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Diesel Motorhome Rental

If you’re looking to rent one of the largest (and probably the most luxurious) RVs, a Diesel Pusher RV is the one for you. Heated tiles, flat screen TVs, comfortable bed, and couches; the list could go on and on!

Here’s the best news yet: You can find a Diesel Pusher for rent by owners here on RVshare and save up to 43% off regular market prices!

These luxurious RVs can sleep 2-8 people, have plenty of storage space, and some of the largest windows you’ll ever see on an RV. Because the engine is in the back and powerful, it’s easier to climb hills (or mountains) and tow larger vehicles behind you. When you have a Diesel Motorhome rental you’ll feel relaxed and at home.

Renting A Diesel Pusher

In the months that RV owners decide to stay home, they post their Diesel Pushers here on RVshare and allow others (like you!) to take their Diesel Pushers on a vacation. There are so many Diesel Pushers for rent that you’re sure to find the right one to fit your family’s needs.

Because Diesel Pushers use air brakes, you won’t have to deal with brake fluid and will have more power to stop when going downhill. Diesel fuel tends to last longer than regular fuel, too. The average Motorhome gets you 6-10 MPG, while Diesel Pushers get you anywhere from 8-12 MPG!

Before you decide to rent a Diesel Pusher, check out the Pros and Cons that go along with them.

Pros of renting a Diesel Pusher RV:

  • Not that you would necessarily need all of this while traveling, but there’s nothing wrong with living in luxury for a little while!
  • They’ll last just about forever. Most Diesel Pushers won’t need major engine repairs done until they’ve reached 500,000 miles! Diesel Pushers have a lifetime expectancy of 1,000,000 miles. This is great news for those who love to travel! And if you’re renting, it could mean a lower cost per mile.
  • Less wear and tear. Because a Diesel Pusher engine doesn’t work as hard as your standard RV engine, there are lower RPMs used! Again, this contributes to an overall lower cost per mile to rent.
  • Sleeping made easier. Diesel Pushers have engines in the back and generators in the front! If you’re a light sleeper and have to run your generator overnight, you’ll barely hear it in a Diesel Pusher, since the beds are normally in the back.

Cons of renting a Diesel Pusher RV:

  • Repairs. If something happens to your Diesel Pusher while you’re on the road, expect it to be time-consuming and expensive to fix it. Because Diesel Pushers are so large, you’ll have to take it to a truck stop in order to have it fixed. Tires can cost up to a few hundred dollars a piece too. Good thing you’re just renting, right?
  • Not welcome in all campgrounds. Because Diesel Pushers are so low to the ground and large (some are 45 feet in length!) it’s hard to fight in certain RV parks. A lot of campgrounds have a strict 30-foot rule. This could limit your options and force you to go to a campground you might not want to.
  • Fuel might be hard to find. Gasoline is offered at all gas stations, however, diesel fuel is not. It might take longer for you to find a gas station that offers the right kind of fuel. Keep in mind that Diesel Fuel is much more expensive per gallon, too! And don’t forget about DEF fluid!

Why You Should Rent A Diesel Pusher

If you have the extra money to rent one of these massive luxury RV’s, you definitely get what you pay for! Besides, you’re not the one paying the full $250,000 for a top-end luxury motorhome. You get all the luxury of a quarter-million dollar home for only a few hundred dollars a day. How’s that for a reason to rent?

That said, if money is the deciding factor, you may be better off going with something a little smaller. It all depends on what’s more important to you: money or comfort! Overall, if plenty of space is something you require, and you can’t go without the luxuries of home for the duration of your vacation, a diesel pusher is probably the way to go. They feel more like a small apartment than a motorhome!

Still not sure about whether you want to rent from RVshare? See what these customers had to say!

“Great experience and great communication. Can't wait to do it again!” - Isabel

“...professional, responsive and easy to work with. The camper was very spacious, practically new and a great value for the price… I would rent this camper again.” - Mallory

Wrapping up

Now that you have all the information you need, you’re ready to find the Diesel RV rental that’s the best fit for you! Happy camping!