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If you’re an RVer interested in making use of a collapsible trailer unit so that you don’t have to compromise on maneuverability, ease-of-transport, amenities, or living space, a pop up trailer (otherwise known as a folding camper) is worth serious consideration.

Pop up camper trailers are a sub-class of RVs, and they have two qualities that are important to highlight: a) they are collapsible, and b) they are towed behind your lead vehicle. Pop up trailers come in a number of unique configurations, and you are likely to find some trailers that have been extensively customized to make up for various shortcomings. To an extent, pop up trailers represent a category of RVs that provide the best of many different and seemingly contradictory worlds. They can be spacious but compact, cheap but well-furnished, and comfortable but easy-to-transport and store – all at once!

To better determine whether a pop up trailer rental is the right choice for your next trip, let’s examine the category in a bit more detail.

Advantages of a Pop Up Trailer

Easy to Transport

Because pop up trailers are collapsible (giving them a low height profile when collapsed) and generally lightweight, they are actually quite easy to transport when compared to other towable RVs. You won’t need to use a high-powered pickup truck to tow your pop up trailer. An SUV, van, and even some sedans have the towing capacity necessary to pull a pop up trailer without issues.

Highly Maneuverable

The smaller size profile of pop up trailers also make them highly maneuverable on the road. This extra maneuverability can significantly change the way you travel on your next road trip. With a pop up trailer, you should have no trouble navigating local streets or narrow country roads.

Further, if you’d like to avoid having to lug the pop up trailer around, you can simply set it up at your campground/parking area, then detach your tow vehicle to use for driving sans trailer. This flexibility can make your life a lot easier on the road since it’s not necessary to collapse your pop up trailer setup to go on a quick side trip!

Cheaper Than Competitor Categories

Pop up trailers range in size, configuration, and featured amenities, but for the most part, they tend to be quite a bit cheaper to rent than other similarly-sized trailers. As an additional benefit, pop up trailers – since they are lightweight and have a low height profile when collapsed – provide better fuel economy, which can be a huge boon to the budget-conscious RVer.

Spacious Interiors

When expanded, pop up trailers tend to be fairly spacious relative to their size, with some on the larger side (high wall models) able to comfortable sleep around 6 to 8 people. To maintain a low size profile while providing so much interior room, pop up trailers generally make use of expandable modules and slideout spaces – which can lead to a more complicated setup.

Numerous Configurations Available

There is a wide variety of pop up trailer sub-types available on the RV marketplace, giving you a lot of choices when it comes to renting an RV with the ideal size profile, facilities, and cost for your needs. You’ll not only find traditional pop up camper trailers, but also “high wall” pop ups that expands the height profile to allow for more facilities/amenities and space, motorcycle pop ups that are compact and lightweight enough to be towed by a motorcycle, and off-road pop ups that are designed to handle rougher roads, among others.

Disadvantages of a Pop Up Trailer

Time and Effort Required for Setup

The primary disadvantage of pop up trailers is the involved and time-consuming setup. Whenever you want to set up the camper, you’ll have to detach the trailer from the tow vehicle, expand the trailer and modules/slideouts, build out and secure the support structures, and hook up any utilities required for water, electricity, sewage, heat, etc. Setting up is inarguably a lot of work, but the collapsible/expandable nature of pop up trailers is what enables them to be compact in transit but spacious while parked.

Space Cannot Be Used While Driving

Though not all states allow passengers to travel in towable trailers while driving, many do, and pop up trailers, therefore, suffer from a fairly significant limitation. All of your passengers will have to travel in the tow vehicle (as they cannot fit inside the collapsed pop up trailer). This can present issues if you are planning a trip for more than 4 or 5 people. When renting a pop up trailer, it is, therefore, crucial that you ensure that you have sufficient space in your tow vehicle to fit all your passengers.

Amenities Limited by Size

Pop up trailers are reasonably well-furnished but sometimes suffer from a lack of amenities when compared to larger RVs. Of course, there are pop up trailers that compare well to larger RVs in this regard, but they tend to come at a more premium rental rate. High end pop up trailers (featuring a taller height profile) provide enough vertical space when collapsed to suit more extensive facilities, such as a complete washroom area (including shower and toilet), full-sized sleeping areas, and a furnished, well-equipped kitchen.

Get the Cheapest Rental Rate on Your Pop Up Trailer

To find the cheapest rental rate for a pop up trailer, use the RVshare rental platform. On RVshare, you can browse and easily compare thousands of listings posted by RV owners around the world. As prospective renters have so much information at their fingertips, owners on the RVshare platform are incentivized to price their pop up trailer rentals more competitively.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate! Once you connect with an owner, they might be amenable to further negotiation on the rate or other concerns (distance traveled per day limits, for example).

If you don’t find a pop up trailer that meets your particular needs and budget, don’t fret! Owners post unique RV listings every day. If you keep looking, you’re certain to find the pop up RV rental that’s right for you.