Top Campgrounds and RV Parks in Maui, Hawaii

Maui is a unique place to go camping in a rental RV. There are no actual RV parks on Maui, so instead, RVers simply take their campers to one of this island’s many campgrounds. While these campgrounds don’t usually offer hookups, they do provide some of the best views you’ll find anywhere in the United States. In this list, you’ll be offered some basic information on 10 of the best options for RV camping on Maui.

Hosmer Grove Campground

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Hosmer Grove Campground is in the center of Maui. It is at the end of a winding mountain road, and it features drive-up spots. A low-intensity ture trail begins right at the edge of Hosmer Grove Campground.

Why You’ll Love Hosmer Grove Campground

Hosmer Grove Campground is the perfect place to view Hawaii’s unique wildlife. It isn’t uncommon to see a Maui ʻalauahio or even an ʻiʻiwi when you set up camp at this remote, mountainous campground. Best of all, the only cost associated with staying at Hosmer Grove Campground is the Haleakala tiol Park entrance fee.

What People Are Saying About Hosmer Grove Campground

“A really lovely hike with facilities that were pretty well cared for. Place was in great condition with much maintence being done towards the forest and caring for dead trees. I did not give 5 stars because I feel the place was really too small as a camping area. I feel for a tiol park there should be a much larger area provided for camping.” – Celi, Google Review

“Convenient campground right by the entrance of Haleakala tiol Park at 8,000 feet elevation. Registration and fee: Free camping without permit for up to three days on a first come, first serve basis. No need for any sort of registration. When I was here in early March, the campgrounds had ample space and was not crowded.” – Fei, Yelp Review

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Kipahulu Campground

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Kipahulu Campground is located within Haleakala tiol Park. It is less than a mile away from the Kipahulu Visitor Center, and it is a short distance away from ‘Ohe’o Gulch. Even though the gulch’s swimming pools have been indefinitely closed, the surrounding ture trails are still open for business.

Why You’ll Love Kipahulu Campground

If you need to stock up on any basic supplies, the town of Ha is only 10 miles away from Kipahulu Campground. You can drive right up to the sites at this Maui, Hawaii, campground, and picnic tables are available. To top it off, you can hear the ocean from this remote RV camping location.

What People Are Saying About Kipahulu Campground

“This is a first come, first serve campground inside the tiol park. There aren’t any desigted camping spots, so pretty much you can set up camp anywhere you can pitch a tent. My family and I usually camp by the beach, where you can fish or swim in the pools. I recommend this campground due to the location, easy access to waterfall hikes, and beachfront camping.” – Emmanuel, The Dyrt Review

“Reading the reviews and talking to a local, we knew to expect cold, but being from cold climates, it didn’t bother us. The campground was nearly empty, so we had our pick of free spots to choose from. Great, beautiful spot in the mountains – made us feel like we were somewhere else. It wasn’t really all that cold. It was quite refreshing.”

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Wai’apapa State Park

Waiʻapapa State Park is a large park on Maui’s western tip. Unlike many Maui campgrounds, Waiʻapapa State Park offers ADA-accessible sites, and it is right next to the beach. This campground is minutes away from Ha Airport, and it features drive-up sites.

Why You’ll Love Wai’apapa State Park

Waiʻapapa State Park is close to all the amenities of Ha. Once you’ve established your campsite, you can walk down to Ha Grindz for a bite to eat or borrow some books at Ha Public Library. When you get back, you’ll be greeted by the waves and lush foliage that make Waiʻapapa State Park such a pleasure to visit.

What People Are Saying About Wai’apapa State Park

“Camped here two nights. The bathrooms and grounds were in good order. The showers are unisex, open air/no walls, and no hot water, so come prepared. Was so windy the second night that our tent was blowing down on top of us. I would recommend orienting your tent strategically, so it’s not acting like a sail. But all of you seasoned campers know this already!” – Kat, Google Review

“Best place to visit for the Road to Ha experience. Black Sand Beach is an incredible sight to see with cool volcanic rock formations and blowholes. There are also stroller-friendly trails that allow for some cool views. However, the Black Sand Beach is not accessible by stroller.” – Brady, Google Review

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Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area

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Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area is in the mountains off Maui’s south coast. You can go hunting in this park, and hiking trails are also available. In addition, Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area is the perfect place to launch a paraglider.

