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Whether you bought a used RV or a brand new camper, there comes a time when parts begin to break down and need to be replaced. We are now into our 4th year on the road and we’ve already had to buy a replacement water pump and fridge!

What makes finding RV parts so tricky is that sometimes when you realize you need a new part, you’re not in the most convenient place to look for and receive these items, which is usually at home. You’re likely out traveling, away from home, and finding RV shops that sell the exact part you need can be a challenge.

So in this post, we talk about some of the best ways to find RV parts to help get your camper back up and running as soon as possible. We’ll discuss some of our favorite ways to get products online and which physical stores we recommend. Finally, we offer some tips on how to locate second hand RV products, which, if done correctly, can sometimes save you a fair bit of money.

So let’s dive into it!



Laptop showing search result on Amazon for an RV fridge

If you know how to search for what you need, you can find almost anything these days on Amazon. That comes as no surprise. Most major RV merchants, like Camco, Dometic, & Blue Sea Systems, all have digital storefronts on

In fact, over 50% of what we purchased when we built our own camper came through Amazon. Everything from solar/electrical products, plumbing products, and furniture hardware.

In case you are looking to rebuild your RV’s electrical section, check out our camper electrical system guide which helps you identify which parts you need for your RV electrical system and how to buy them. We also offer electrical wiring eBooks to help you along with the process.

One of the best aspects of shopping on Amazon is that you don’t need to deliver your purchases to your home address. Use this link to search for an Amazon pick-up location near you (you will need to be logged into Amazon first to use this search feature). So even if you are halfway across the country, you can still easily pick up your Amazon purchases.

RV Parts Country

If Amazon is a bit too broad and you are looking for an ecommerce site that is more dedicated to RV parts, then check out RV Parts Country. You can shop by RV category and brands to quickly browse popular parts for campers.

Another benefit of shopping at RV-dedicated websites, like RV Parts Country, is that their focus on RV owners makes their site much easier to navigate, explore, and learn about new RV products that you never realized you needed until you see it.

Additionally, it’s always nice to support the RV community directly.

Woman reaches into the fridge of her campervan

In Store

Camping World

For those that need to see and feel the product before purchasing, nothing beats going to a physical store. And that’s why our best brick & mortar store recommendation is Camping World. And with almost 200 physical stores all across the United States, chances are that there is a Camping World location near you.

When our 12V fridge/cooler broke down, we called up the nearest Camping World store to us and they were able to get the exact Dometic fridge model that we needed in just a few days. Talk about customer service!

If you are in need of more serious service and repairs, you can always book an appointment at Camping World’s RV service center for a diagnostic check and repair. Check out their services & maintenance PDF for more information.

Kitchen sink with tile backsplash of camper van

West Marine

Though West Marine mostly serves the marine & boating community, they may be able to help you if you are specifically looking for plumbing & electrical related products.

When we built our plumbing system, there were many tiny fittings that were so specific that we could not find what we needed at standard hardware stores or even at Camping World. But West Marine has almost every plumbing fitting you could imagine, plus a diverse range of water tanks, pumps, and tubing.

West Marine also excels in niche electrical equipment specifically designed for nomadic living. This includes AGM & lithium batteries, solar panels, charge controllers, and wires.

Used (Second Hand) Parts


Ebay search result for used RV parts

Ebay is a great place to search for used RV parts. However, it can be tricky to sift through everything to find exactly what you need.

Though Ebay is known for selling second hand items, most of what is sold online is actually new. Therefore, in order to find used RV parts, you need to locate the “Condition” heading on the left hand column and make sure you tick the “Used” box. This filters out all the new products and only shows you the second hand products that individual sellers are offering.

In the above picture, you can easily find used water tanks being offered for roughly half the price of new ones.

Facebook Marketplace & Groups

Facebook can be a useful platform to find used RV parts. If you know what you need, try searching for it using the “Marketplace” tab on the left-hand side column. A quick search for RV awnings gave us several hundred options within 50 miles of Seattle, WA.

We like using the Marketplace feature because it’s easy to put us in contact directly with the seller. No middle man and no fees. And oftentimes, you’re able to negotiate a better rate than what is listed on the Marketplace.

Joining several RV-related Facebook groups can also help you find second hard RV parts. Groups such as “Full Time RV Living” and “RVing Tips” have over 100k members each and it’s worth a shot to make a post looking for a specific part that you need. You never know when one of the group’s members is looking to sell the exact part that you’re looking for.

Man repairs the fan of his campervan


We are firm believers that if you know where to look, you can always find what you need. Whether it’s online, in a physical store, or even second hand, there are so many RV parts out there in the market that finding that specific part you require has never been easier.

We hope you found this post useful and if you have any questions on how we’ve been able to find niche RV parts in our 4 years of full-time camper living, please send us an email at [email protected].

Happy traveling!

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