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VW Camper Van Rental - The Ultimate Way to Road Trip

Very few can resist the charm of a Volkswagen Camper Van. Whether vintage or new, VW campers are the perfect marriage of convenience and style. The classic camper has been around for decades and has seen many modifications over the years. The release of VW’s new Camper Van in 2015 once again piqued interest around the world. Though their new models may not be available in the United States, that’s not to say you can’t rent a VW camper bus and hit the road in style.

A Brief History of the VW Camper

1950 saw the birth of the Volkswagen Type 2. Its characteristic rounded frame and circular headlights closely resembled its kin, the VW Beetle, also known as the Type 1. The Camper was one of the first forward control vans in history, which gave it a striking appearance and a big reputation. In fact, it ignited a trend. There were dozens of variations over its early life, from the luxury, window-covered Samba to the utility pickup truck version. It didn’t take long before manufacturers saw the Camper’s potential and began building conversions. Westfalia Camper Box conversions are still some of the most sought after models to this day.

VW Campervan Holiday Hire – Why You Won’t Find a New VW Camper Van Rental in America

The “Chicken Tax” of 1964 drastically affected the import of VW campers classed as light trucks. All VW panel vans and pickup trucks were subjected to a 25% import tax and still are today. As such, these vehicles are especially rare in the U.S. This led to a drop in the U.S. market for new VW’s. Perhaps this is part of the reason why the 2015 VW Campers are still unavailable in the United States. As Motor1.com describes the new model: “It’s awesome, and you can’t have one.” Sadly, America hasn’t seen a new VW Camper since the Eurovan, which ceased production in 2003. But, if you’re looking for a vintage VW camper van for rent, you’re in luck. There are plenty for rent throughout the country.

Where to Find VW Camper Van Rental USA

Thanks to vintage van lovers, there’s quite a collection of VW Camper Vans that are still in running condition. Though you’re not likely to find a VW Campervan day hire just anywhere, there are a few specialized services and individual owners that rent them out:

  • Peace Van Rentals: Located in Seattle, Washington, Peace Van Rentals is a group of mechanics who all share a love of classic VW camper vans. They’re the largest VW rental shop in the Northwestern United States, and all of their vans are in excellent condition. Their inventory includes Vanagons and Eurovans, most of which are Westfalia conversions. Their peak season rates start at $1,260 for six nights, with discounts on longer rentals.
  • Florida VW Rentals: On the other coast is Florida VW Rentals. They specialize in late 1970’s Westfalia conversions (with the curved frames). They also have one Vanagon Westfalia conversion. Their 1977 restored camper van is a great choice if you’re looking to rent a VW bus for a wedding. Peak season rates start at $1,000 for five nights, with discounts on longer rentals.
  • Rocky Mountain Campervans: With a selection of Eurovans, Vanagons, and Buses, Rocky Mountain Campervans has a well-rounded inventory of vintage campers. They have branches in Denver, Colorado and Las Vegas, Nevada. All of their campervans have the Westfalia camper box, and all have furnace heat for winter camping. Their rentals vary based on location and campervan selection but start around $205/night during the peak season.
  • RVshare: RVshare is a peer-to-peer, nationwide marketplace. Instead of renting from a company, you’ll work directly with VW campervan owners. To search for VW campervans, enter your state, check the “Class B” box, and set the latest model year for 2002. You can then check each listing for rates, rules, and minimum rental periods. VW Campervans range from $100 to $200 per night, depending on age and amenities.

Classic VW Campervan Rental Through RVshare – How it Works

RVshare is a little different than other rental services. Since we’re a P2P market, we work with individual RV owners and small businesses throughout the U.S. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

  • You’re able to access a massive online inventory of RVs in every shape and size imaginable. Whether you want a classic VW Microbus, a 1980’s Vanagon, or a more modern Eurovan, you’ll find them all here.
  • Owners list the RVs themselves, set their rates, and make the rules for renting. Generally, this makes for lower rates and more flexibility.
  • You can communicate directly with the owner using the built-in messaging system. If you have a question or concern, just fill out the form, and it will go right to the owner’s inbox.
  • We’ve also integrated a rating and review system, so you can check out reviews about the owner and the RV, straight from the mouths (erm…fingers?) of real people.
  • We offer up to $1 million in liability coverage to both the owner and the renter. Some owners offer additional auto insurance for a small daily fee. Otherwise, you’ll need to get auto insurance through a third-party provider, like MBA insurance.
  • When you decide on a small camper van rental that you want, you’ll submit a request to the owner. They’ll do a quick background check before approving you. Then, transfer the security deposit to book your reservation.
  • When you pick up the campervan, the owner will give you a walkthrough and show you how to use everything.
  • During your trip, you’ll have free, 24/7 roadside assistance in case you break down. You can never be too careful with vintage RVs!

Ready to Rent a VW Camper Van?

Your Instagram-worthy road trip awaits you. Whether you choose the smooth curves of the 70’s Microbus or the rad 80’s look of the Vanagon, you’ll certainly turn heads wherever you go. VW campervans have been loved for generations and will be for many more to come. If you’re on the hunt to rent a VW camper van, start searching our listings now to find rentals near you. Happy camping!