten path so it’s never crowded. The bathrooms are definitely camping bathrooms– don’t expect anything fancy. If you want to see the volcano in all it’s glory after the crowds have left, staying here is a great way to do it!” – Owen, Google Review

“Off the beaten path. Free camping with Volcano NP admission or annual tiol Parks pass. Be prepared for lack of shade. There was only one other party at the campground when we camped on Oct 31st. Seeing the red glow of the volcano at night called to mind Mordor.” – Earl, Google Review

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Punalu’u Black Sand Beach Park

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Punalu’u Black Sand Beach Park is located on the east side of the Big Island. It is one of the most popular RV parks on the Big Island, and the beaches at this campground are filled with distinctive black sand. If you’re lucky, you might even find some sea turtles basking on the beach.

Why You’ll Love Punalu’u Black Sand Beach Park

Why You’ll Love Punalu’u Black Sand Beach Park You can back your campervan or Class B RV right up to the campsites at Punalu’u Black Sand Beach Park. Coconut Palms line this campground and provide campers with plenty of shade. Punalu’u Black Sand Beach Park features restrooms with outdoor showers.

What People Are Saying About Punalu’u Black Sand Beach Park

“Our tour bus around the island brung us here. We spent about 20 minutes here and it was beautiful. Theres we’re lots of sea turtles, the black sand is perfect and different from any normal beach appearance, and they have a pond full of lilies!” – Mellissa, Google Review

“We thought that this was in interesting stop on our tour around the island (mainly because we saw sea turtles and Muscovy ducks).” – Michael, Google Review

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Whittington Beach Park

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Whittington Beach Park is on the Big Island’s south side. This campground is near the town of Naalehu, which is home to a popular bakeshop and golf course. A cave system is accessible from Whittington Beach Park, and this campground is also home to the ruins of an old shipping port.

Why You’ll Love Whittington Beach Park

Whittington Beach Park is one of the most remote campgrounds on the Big Island, which cuts down on tourism traffic. Since campsite boundaries aren’t specified at this campground, you can set up camp right off the main parking lot. In addition to ocean access, Whittington Beach Park also offers entry to a small fishing pond.

What People Are Saying About Whittington Beach Park

“Every time we come to the island we stopped here. Bring a camera, lunch and relax. Best to stop by thru the week and let the locals have it on the weekends. Water is rough so no swimming. Interesting history of the sugar, the dilapidated pier and 1946 tsunami that hit here. If your a geocacher you will find a cache nearby.” – Cindy, Yelp Review

“Lava rock shore, cool caves on cliffs. Caves have faces. Small areas for swimming. Grass areas and good parking. A lady was feeding the cats and mongoose.” – Dawn, Yelp Review

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Kalopa State Recreation Area

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Kalopa State Recreation Area is situated on the Big Island’s north coast. This campground is only about 2 miles from the coast, but it is at an elevation of over 2,000 feet. Kalopa State Recreation Area is in a densely forested area, and its campground is welcoming to campervans.

Why You’ll Love Kalopa State Recreation Area

Why You’ll Love Kalopa State Recreation Area Since this campground is in a forested area, things stay nice and cool at Kalopa State Recreation Area. There’s a large pavilion on-site for group gatherings, and the restrooms at Kalopa State Recreation Area feature showers. There are picnic tables at each campsite for enjoying meals with family and friends.

What People Are Saying About Kalopa State Recreation Area

“This rustic, old-fashioned state park has some really magnificent native trees. The guide brochure for the nature trail, originally written in the 70s, brings the forest’s history to life in loving, fascinating detail. The picnic pavilion is large, and there’s plenty of parking.” – Kevin, Google Review

“This is a beautiful public park. It has safe camping grounds and cabins. They also have bathrooms and water. There is free parking. For visitors from off island I recommend bringing bug repellent, and a plastic bag for your muddy shoes.” – Wehi, Google Review

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Ho‘okena Beach Park

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Ho‘okena Beach Park is near the Big Island town of Captain Hook. This campground offers a concession stand, and you can rent beach equipment at Ho‘okena Beach Park.

Why You’ll Love Ho‘okena Beach Park

For your convenience, a few of the campsites at Ho‘okena Beach Park offer drive-up access. You can also rent boats at this beach park, and there are picnic tables interspersed throughout Ho‘okena Beach Park. Since this campground is on the Big Island’s west coast, sunsets are beautiful. Be sure to bring your camera when you stay here.

What People Are Saying About Ho‘okena Beach Park

“Awesome beach! Sea turtles basking in the sun. Look from a distance the turtles need to rest. Clean bathrooms and a snack shack to purchase food and drinks. Also have rental equipment.” – Annette, Google Review

“Good place to do some snorkeling! Saw a lot of fish and a few sea turtles!” – Brianna, Google Review

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Mahukona Beach Park

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Mahukona Beach Park is on the northern tip of the Big Island. It is near the town of Kawaihae, and Mauna Kea is visible from this campground. The campsites at Mahukona Beach Park border a rocky beach and provide drive-up access.

