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If you’re looking for a cheaper means of traveling around Seattle, RVing is one of the most affordable options. Not only are your accommodations covered, but you can also use the RV to reach some truly beautiful out-of-the-way places. As a result, RVing is very cost effective. However, you may be looking for "cheap RV rentals near me" which you'll find out how to do in this guide. Find cheap RV rentals Seattle so that you can relax and explore nature for less.

When newbies first think about renting RVs, they often forget to consider the cost of the mileage. While mileage usually ends up only being a few cents per gallon, it can add up. A good way to save cash is to seek out RV rentals Seattle cheap with unlimited miles. With this kind of rental, you'll be able to travel spontaneously without worrying about how far you're driving.

Such deals are especially good if you’re going to be exploring the greater Washington area. Since you won't be tethered by mileage charges, you can visit family, pick up travel buddies or explore obscure vistas and campgrounds.

How to Find the Cheapest RV Rentals Near Me in Seattle, WA

The first means of ensuring a cost-effective trip is to consider the size of your party. There are many types of recreational vehicles that you can easily find on RVshare. Options range from small trailers to large Class A motorhomes. Remember, when you’re traveling with a rental RV, you can split the cost of the rental with your fellow travelers. This can make for very cheap trips.

Here’s a breakdown of which RV rentals Seattle work best with different numbers of travelers:

  • Small Parties: RVing can be very romantic, so if you’re thinking about taking an RV trip specifically designed for two and you don’t want to spend a lot, then a vehicle like a teardrop trailer will work well for your needs. These RV rentals Seattle are towables that have a single compartment for a bed. With these trailers, you can even prepare food via a propane-powered cooking station that’s positioned on the outside of the teardrop.

  • Small Families: If a teardrop trailer is a little too small for your small family, consider a pop-up camper, campervan or small travel trailer. These will comfortably accommodate four people and can be reasonably luxurious. Most have bathrooms, and food preparation is done easily within the RV itself.

  • Mid-Sized Parties: Are you planning on bringing five or more people? Then a Class C motorhome or larger travel trailer are both great options. With models like the classic Airstream, you can even have a relatively high level of luxury for a small price. Features like running water and kitchenettes are standard with these types of RVs.

  • Large Parties: When you’re bringing six or more fellow travelers, a Class A motorhome or fifth-wheel hitch are great. These can even have expandable living spaces that emulate the experience of a standard living room. Additionally, features like dual bathrooms and large master bedrooms are also available when you rent a larger RV. Remember, since they sleep more, these can be very economical rentals compared to hotels.

Who Has the Most Affordable RV Rentals in Seattle?

If you’re looking to save, then consider renting your next RV from RVshare. RVshare has just about every type of RV for rent, and most are posted by owners who love to rent out to their fellow camper enthusiasts.

The process is straightforward, and you can quickly find rentals just by visiting the RV rental page for Seattle. Just select the type of RV that best accommodates your needs, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the ball can get rolling on your Seattle trip.

How to Rent an RV Cheap in Seattle

When you're looking for an RV rental Seattle cheap, one of the first things that you should consider is the time of year. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise to hear that the summer is a popular season for road trips. Therefore, you can usually expect this to be the most expensive month for rental.

To avoid spending extra during the warmer months, it’s entirely possible to reserve a rental when rates are lower. This usually happens during the off seasons of winter and fall. By renting this way, you can take advantage of deals during the less-busy times.

Where to Rent RVs for Cheap in Seattle

Not sure where to start for your Seattle RV rentals cheap? One of the first things you should consider is what kind of experience you want as far as accommodations go. If you’re opting to rent from an owner, then you can expect the RV to be very homey, which is part of the allure for some road trip enthusiasts.

Not only will the RV be fully furnished in most cases, but the furniture will also be more homelike. In many situations, these are the types of RVs that are most pet friendly. Starting the process of finding a rental of this type is fairly straightforward. You can find what you need by exploring RVshare.

Cheap RV Hire in Seattle

When it comes to RVing, the smaller vehicles are usually the most affordable. For this reason, RV rentals Seattle that include Class B motorhomes can be great options. These campervans are perfect for solo travelers or those who don't need added space or amenities.

Not only are Class B motorhomes easy to drive since they have a more carlike design, but you can also park them in standard parking spaces. This is perfect for an urban center like Seattle. On top of this, most campervans will sleep at least four individuals.