The Rise in Gas Prices will Only Add $35 to your RV Trip

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If you’ve watched the news or filled up your gas tank lately, you’re well aware that the price of gas has gone up significantly. While this may deter you from heading out on a road trip to cap off your summer, it doesn’t have to! Not only are there many ways to save on gas (such as getting gas when it’s cheapest, as opposed to when you need it), but you actually can take an affordable road trip by visiting local sights or having the RV delivered.

If your nearest state park or piece of Bureau of Land Management land isn’t on your travel to-do list not to worry, even with higher gas prices, the average trip will still only cost you an extra $35 more than it did last year!

That’s right, an extra $35.

Let’s break it down. The average RVshare traveler is driving less than 330 miles for their trip. With the average RV getting 15 MPG and the increase in fuel compared to last year being +$1.50, traveling 326 miles, divided by 15 MPG times $1.50 puts us at $32.60.

Compared to the price of a plane ticket, we’ll take the extra ~$35!

RVshare is Giving Away Gas Rebates to Ease Pain at the Pump!

If you’re still not feeling great about spending more on gas than usual, RVshare is giving away up to $500,000 in gas ahead of Labor Day travel! With gas prices likely to remain elevated throughout the summer travel season, we want to help ease your worries at the pump. The gas reimbursement is available to RVshare travelers through September 5. Renters that book a trip that starts before 9/5 will be entered to win an additional $1,000 visa card!

Click here to apply for reimbursement. Eligible applicants will receive $25 for trips five days or fewer and $50 for trips six days or more.

Air Travel vs RV Travel

Here we break down the cost of RV vs air travel. When you fly to reach your destination, you have to consider things like transportation, dining out and a hotel stay. All of those things can add up quickly. When you take an RV trip, you can buy groceries instead of dining out and stay at a campground, which can appeal to all budgets.

Tips for a Budget-Friendly RV Trip

Taking an RV trip can be achievable for any budget. Here are a few of our favorite ways to make your next road trip more affordable.

Join a rewards program like GetUpside. With GetUpside, you can earn up to $0.25/gal cash back on gas. (Use code RVSHARE20 to earn an additional $0.20 per gallon on your first gas purchase!)

Consider a one-tank itinerary. You can go on an epic adventure without traveling far from home! Check out the local attractions nearby that you’ve never visited, or try experiencing them in an RV for the first time.

Have the RV delivered or rent a stationary RV. If you have the RV delivered to your campsite, you won’t have to worry about filling it up with gas at all! Same with a stationary rental. This means you are renting an RV that will remain at it’s location, typically nearby a cool event or on a nice piece of land.

woman cooking a meal in an RV kitchen

Plan to cook in your RV. Picking up groceries and cooking in the RV or over the campfire can save you a good chunk of money. Eating out for every meal can get really pricey. Instead, plan to go out one night and make it really special, then enjoy the rest of your meals at the campsite or packed up for your hike or other outdoor adventure.

Take advantage of “free” days. Most zoos and museums have a day of the week where entry is free. If you are hoping for an epic National Park trip, plan your adventure around one of their free entry days.

Don’t be thwarted by the high price of gas. Not only will it add less than you think to the average RV trip, but there are so many other ways to save costs for your next vacation.