Why You’ll Love Mahukona Beach Park

Mahukona Beach Park offers incredible ocean views. Snorkeling is popular at this park where the water stays warm all year-round. Best of all, there are a couple of different nature trails along the coastline at Mahukona Beach Park. This campground has bathroom facilities to make your camping experience more convenient.

What People Are Saying About Mahukona Beach Park

“Nicest thing about this place is the small number of visitors. Nothing fancy here. Easy to get in and out of the water for snorkeling and swimming.” – Jeff, Google Review

“Awesome snorkeling, park next to the water, put your gear on and jump in 10 feet from your car. Nice ladder to get out also.” – Jerrypalmer63, Google Review

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Spencer Beach Park

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Spencer Beach Park is a large state park that offers a few drive-up campsites. Security guards are on-duty at this campground every night, and the park includes a long stretch of sandy beach. Spencer Beach Park is one of the biggest campgrounds on the Big Island, and it’s lined with mature trees.

Why You’ll Love Spencer Beach Park

Since the gates at Spencer Beach Park close every night at 9 p.m., your safety is assured when you stay at this campground. Portable restrooms are provided, and fishing is encouraged. The outdoor showers at Spencer Beach Park are accessible 24 hours a day, so you can freshen up whenever you feel like it.

What People Are Saying About Spencer Beach Park

“It’s a relatively smaller beach with very mild waves. It was great for my young kids. The parking was free and there was a restroom available…Also, this is a great location to view the sunset and doesn’t seem to get as crowded as some of the other popular locations for this viewing..” – Peter K., Google Review

“Safest beach park for the kids the beach doesn’t have big waves and the sand gets gradually deeper not a sudden drop so grate for the kids.” – Rui, Google Review

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Isaac Hale Beach Park

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Isaac Hale Beach Park is on the east side of the Big Island and near the community of Pahoa. It is in a thickly forested area that is home to natural hot springs. These hot springs are popular tourist attractions that are warmed by underground lava flows.

Why You’ll Love Isaac Hale Beach Park

When you’re done soaking in the hot springs, you can cool off by taking a dip in the ocean at Isaac Hale Beach Park. This campground is a popular spot for boating, and it’s common to see other VW campervans and Class B RVs at Isaac Hale Beach Park.

What People Are Saying About Isaac Hale Beach Park

“Reasonable large camping area without designated spots. Many picnic tables and BBQ pits. Loud people late at night and early in the morning, but still a nice place to stay. Outdoor shower available for a rinse. Ocean is good for surfing.” – Tami, Google Review

“Went for the hot pools. The tide was high so Ahalanui warm pool wasn’t so warm, the cool ocean water sloshing in. Huddle next to lava walls for maximum heat.” – Eva, Google Review

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Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community

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Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community is a small commul lodge in the depths of the Big Island’s jungle. You can pay your way at this Big Island, Hawaii campground by helping to clear the jungle or take care of the gardens. You can park your RV among the primitive huts that are interspersed throughout Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community.

Why You’ll Love Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community

Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community is the perfect place to get in touch with the Hawaiian rainforest. This campground is advertised as being “eco-friendly and eco-feminist,” which might be the exact type of community you’re looking for. Everyone at Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community works together to make meals and provide a fun environment for each guest.

What People Are Saying About Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community

“I’ve lived in this magical jungle for the last 6 months and Hedonisia is a much needed oasis in which to meet the most amazing, kindhearted people. If your looking for pristine sheets and bellhop service this won’t be the place for you. This is the place to go if you wish to be lulled to sleep by the sound of 100 croaking frogs.” – Hope, Google Review

“My husband and I just got back and we really didn’t want to leave! Everyone was so inviting and we were all a big family by the end of our stay! We will be back soon! Its paradise! Thank you everyone!! We miss you all!!” – Carly, Google Review

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Kipahulu Campground

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Kipahulu Campground is located within Haleakala tiol Park. It is less than a mile away from the Kipahulu Visitor Center, and it is a short distance away from ‘Ohe’o Gulch. Even though the gulch’s swimming pools have been indefinitely closed, the surrounding ture trails are still open for business.

Why You’ll Love Kipahulu Campground

If you need to stock up on any basic supplies, the town of Ha is only 10 miles away from Kipahulu Campground. You can drive right up to the sites at this Maui, Hawaii, campground, and picnic tables are available. To top it off, you can hear the ocean from this remote RV camping location.

