Can You Get a One Way Rental in an RV?

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If you’re here at the RVshare blog, you probably already know that RV rentals aren’t just possible — they’re a great way to take a vacation in a new travel style you might not have experienced before. (Or to experience the RV camping travel lifestyle again and again without taking the serious step of purchasing your own RV!)

But whether you’ve already rented an RV a time or two or you’re just looking into the idea ahead of an upcoming trip, sometimes, it would be a heck of a lot more convenient if you didn’t have to worry about dropping that baby back off where it came from.

For instance, let’s say you want to take an epic cross-country road trip, starting in Jacksonville, Florida and ending in San Diego. An RV is the perfect way to enjoy that kind of driving experience, giving you the ultimate comfort, flexibility, and freedom… but that’s already 2,500 miles of driving. You likely don’t have the time to turn around and go right back where you came from, let alone the willingness (or the gas money!)

That’s what makes taking a one-way RV rental such an appealing option for those facing lengthy trips. When your pickup and dropoff locations don’t have to be the same spot, it opens up a whole new world of potential destinations.

But how do you get a one-way rental? And how much will a one-way rental cost? Are one-way rentals available through peer-to-peer rental agencies, like RVshare? What if you want to camp in a travel trailer or tow a car?

We’re going to answer all those questions and many more right here in this blog post. So if you have a once-in-a-lifetime trip planned, keep on reading — this one-way rental opportunity might just revolutionize your itinerary!

One Way RV Rentals: How Do They Work?

So how exactly does a one-way camper rental work?

Well, on the consumer end, it’s pretty simple. You rent the RV that best suits your travel needs, pick it up at the appointed location, and drive it off into the sunset — or rather, to the destination you indicate to the rental agency when you pick the vehicle up. Then, when you arrive at the new location, you drop the vehicle off as per your rental agreement, and that’s the end of it. Getting it back where it came from is the company’s responsibility!

Of course, for the agency providing the vehicle, it’s a little bit different. Offering RV rentals one way does come with some logistical challenges, but it’s not impossible. It just takes a little bit of planning, and sometimes some extra expense. Depending on the individual situation, the renter may need to pay to have the vehicle returned to its original location, although with large, nationwide dealerships, they can often simply re-rent the RV at the new branch. And sometimes, they can even get new renters to relocate the vehicle for them by offering low, incentivized prices on certain one-way routes, which we’ll get more into a little bit later on in the post!

Regardless of the additional footwork it requires, many companies and private renters have found that offering one-way RV rentals is a lucrative way to increase their business. As we’ll discuss next, one way rentals are pretty appealing to a wide range of renters, so offering them could bring new clientele into the fold.

So now that we’ve answered the “Can you rent an RV one way?” question, let’s move onto another query you may have: why, exactly, would you want to?

Reasons for Renting an RV One Way

So we’ve established that renting an RV one way is possible. One-ways are available from a number of major rental agencies, and even on the peer-to-peer market… but we’ll talk more about that below!

For now, let’s go over some of the most common reasons people look to renting an RV one way — and the benefits that this unique travel option affords road trippers.

To take a cross-country journey

As evidenced by the scenario we painted above, one-way RV rentals are a godsend to those hoping to take a cross country journey. In fact, without the one-way option, it would be pretty much impossible to rent an RV in order to pull off the feat. (Just imagine turning right back around and going back where you started from after a multi-week, several-thousand-mile trek. I’m getting overwhelmed just thinking about it!)

A one-way rental makes it possible to cross the USA in an RV without making the serious decision to purchase your own, or having to go through acrobatics planning an itinerary that loops back around to your home destination. This way, you can simply pick up your rental vehicle, enjoy your long, leisurely trip, and fly back home once you’re done. You maximize your vacation and exploration time without growing bored or frustrated with a lengthy return journey!

Considering taking a cross-country road trip?

A one-way rental will make your planning process a whole lot easier, to be sure. But there are lots of other factors to consider before you pack up and go — crossing a continent is a major endeavor!