Why You’ll Love Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area

Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area is surrounded by a bevy of nature trails. Unlike most campgrounds in Maui, Hawaii, Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area provides access to conifer forests that are similar to those found in the Pacific Northwest. While drinking water isn’t available at this remote campground, there are pit toilets on-site.

What People Are Saying About Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area

“First off, the signs say four-wheel drive is necessary to drive on the dirt road. I will tell you that I’ve seen many small cars driving it. So it is very doable. But that is your own risk. Once you arrive, there’s an area to camp. Decent-size open field. Enough parking for small party groups. The reason I gave it a high review is for the actual hikes you can do once you’re there.” – Daniel, Google Review

“The park is beautiful, and it is a great place to go camping. As a kid, I loved coming up here for hiking around, and I’m sure other kids would too. It was a family favorite of ours.” – David, Google Review

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Paliku Campsite

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Paliku Campsite is a remote campground in Haleakala National Park. The campsites at are offered on a first come, first serve basis, and stays are limited to three nights. Since Paliku Campsite is high in the mountains, it offers some truly incredible views.

Why You’ll Love Paliku Campsite

Even though Paliku Campsite is remote, running water is offered on-site. The area surrounding this campground is cool and lush, and the campsite itself is at the base of a cliff. You’ll love watching clouds roll through your campsite every morning when you stay at Paliku Campsite.

What People Are Saying About Paliku Campsite

“I reached the campsite area next to Paliku cabin late that afternoon after covering the 9.3 miles. Though a long day, this hike was only moderate difficulty given the first miles are all downhill. The only challenge was the blazing sun (I even had to wear gloves as my hands were burning), and the sharp and often loose volcanic material that can be tough to walk on at times.” – Rayn659, TripAdvisor Review

“Both Holua and Paliku were equipped with running (albeit unfiltered) water, an outhouse a few hundred feet away, toilet paper and soap, a dozen bunk beds with very comfortable pads, and a large center table.” – Jainep, TripAdvisor Review

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Camp Olowalu

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Camp Olowalu is on Maui’s southwest coast. This campground offers beach access, and the sites are right on the beach. In addition, this campground features multiple dishwashing stations.

Why You’ll Love Camp Olowalu

At Camp Olowalu, you’ll be treated to a fresh cup of Hawaiian coffee every morning. This campground features sites that are specifically set aside for RVs, which provide access to all of Camp Olowalu’s many amenities. Olowalu General Store is within walking distance of this campground.

What People Are Saying About Camp Olowalu

“When someone from my upstate NY office was going to be sent to Maui for the month of November, I decided to take one for the team and selflessly be the one. So for a month, I camped 15 feet from the water. Clean campsites that are not crammed in on top of each other. All other campers were friendly, quiet, and easygoing. Clean showers, and this is important– use them in the afternoon so that the water is heated from the sun. That was in 2014, so maybe that’s changed.” – Jim, Google Review

“Great commendations for a campsite. Enjoyed myself to the fullest. Yes – nice people, nice view, great vibes. Just get ready for the roosters that wake you up.”

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Pāpalaua State Wayside Park

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Pāpalaua State Wayside Park is operated by the County of Maui. This park covers 6.7 acres of oceanfront, and drive-up campsites are available. In addition, Pāpalaua State Wayside Park includes picnic tables and BBQ pits.

Why You’ll Love Pāpalaua State Wayside Park

At Pāpalaua State Wayside Park, you can jump in the water right when you wake up in the morning. This campground is about five miles away from the town of Wailea, and it features views of Maalaea Bay. Plus, the fee to camp at Pāpalaua State Wayside Park is very modest.