What People Are Saying About Kipahulu Campground

“This is a first come, first serve campground inside the tiol park. There aren’t any desigted camping spots, so pretty much you can set up camp anywhere you can pitch a tent. My family and I usually camp by the beach, where you can fish or swim in the pools. I recommend this campground due to the location, easy access to waterfall hikes, and beachfront camping.” – Emmanuel, The Dyrt Review

“Reading the reviews and talking to a local, we knew to expect cold, but being from cold climates, it didn’t bother us. The campground was nearly empty, so we had our pick of free spots to choose from. Great, beautiful spot in the mountains – made us feel like we were somewhere else. It wasn’t really all that cold. It was quite refreshing.”

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Along Hilina Pali Road at an elevation of 3,200 feet (975 m), Kulanaokuaiki beckons with its secluded charm. Here, nature enthusiasts can embrace the simplicity of camping in nine tent-only walk-in campsites, each adorned with a welcoming picnic table. While the site is graced by an accessible vault toilet, it's important to note that no water is available, and the crackle of campfires is absent from this serene enclave. Instead, fueled camping stoves become the chosen companions for culinary endeavors under the vast star-lit sky.

Why You’ll Love Kulanaokuaiki

Kulanaokuaiki, though a refuge for those seeking the rustic allure of tent camping, operates under certain regulations to preserve its delicate ecosystem. This campground, situated at a heightened risk of dry conditions and elevated fire danger, may face temporary closures during such times. In a concerted effort to safeguard the unique wildlife, particularly the endangered nene, from potential disturbances, harmonious coexistence with nature is fostered by disallowing the presence of dogs or pets within this enchanting realm. As you venture into Kulanaokuaiki, you're met with an invitation to savor the simplicity of a tent-dotted landscape, where the rhythm of nature takes center stage, and respect for the surroundings becomes an inherent part of the camping experience.

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31.5 miles south of Hilo along Highway-11, Nāmakanipaio Campground rests at an elevation of 4,000 feet. This expansive campground unfolds as a vast, open grassy expanse, adorned with the majesty of tall eucalyptus and 'ōhi'a trees. Offering essential amenities for a comfortable stay, the campground features restrooms, water sources, and convenient picnic tables and barbecue pits. While the allure of campfires is embraced, their presence is restricted to the designated barbecue pits. For those embarking on this communal outdoor experience, the camping sites accommodate up to two people, with the option to expand to four individuals per site if equipped with an additional tent. An enchanting escape into nature, Nāmakanipaio Campground graciously welcomes visitors for a maximum stay of 7 days, creating a tranquil haven with a limit on development that preserves its natural charm— RVs and trailers find no place within its serene bounds.

Why You’ll Love Nāmakanipaio

As you settle into the embrace of Nāmakanipaio Campground, surrounded by the serene rustle of leaves and the occasional dance of shadows under the canopy, you'll find respite from the hustle of daily life. This limited-development campground beckons nature enthusiasts, offering a space where the simplicity of a grassy field meets the towering elegance of eucalyptus and 'ōhi'a trees. Revel in the opportunity to connect with the essence of the land, as the campground invites a harmonious coexistence between human presence and the untouched beauty of its surroundings.

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Nāmakanipaio Campground

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makanipaio Campground consists of an open, grassy area with a few trees. This campground is in Hawaii Volcanoes tiol Park, and the only fee you pay for camping there is the cost to enter the park. The maximum stay at makanipaio Campground is seven days.

Why You’ll Love Nāmakanipaio Campground

Like many top RV parks in the Big Island, Hawaii area, you can drive right up to the campsites at makanipaio Campground. Trash cans are plentiful throughout this campground, and the bathrooms are kept open 24/7. No reservations are needed to stay at makanipaio Campground.

What People Are Saying About Nāmakanipaio Campground

“The campsite for stars as it’s in a dark park. Eirie glow in the sky is the volcano, in walking distance. The entrance to the tiol Park is a mile or so away even though you’re nearer the actual Also get reduced cost and free access to stuff at Volcano House.” – Marcus, Google Review

“I’ve stayed here several times in the past few years and this campground is super nice and it’s really cheap too. There’s always sites available. It’s in a eucalyptus grove and smells awesome. It has running water and pretty clean bathrooms.” – Lindsey, Google Review

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In Summary

Now that you have a basic idea of the options at your disposal when it comes to choosing a Big Island campground, it’s time to finalize your itinerary and pick a place to stay. If you want to be right next to the beach, RV campgrounds on the Big Island, Hawaii such as Isaac Hale Beach Park, Punalu’u Black Sand Beach Park, and Whittington Beach Park would suit your needs nicely. However, if you want to get an idea of what the eco-friendly spirit of Hawaii is all about, you might like to park your RV at Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Hostel. Regardless of where you stay, you’ll be treated to the Big Island’s tropical weather and beautiful sunrises every day of your journey.

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