Fortunately, we’ve written a significant amount of content specifically for those who are planning this kind of undertaking. From figuring out your exact itinerary to keeping the kids occupied and smiling even when you’re road tripping for weeks, here are some RVshare blog posts you won’t want to miss if you’re planning a cross-country journey.

To enjoy an RV for just one leg of your trip

Maybe your trip doesn’t just cross a continent — it actually expands to other continents, too. Maybe you want to journey across the U.S. to land in a major seaside port city, like Los Angeles or Tampa, in order to take a cruise ship or flight to an overseas destination.

Heck, maybe you just want to experience the RV lifestyle for a short period within a larger road trip, tent camping or staying at hotels for the rest of the time. Your travel plans are yours alone to determine, and one-way RV rentals make it possible to experience the road exactly as you want to!

If you only need a motorhome or travel trailer for one leg of your trip, a one-way RV rental is the perfect way to facilitate that journey. You can drive in style from one destination to the other between extended stays, for example, or enjoy a leisurely journey to the city you have to fly out of to get to your ultimate stopping point. No matter how you have your travel plans set up, not having to worry about getting your rental RV back where it came from can lift a huge weight off your shoulders, particularly if you’re the one in charge of plotting the itinerary. After all, your travels should be totally up to you — not mitigated by what kinds of travel methods are available!

To facilitate a big move

Maybe you got a sweet new job — or your sweetheart did, and you’re following in her footsteps. Or maybe you’re just ready for a major change of scenery and pace.

Either way, a cross-country move is even more daunting than a cross-country road trip. You’re picking up your life and transporting it to an entirely new city, where you might not know very many people or anybody at all. Do you really want to add a white-knuckle drive in a cramped car to the list of things stressing you out in this moment?

We didn’t think so. Instead of rushing across thousands of miles of beautiful countryside, gritting your teeth with anxiety, why not take the opportunity to turn this into something it sounds like you really need: a vacation?

With a one-way RV rental, you can relax and take your time as you move your life to your new city. You’ll have your own soft bed to lie down in and a kitchen to cook your favorite meals in… not to mention the fact that you’ll have plenty more space in order to transport your stuff along with you.

Taking a few weeks off between your two jobs may be difficult to pull off, especially since a cross-country move is already a pretty big financial responsibility. But doing so can be a great way to reboot and get ready for your new life — and hey, if you’re really savvy, you can find ways to make money on the road while you’re on your way. Win-win, right?

Of course, the only way to do this without purchasing an RV of your own is to take advantage of a one-way RV rental. Although, to be honest, once you spend several weeks crossing the country in a cozy motorhome or travel trailer, it’s totally possible you’re going to want to ditch the new job and take to RVing full-time. (Your new boss will totally let you work from home forever, right?)

How to Get a One-Way RV Rental?

So now you know why a one-way rental is such a special opportunity, and maybe you’re even already busy concocting some epic trip that would benefit from one.

So now, the rubber really meets the road — no pun intended. How do you actually get a one-way RV rental?

Just like any other RV rental experience, your first step in securing a one-way rental might be to run a Google search for “one-way RV rentals near me.” Chances are one of the first sites you’ll find will be for a major, nationwide RV rental franchise, since these companies usually have multiple branch locations, making a one-way rental more feasible for their business model.

You might also be able to find a one-way motorhome rental available as a relocation special. That is, when a company does regularly offer these kinds of rentals, they might offer special pricing to customers who are traveling along certain itineraries which will return the rig to the location from whence it came. (We’ll go into that in more detail below, when we’re discussing the most affordable one-way rentals and how to find them!)

However, although these major dealerships might be able to approve more one-way rentals than mom and pop rental dealership shops, these agreements often come with a relatively large number of restrictions. You may have to return the rig at a very specific time and location, which may or may not fit your travel needs. What’s more, chances are you’ll only find one-way motorhome rentals — so if you want to cross the country with a travel trailer, for instance, you’ll want to find a different option.

