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Mercedes-Benz RV Rentals

Since there seem to be so many different classes and types of RVs and campervans, it can get pretty confusing when you’re trying to figure out which kind of rental is best for your family. For small families who are planning on only traveling a relatively short distance and love the finer things in life, a small luxury RV rental may possibly be the best unit for your needs.

Options that are gaining popularity are units like Mercedes Benz RV rentals the USA. In this post, we’re going to learn a little about what a Mercedes Sprinter van is, we’re going to talk about luxury RV rental prices, and we’re also going to cover how you can find rentals by owner in your zip code.

Mercedes-Benz Camper Van Rental

Camper vans are names given to certain class B RVs. They’re built from the chassis of vans or small trucks and are usually only equipped with the most basic of amenities to enjoy a short term RV road trip. Compared to larger RV classes, campervans are easier and much safer to drive, they’re undefeated in terms of fuel economy, and one of the least expensive motorhomes to rent or buy.

Mercedes has thrown their hat into the class B RV ring, by creating their Mercedes Sprinter vans, from luxury conversion vans, or stock vans that are sent to third-party companies to be outfitted for road trips. Today, you can find these rentals everywhere.

Although Mercedes isn’t as prominent of a camping brand as say Volkswagen, their campervans are nonetheless a force to be reckoned with. They may not look too menacing on the outside, but once you get inside, you’ll instantly recognize the class and luxury of Mercedes.

Mercedes-Benz camper vans are quite roomy and a little larger than many class B motorhomes you’re used to because of their high ceiling designs. Although their floor plans can be somewhat unique depending on the model, Mercedes campers come equipped with a refrigerator, a microwave, a toilet area, and a small (yet relatively large) living area to walk across the entire unit and tons of storage space that you didn’t think they could possibly have room for.

To add to the convenience, Mercedes-Benz camper vans large TVs, Wi-fi, and high-end sound systems inside and in the trunk. They’ve built with premium materials as well such as top-grain leather, stainless steel, and solid wood.

Luxe RV Rental

Another great brand of RV are the Luxe luxury fifth wheels. Unlike the camper vans and sprinters, though, these are large fifth wheels for families who want to go all in with size and luxury. Luxe fifth wheels are massive towable trailers that can even run more spacious than class A RVs since they don’t have to fit a cabin for a driver. These kinds of RVs can even come with three or more bedrooms, with bunk beds! They’re safer to tow than travel trailers, but require a little more skill to drive than it does a class A.

Even though their looks are inspired by high-performance cars, these rigs feel more like luxurious single wide mobile homes, than a Recreational Vehicle.

The materials Luxe RVs are made from are just as luxurious, if not more than Mercedes-Benz camper vans or Sprinters. They’re meant for extended stays, so comfort and high-quality are a must. The cabinetry is made from premium wood, they rigs feature touches like crown molding, soft touch sidewalls, and flooring that’s designed to be resistant to mold, smells, water, and more. Appliances are stainless steel, and they’ve got recessed lighting all throughout.

All that space and luxury doesn’t come without a price though, Luxe fifth wheel RVs are some of the most expensive classes of RV to rent. Thankfully, RVshare has some of the lowest rental rates in the industry.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter RV Rental

If you’re asking yourself, “How can I find Mercedes-Benz XL RV rentals near me?” you’ve come to the right place. RVshare is the world’s largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace. This means we have more listings in more places all over the country.

The sharing economy does wonders for RV renters. Renting directly from owners saves consumers hundreds of dollars. Cutting out the middleman is a tremendous advantage that RVshare has over traditional dealerships. Instead of dealing with multiple customer service reps, you can do everything easily from our platform.

The process is easy as one, two three.

  1. Enter your travel dates and pickup location

  2. Search through hundreds of options of Mercedes Benz campervans, Sprinters, or Luxe fifth wheels

  3. Request to book, meet with an owner, and have a grand time

Part of searching for Mercedes Benz RV rentals is reading through customer reviews left by families just like yours. Before deciding on a unit to book, really take the time to learn as much as you can about the RV. Feel free to ask the owner any question you may have and take advantage of the demo you’ll get on the day of pickup.

So how much does it cost to rent a Mercedes Sprinter Van? Well, the answer depends on a few factors including how many days you rent for and which time of year you do so. Avoiding holidays may typically make for better rates, but some owners have holiday specials, so in reality, it’s all up to the terms that you and the owner agree on.

On average, a Mercedes camper van rental will cost you about $200 to $400 per night, plus taxes, and any deposits.

Two nights - $400 to $800

Five nights - $1000 to $2000

Seven nights - $1400 to $2800

Renting a Mercedes-Benz RV

Now that we’ve learned a little more about what exactly Mercedes-Benz RVs are, how you can get rentals using P2P services, and how much they’ll typically cost, it should be much easier to work out a budget and plan your excursion accordingly.