What People Are Saying About Pāpalaua State Wayside Park

“Camping on the beach is the best. Can get very windy. Noisy because it is close to the main road. Make sure you get ear plugs if you plan to sleep overnight.” – Roshan, Google Review

“We had the beach to ourselves. There was calm surf while we were there and plenty of shade for a break from the sun.” – Sam, Google Review

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YMCA Camp Keanae

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YMCA Camp Keanae is a privately owned campground in Haiku, Hawaii. It is a popular spot for group camping, and there are spacious fields for group events. YMCA Camp Keanae also includes a covered pavilion for meals and nighttime activities.

Why You’ll Love YMCA Camp Keanae

YMCA Camp Keanae is situated on top of a cliff, so the views are incredible. This campground includes a full-size gymnasium, and hot showers are available on-site. YMCA Camp Keanae also boasts its own freshwater swimming pond.

What People Are Saying About YMCA Camp Keanae

“A beautiful campsite with full facilities, a basketball court, bungalows to stay in, and very friendly management. The grounds are very well kept, and the campsite has fantastic views of the ocean. Plenty of walking to be done with a quiet (pebbly) beach only five minutes away. Thoroughly recommend the campsite as a place to relax and get away from the busy resorts.” – James, Google Review

“This is a great place if you and your family and friends want to get away from it all. It’s a great place for large parties and gatherings as it sleeps around 150 people. It’s very isolated and private, so bring in all the food you need. It’s one of the wettest places on the island, so bring rain gear.” – Rick, Google Review

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Holua Campground

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Holua Campground is a high-altitude campground in Haleakala National Forest. This campground offers incredible views, and running water is available. Also, group camping is offered at this campground.

Why You’ll Love Holua Campground

There are tons of hiking trails to choose from in the vicinity of Holua Campground. This campground sits at nearly 7,000 feet, which leads to unpredictable, yet always beautiful, weather. Since Holua Campground is so remote, it’s likely that you’ll have the place all to yourself throughout the entirety of your stay.

What People Are Saying About Holua Campground

“Our four-day, three-night hike in Haleakala was the highlight of our trip to Hawaii. We spent a night in each of Kapalaoa, Paliku, and Holua cabins. The cabins sleep 12 being four bunks of three beds high, and you hire the whole cabin. If you want, drag the mattresses from the top beds onto the floor as they’re rather high.” – BlueGeckoNZ, TripAdvisor Review

“How cool is it to sleep at the bottom of a volcanic crater? If you’re on the island, check this out. The sunrises are unreal.” – Calvin, HipCamp Review

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Camp Maluhia

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Camp Maluhia is owned by the Boy Scouts of America. This campground is on Maui’s north coast, and it is a perfect location for group camping. This campground does not rent out to private individuals for single reservations. Rentals are limited to larger groups that include other non-profits ie church or youth groups, schools, and or other community groups or private organizations. Camp Maluhia includes a huge dining hall, and there is a kitchen on-site.

Why You’ll Love Camp Maluhia

Camp Maluhia is the only campground on Maui to feature a swimming pool. This campground also includes a shooting range, and there is a recreational field on-site. To top it off, the kitchen at Camp Maluhia has three full freezers.

What People Are Saying About Camp Maluhia

“An amazing, peaceful camp. You can jump into the swimming pool after a hike.” – Christian, Google Review

“Rustic but great location. Good people.” – Pete, Google Review

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In Summary

After checking out this review of 10 of the best RV parks in the Maui, Hawaii area, you might be ready to pick a spot to park your RV overnight or for a few days. If you’re still undecided, considering your adventure parameters can help clear things up. If you’re traveling with a large group, it might be best to rent out a large campsite like Camp Maluhia. However, if you want to stay at RV campgrounds in Maui, Hawaii, that have the most amenities, you should choose YMCA Camp Keanae. As long as you remember that your options in terms of rental RVs on Maui are usually limited to VW vans, you’ll be set up with an opportunity to enjoy the splendor of this island’s natural beauty in a way that most tourists can only dream of.

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