Finally, RV rentals of any sort, whether one way or round trip, tend to cost a whole lot at these major commercial dealerships. We’ve seen relatively modest motorhomes going for as much as $250 a night, and sometimes even more — and that’s not counting the non-negotiable “extras,” like mileage charges and insurance coverage. (Not to mention, you know, food, gas, campsites, and actually enjoying yourself along the way!)

Fortunately, there’s a one-way RV rental solution that solves all those problems — and puts you into a homier, cozier rig, to boot.

Cheap One-Way RV Rentals

It’s pretty clear, at this point, that we’re about to start talking about how you can get an affordable one-way RV rental through RVshare. (Hey, we never said we weren’t biased. This is the RVshare blog, after all!)

But before we dive into all the details on that front, we do want you to know that there are other affordable one-way options out there. Because at the end of the day, we want you to have the perfect trip, no matter how you go about taking it!

As we alluded to above, certain commercial RV rental agencies deal with one-way trips on a fairly regular basis. As a result, they often need their RVs relocated to the original branch, or to a different, more popular branch in order to facilitate future rental agreements.

Of course, hiring someone to drive an RV across the country is a relatively hefty business expense, and doesn’t even count the wear-and-tear, mileage, or gas put onto and into the vehicle. In short, if these businesses can find a way around that additional cost, they’ll take it. Who wouldn’t?

That’s why you can sometimes find insane one-way RV rental relocation deals, which can sometimes cost as little as a dollar a day. (Yes, you read that right!) Basically, you’re doing the company a favor by taking the RV to a specific destination, so they’re happy to rent the vehicle to you for a song.

Of course, with one-way RV rental prices that low, there are some stipulations you’ll have to abide by. The company may have another rental agreement coming up, for instance, which makes your drop-off location and timeframe very strict. If you try to extend your trip or change your destination, you could be liable for extensive fees and penalties, which may even eclipse what you would have paid for the rental in the first place.

What’s more, the itineraries themselves are pre-set, and may not line up with your ideal travel plans. To find a relocation deal that’s truly remarkable, you’re likely going to have to be traveling between or to very popular destination hubs, like New York or Los Angeles.

But it’s still definitely worth looking into if you’re hoping to find an amazing travel deal that won’t break the bank. One of the best ways to seek these unique deals out is to check iMoova, which specializes in cataloging these relocation specials!

Deals are all well and good, and sometimes they can make a vacation accessible when it might not otherwise have been. But what if you want a one-way RV rental on your own terms?

Well, we have great news for you, if so. We’re very proud to announce that RVshare recently started offering one-way RV rentals!

Securing your one-way rental through RVshare can save you money, time, and hassle — all while putting you into one of the most comfortable, well-maintained rigs you’ve ever laid eyes on.

How exactly does it work, you ask? Read on to learn all you need to know about RVshare’s one-way rentals.

One-Way RV Rentals on the Peer-to-Peer Market with RVshare

When you’re booking a one-way RV rental, or any RV rental for that matter, you want to feel safe, secure, and in control throughout the process. And we totally understand that taking the keys from some private person you don’t know from Adam can be a little bit intimidating.

But our one-way rentals are backed by the same suite of security features as every RVshare rental is, and it’s designed to make you feel totally at ease from start to finish.

For one thing, our easy-to-use platform displays listings with bright, beautiful photographs and plain-language descriptions, making it simple to find the perfect vehicle for your needs no matter where you’re starting from. We also utilize a one-of-a-kind user rating system, so you know exactly what to expect of both your rental vehicle and the renters themselves before you ever hit the “book” button.

In a rush to make your travel plans? Don’t want to sit around waiting to hear back from your potential RV rental hosts? Just like Airbnb, RVshare offers an Instant Book feature which allows you to make a reservation immediately, which can save you time (and the headache of having to return to your planning process over and over).

