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Exploring the roads from Indianapolis, IN, to Dallas, TX, takes you through the heart of the country. Only 100 years ago, this journey was almost impossible since it involved the knowledge to traverse the nation's center by using dirt roads or county routes. Today, the trip is simple to plan with major highways connecting the two cities. The journey takes you along parts of the Lewis and Clark Trail, through the Great Plains, and along the edges of some of the most extensive forests and deserts in the United States.

Indianapolis to Dallas Road Trip Itinerary

  • Trip length: 13 hours 32 minutes
  • Mileage: 874 miles
  • Fun fact: While Indianapolis is the largest American city not located on a navigable river, the Dallas area is the largest metropolitan region not situated on a navigable river.

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Nearby National Parks

Indiana Sand Dunes National Park

Before leaving the Indianapolis area, travel 162 miles north to Indiana Sand Dunes National Park. The park features excellent views of Lake Michigan, 15 miles of sandy coastline, and 20 square miles of inland dunes with forests, brine marshes, prairie lands, and rivers. Within an easy driving distance of Chicago, the park draws hordes of visitors during the summer months. Several miles of trails venture through the park, allowing visitors to observe the natural habitat of rare birds, large and small animals, and hiding fish. 

Mammoth Cave National Park

Another national park that you should visit before leaving on your Indianapolis to Dallas RV road trip is Mammoth Cave National Park. Located only 216 miles south of Indianapolis, this park is an essential addition to your road trip itinerary from Indianapolis to Dallas. The cave system is the largest in the world, with more than 400 miles of explored caverns. While there, visit the Frozen Niagara cave, where an impressive flow-stone formation is lit with colored lights. 

Gateway Arch National Park

The only national park that is situated directly on your Indianapolis to Dallas RV road trip route is Gateway Arch National Park. The park commemorates the starting point of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, which led to the expansion of settlements across the United States. The arch symbolizes the connection of the east and west coasts into one nation. Visitors who ride trolleys to the top of the monument are rewarded with an incredible view of Saint Louis from 640 feet above its roads and rivers. An immense amount of important historical events happened in this city, and the park includes restored and preserved buildings where those events took place.

Hot Springs National Park

When you reach the town of Durant, OK, on your Indianapolis to Dallas road trip, take a detour to the east to visit Hot Springs National Park. The side trip is well worth the effort. At this park, you are pampered by immersion into warm natural baths full of vital minerals. The views of the surrounding hillsides covered in forests are incredible. After relaxing, take hikes through the surrounding area and then come back to the springs and relax again. 

Nearby State Parks

Don Robinson State Park  

The first convenient state park at which to stop on your Indianapolis to Dallas RV road trip is Don Robinson State Park near Saint Louis. Stopping at this small park provides you and your family the opportunity to rest from the stress of the road. The forest, meadows, caves, and box canyons that this park features attract several species of birds. Hiking trails run throughout the park, and the area offers a serene location to camp.

Lake Texoma State Park

Lying on the Oklahoma side of the Oklahoma/Texas border, Lake Texoma State Park comes as a surprise to those travelers coming out of the plains from the north. The sudden blue that greets the eye after several hours of green forests and brown grasses beckons travelers to stop and dip their toes into Lake Texoma. The park lies along your route, and you find plenty of trails to hike. The fishing and watersports opportunities are fantastic at this park. Stop and enjoy its riches before climbing back into your RV for the final stretch of your Indianapolis to Dallas RV road trip. 

Cedar Hill State Park

Located just 20 miles from downtown Dallas, Cedar Hill State Park is a great place to stay while you explore the city's attractions. The park sits alongside Joe Pool Lake, offering 100 miles of shoreline. Taking a hike along the lake or through the forests is a treat that travelers enjoy after riding the roads all day in an RV. Enjoy your stay at the park by taking boat rides, fishing the lake, or sitting beside your RV in a comfortable camp.

Along the Way

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

Before you leave town on your road trip from Indianapolis to Dallas, stop by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. The museum was commissioned in 1909 and has witnessed over 110 years of racing at what is affectionately called "The Brickyard." The 30,000-square-foot building features 75 racing vehicles. A theater shows films of races from the first-ever movie to the most recent race. A film compilation of several races is also played daily, and this compilation shows the changes in race driving from year to year. Stopping here is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to observe how humans meet challenges with technological advances. 

Saint Louis’ Forest Park

Consider visiting Saint Louis' Forest Park after riding the trolley to the top of the distinctive arch. The park offers 1,300 acres of activities; a golf course, fish hatchery, tennis courts, zoo, and much more are in this park. This is the ideal spot to stop and learn about the city's history in the multiple museums and film houses.

Two-Hour Historic Dallas Segway Tour

The best way for a family to end their road trip from Indianapolis to Dallas is by joining the Two-Hour Historic Dallas Segway Tour. The tour is offered once per day. It is guided by experts who interpret the remarkable architectural and historical sights in Dallas. Instructions on Segway use are included for those tall enough to handle these devices. The tour takes you through the Dealey Plaza, the Pioneer Plaza, and the John F. Kennedy Memorial. Several houses and business structures of unique design are noted along the way, revealing the profound historical importance of Dallas.

Main Cities You Will Pass Through

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis is the largest city in Indiana and the state capital. It is widely known as the nation's crossroads because of the multiple highways and interstates that enter and exit the city in every direction. Before you begin your road trip from Indianapolis to Dallas, use one of the several available dump stations spaced throughout the community. While you are in the town, take the time to test your RV at one of the campgrounds surrounding Indianapolis. 

Saint Louis, Missouri

A stop at Saint Louis on your road trip from Indianapolis to Dallas is essential. Bypassing this city is ignoring a significant chunk of American history. Here, you find the starting point of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. You also see the levees designed by Robert E. Lee — his first project after graduating from West Point. The number of trade goods passed through the port is more than any other port in the country except New York. It is a great point to stop and clean your waste tanks at one of the several dump stations provided for RV travelers in this city. Most of the clean and efficient campgrounds offer dump stations as well.

Dallas, Texas

At the finish line of your epic road trip from Indianapolis to Dallas is a gleaming city. Blessed with rivers, waterfalls, and several places you could only call an oasis, this city is a perfect example of the mirages that challenged ancient explorers. The community is friendly and hosts several first-class restaurants, museums, and places of entertainment. Dallas also has a skyline that challenges every other large city in the country for prominence. Take a few days to explore this area and while you wait, take the opportunity to clean your rig at a dump station. Rest at one of the several campgrounds offered by the city and enjoy your surroundings.

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