Lightship L1: The First All-Electric Travel Trailer

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We all know why RVs are an amazing travel option. They offer the convenience of a mobile home while allowing you to explore new places and go on adventures without sacrificing comfort. However, the traditional RV has limitations when it comes to efficiency, and this is where the new Lightship RV comes in. This aerodynamic, battery-operated travel trailer has a self-propulsion system, enabling near zero range or mile-per-gallon efficiency loss for the tow vehicle.

family at a picnic table next to a lightship electric rv

Benefits of an Electric RV

Savings on fuel

Aerodynamic efficiency combined with a large EV battery and an electric propulsion system means a near-zero-range-loss (or mpg efficiency loss) experience.

Streamlined amenities

Instead of depending on various fuel types like generators, propane, and electrical hookups, a combined EV powertrain with a residential-scale solar system means one reliable fuel source of electricity, powered by the sun. 

Better for your vacations, and the environment

An all-electric RV eliminates fossil fuels, saves money on fuel costs, enables longer trips and improves your experience overall. No more scrambling to find propane at the last minute.

The Lightship L1

The Lightship L1 has a starting price of $125,000 (or $118,400 after an available tax credit) and is available now for a $500 pre-order at Production is expected to begin in late 2024. Expect features like:

  • Design built for efficiency: Three times more aerodynamic than a traditional travel trailer. This means a longer range and greater efficiency. For example, a 25-mpg gas truck used to tow it remains a 25-mpg gas truck.
  • A trailer that propels itself: Achieves near-zero-range or efficiency loss for the tow vehicle and up to 80 kWh of onboard battery capacity.
  • A week of off-grid power potential without charging: A no-compromise battery system.
  • Powered up living needs: Removes the need for propane and other fossil fuels thanks to 3 kW of solar power.
  • Seamless camping experience: With all-electric appliances, connected features, and modern amenities for modern campers.

Vehicle specifications:

  • Length: 27 ft
  • Width: 8 ft 6 in
  • Height: 6 ft 8 in (road mode); 10 ft (camp mode)
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 7,500 lbs. (fully loaded)
  • Sleeping capacity: 4-6 depending on configuration
electric rv parked in the trees

Meet Lighship and Learn Their Mission

Lightship is a team of world-class engineers, designers, and doers who helped create some of the most iconic electric vehicles sold today. They’re on a mission to reimagine the recreational vehicle experience for the electric age, starting with their first Lightship — a seamless, modern, connected, aerodynamic travel trailer.

Founded in 2020 and based in San Francisco and Boulder, Colorado, Lightship is America’s first all-electric RV company on a mission to reimagine the recreational vehicle experience by designing and producing aerodynamic, battery-powered trailers for the electric age. Lightship is building a critical element to enable the electrification of pickup trucks and SUVs, while bringing the increased convenience and superior performance that electrification offers to a pastime enjoyed by 1 in 10 American families. 

Try It First

Lightship is announcing its new product at SXSW in Austin on March 11. RVshare is offering RV owners and renters priority access to reserve a first-of-its-kind all-electric travel trailer. Lightship expects production to begin in late 2024. Read more about the product features here.

Redeem your priority access in four easy steps.

1. Visit this page and enter your information in the form.

2. Complete your reservation on Lightship’s reservation site.

3. The first 50 reservations will receive a limited edition pioneer pack with branded swag.

4. You’ll hear from RVshare and Lightship regarding next steps via e-mail soon!

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to get some of these EVs on the RVshare platform for rent! As more and more people catch on to how amazing RV travel is, we expect to keep seeing these innovations in the future, and are excited to watch it all unfold.