Every communication and monetary transaction takes place through our secure platform, so you never have to worry about your sensitive information getting into the wrong hands. And our commitment to your security doesn’t end with the booking process, either — each of our rentals is backed by industry-leading insurance coverage, and we also offer access to 24/7 roadside assistance if you need it.

And as far as the vehicles themselves go, well, compared to a big commercial dealership, it’s just no contest. Those nationwide rental agencies almost always deal exclusively with large motorhomes, usually fresh off the factory floor. And to be clear, we don’t blame them! Motorhomes are way easier for newbie campers to operate, and brand-new vehicles retain their warranties (and are likely purchased at a reduced price in bulk by many of these companies).

But if you really want a taste of what camping is like, there’s no substitute for an RV that’s actually vacationed in and loved by a real, live family. RVshare rigs come with way more of the comforts of home, little quirks and customizations that can really make you feel much more at ease during your vacation… and they’re usually super-well maintained, to boot. (After all, the owner wants to be able to enjoy vacations in the vehicle, too. In many cases, funding those adventures is exactly why they started renting on RVshare in the first place!)

The peer-to-peer market also gives renters access to a much wider range of vehicle types, since private owners aren’t boxed in by the guidelines created at some big, corporate meeting. If you’ve been dreaming of traveling the country in a fifth wheel trailer, toy hauler, or even a fold-out camper or sleeper van, you’ll have a much easier time finding the vehicle of your choice when you rent on the peer-to-peer market.

Of course, all that stuff stands whether you’re renting for a one-way trip or doing a traditional, round-trip rental agreement. But how exactly does a one-way rental work when you’re renting from a private individual? How much is a one-way rental on the peer-to-peer market? Can you tow a car with one, or find a travel trailer to rent?

Let’s start with what’s probably the most important question for most of us. How much is a one way rental on RVshare? Travel budgets aren’t bottomless, after all, and the vehicle itself can represent a significant chunk of your overall vacation expenditures.

As with all other rental agreements secured on the peer-to-peer market, one-way rental prices are set by the individual owners who are renting the rig. After all, it’s their property… so they should be the ones to decide how much renting it costs! That said, for both traditional and one-way rentals, you’ll usually save a huge chunk of cash by turning to the peer-to-peer market and renting by owner. After all, these private individuals don’t have to foot the expensive overhead costs of running a business, so they can pass those savings along to you. It’s not uncommon for RVshare prices to be a full 40% lower than the commercial competition!

What about bringing along a toad vehicle or traveling in an “unconventional” RV rental? Can you tow a car with a one-way rental RV or book a travel trailer?

Well, at the major dealerships, the answer to both of those questions is likely to be “no.” It’s often considered too much liability to allow renters to take hitched vehicles, which do require mastering a bit of a learning curve to drive. But with RVshare, the answers to those questions vary depending on the rig’s owner. It’s totally possible you might find a fifth wheel trailer or a motorhome with towing capabilities, and then, it just comes down to asking whether or not the owner is open to one-way bookings.

Finally, you may be wondering how exactly a one-way rental will work when you’re renting from a private individual. This isn’t a big dealership with multiple branches, this is an actual person… and they definitely want their vehicle back, right?

Well, that’s why the RVshare platform is so helpful. We’ve got professional services that will return the RV to its rightful owners after your trip, so neither you nor the renters themselves have to worry about it. Easy as can be!

Traveling by RV is such a special opportunity. It can unlock a whole new world of road tripping, a leisurely, and sometimes even downright slow, way to sit back and watch the world close up. One-way RV rentals make that experience possible even when returning to your original destination just isn’t in the cards, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer it as part of our array of services.

First time RVer? Looking for destination inspiration? We keep the blog updated with all sorts of helpful content, no matter how many trips you’ve taken. We’ve also got an active social media presence, and we love to share user stories and photos… so be sure to tag us when you do take that epic trip you’re planning!

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