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When you take a Dallas to Corpus Christi RV road trip, you'll travel through the heart of Texas. This stretch of Texas is filled with majestic vistas and gorgeous natural scenery that will appeal to just about anyone. While you can complete the journey in a day, you may want to allocate more time so you can make side trips to some interesting state parks and cultural destinations. Your road trip will take you through San Antonio, Austin, and Waco, which are three of Texas' most fascinating cities. 

Dallas to Corpus Christi Road Trip Itinerary

  • Trip Length: You can reach Corpus Christi in six hours if you don't make any stops.
  • Mileage: If you go by way of I-37 to I-35, the journey is 411 miles.
  • Fun Fact: Corpus Christi, which is known for high wind speeds, is a popular destination for windsurfing and sailing.

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Nearby National Parks

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

The sublime nature of Guadalupe Mountains National Park is a fine destination for any trip. However, it is important to note that this park is about seven hours and 40 minutes west of Dallas. For many, the extra mileage is worth it to see Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas at 8,749 feet. Be warned that the area contains a lot fewer amenities than others, but that just adds to the natural beauty of the scenery around you. You can expect clear views and crisp temperatures during your RV trip.

Big Bend National Park

As one of the most adventurous spots in western Texas, Big Bend National Park is a perfect destination for those who enjoy physical activities like hiking, mountain biking, and various water sports. The rugged terrain has a lot of natural features. While it is not directly on the route you will drive your RV down, it is still a worthwhile trip to take. It is just under eight hours from Corpus Christi. This park is well-known for extreme temperatures, becoming frigid in the winter and sweltering in the summer. Spring is the most popular season for visitors.

Nearby State Parks

Mustang Island State Park

Located less than half an hour from the heart of downtown Corpus Christi, Mustang Island State Park is among the top destinations for those seeking a beach holiday. Of course, it's a great way to conclude your Dallas to Corpus Christi road trip. Though Texas is home to a lot of beaches and oceanfront communities, many do not attract droves of tourists. Mustang Island, also called Padre Island, is quite the opposite. Here, an expansive beach of dusty sand dunes is lapped at by crystal-clear waters. The waves are warm to the touch, heated by the currents from the Gulf of Mexico. Whether you prefer to relax or engage in sports like fishing or bird-watching, this is the spot for you. This park features large parking lots and many amenities to make your stay comfortable.

Caddo Lake State Park

There are a great many things that can occupy your time at Caddo Lake State Park, which is 1 mile northwest of Karnack. Be sure to bring your own fishing gear or arrange to borrow some from the park office. You can cast a line from the pier or your boat. This is a 26,810-acre lake that is stocked with more than 70 different types of fish. Make a trip to the nearby towns of Scottsville or Waskom to replenish your supply of fishing gear. This park is also excellent for avid hikers, containing miles of gorgeous scenery. In fact, there are more than 50 miles of well-marked trails.

Guadalupe River State Park

For those who love warm temperatures, Guadalupe River State Park is a wonderful space to spend a few hours. The mild climate and open terrain make this an amazing spot for setting up a campsite. If you enjoy fishing, bring your own tackle or purchase the necessary equipment from the park's store. Since this recreation area is just a few miles north of San Antonio in Spring Branch, it's a convenient stop for a road trip from Dallas to Corpus Christi.

Lake Mineral Wells State Park

Lake Mineral Wells State Park is the native home of several protected species, such as white-tailed deer and others. However, the park is even more well-known for protecting the Mineral Wells Trailway and Western Cross Timbers. The trailway is a lively bit of natural trail where you can enjoy hiking and see the liveliness of nature all around you. Keep an eye out for interesting natural formations like Penitentiary Hollow, a small feature that resembles a canyon.

Along the Way

Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum

If you have an interest in the history of law-keeping in Texas, then this museum is a must-visit. This is a 50-year-old institution that is kept in business via a combination of public funds disbursed by the city of Waco and private donations from a host of charitable organizations and individual benefactors. This hall of fame and museum provides excellent education about the history and the traditions of Texas Rangers.

The San Antonio River Walk

The River Walk in San Antonio is the ideal place to watch passersby and relax while you enjoy the hustle and bustle. This walk along the historic and scenic San Antonio River is dotted with outdoor cafes where you can sip from a cocktail and independent boutiques designed to catch your fancy and provide you with funky wares. This route is also home to many residential homes that are very nice to look at.

The Alamo

While in San Antonio to enjoy the River Walk, do not forget to visit the historic and imposing Alamo. This 18th-century Spanish mission is a historic landmark that has been preserved for you to experience. Located on a busy street, there is no lack of recreation in the surrounding area. Combining education and entertainment, it makes for a perfect trip for the whole family.

Main Cities You Will Pass Through


As the largest city in central Texas, Waco is home to a famous and well-visited zoo, the Cameron Park Zoo, on the spacious grounds of Cameron Park. While the river in this city has been home to indigenous peoples for millennia, it was notably settled by a tribe of Wichita Native Americans. In their own language, they called the land "heuco," later becoming "Waco." Today, it is a cultural hub in Texas with a large and diverse population. Catch some shut-eye and get energized for your travels by staying at one of the nearby Waco-area campgrounds such as Airport Park, which also has a dump station on-site.

San Antonio

Home to the famous Alamo, San Antonio also plays host to a bustling and vibrant urban life. This city was added to the United States before Texas even achieved statehood. It can take care of any emergency as San Antonio has the only medical research laboratory and the largest medical hospital in all of the southern part of Texas. Keep your RV clean by visiting a dumping facility and get a good night's rest in one of the campgrounds in San Antonio. At Greentree Village Travel Park, you can get access to a spacious site as well as free dumping service privileges. With how much walking this city requires, you will be happy to get a little rest.


As the state capital, Austin is a swiftly growing city and burgeoning cultural center. Even if you are just visiting, you can be sure to get a good night's sleep at an  Austin campground such as Oak Forest RV Park. For those just passing through, a good night's sleep is ideal for the amount of excitement a day in this city can bring you.

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Your Dallas to Corpus Christi road trip will be better and more satisfying if you travel by RV. With RVshare, you can get a rental in Dallas or Corpus Christi. This road trip itinerary from Dallas to Corpus Christi is sure to take you through some of the most beautiful natural scenery that Texas has to offer. Stop at one of the spectacular parks or spend the night in a city en route. By choosing to visit one of the state parks or cities on this list, you are opening yourself up to a whole lot of fun. Some places require a fair amount of physical exercise, so be sure that you are up to it.