Roadtrip with RVshare Coeur d’Alene to Anaheim

If you want to see the best sights between Northern Idaho and Southern California, then a Coeur d’Alene to Anaheim road trip is for you! Glaciers, geysers, bison, unique rock formations, gorges, distinctive flora, and more await you in some of America’s most fascinating national parks. State parks are also well-represented; you’ll get to see some gorgeous lakes, historic buildings, petrified forests, desert environments, and California coastline on your journey. Between the cities and attractions that you’ll get to visit along the way, you’ll have plenty of destinations to place on your road trip itinerary from Coeur d’Alene to Anaheim.

Coeur d’Alene to Anaheim Road Trip Itinerary

  • Trip length: 20 hours and 9 minutes
  • Mileage: 1,368 miles
  • Fun Fact: Part of your trip takes place on Interstate 15, which passes through big cities like Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Helena.

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Nearby National Parks

Glacier National Park  

The entrance to Glacier National Park can be found just two hours and 20 minutes north of Wye, Montana. Whether you want to take an easy stroll among the cedars and wildflowers or go on a big-time backpacking trek, you’ll be able to explore this awesome park thanks to over 700 miles of trails. Kayaking and whitewater rafting are popular on the Flathead River; you can also go fishing on the river or on one of the park’s 130 lakes. 

Yellowstone National Park  

Roughly two hours west of Dubois, Idaho, you can find the entrance to Yellowstone National Park. This national treasure is most famous for its geysers and hot springs - and for good reason. Yellowstone houses the world’s largest collection of those geothermal features, so there’s no shortage of amazing natural sights to take in here. When you’re not visiting park staples like Old Faithful and Grand Prismatic Spring, you can set out on lovely trails that will take you past waterfalls, meadows, forests, canyons, lakes, and more. 

Bryce Canyon National Park  

The fabulous hoodoos of Bryce Canyon National Park await you roughly an hour southeast of Paragonah, Utah. These distinctive rock formations are the product of long-term weathering and erosion; they help to produce an alien landscape that’s fascinating to visitors. In addition to getting to see these hoodoos, you’ll be able to take in a variety of red rock formations, ancient bristlecone pines, canyons, and waterfalls on the park’s robust trail network. 

Zion National Park  

Zion National Park is just a little more than half an hour east of Toquerville, Utah, so you have to stop by this stunning national park on your road trip from Coeur d’Alene to Anaheim. Zion is often considered the best of Utah's national parks thanks to its gorgeous canyon vistas and iconic wading hike through a tall gorge. Indeed, hiking the Narrows is a bucket-list item for many Utah natives and travelers alike. If you’d prefer to hike to a higher destination, you can explore Zion Canyon’s rim and various plateaus and peaks. 

Joshua Tree National Park  

If you want to explore some classic desert environments on your Coeur d’Alene to Anaheim RV road trip, then you should visit Joshua Tree National Park. The park is named for its distinctive desert fauna, but it’s home to a wide variety of other plants and animals like cacti, scorpions, rattlesnakes, and wildflowers. This park’s rugged terrain is perfect for hiking, backcountry camping, and rock climbing. 

Nearby State Parks

Heyburn State Park  

Before you venture too far from the Coeur d’Alene area, you should travel about 40 minutes south to stop by Heyburn State Park. Since this state park features the convergence of the St. Joe River with the Benewah, Chatcolet, and Hidden lakes, it’s an outstanding location for fishing, boating, and swimming. A great regional trail called “The Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes” runs through the park and is popular with bikers and hikers; other trails cross the park as well. 

Bannack State Park  

If you’d like to add a ghost town to your road trip itinerary from Coeur d’Alene to Anaheim, then Bannack State Park fits the bill. Roughly 60 original buildings from the city's time as a mining boomtown and temporary capital of the Montana Territory remain. If you visit at the right time, you’ll be able to take in a living history event that brings the 19th century to life. Those in search of some creepy thrills might want to participate in a guided ghost walk. If you’d rather focus more on life than death, you can go panning for gold in an attempt to strike it rich.

Escalante Petrified Forest State Park  

Escalante Petrified Forest State Park is an hour and 45 minutes east of Paragonah, but it’s only an hour from Bryce Canyon National Park. The park’s trails take you through the fascinating petrified forest and past dinosaur fossils. You can also check out Wide Hollow Reservoir, which is an excellent place to go fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and paddling. 

Cathedral Gorge State Park  

The southwestern part of Utah is full of awesome places to visit, but you can experience the wonders of Cathedral Gorge State Park in Nevada by traveling an hour and 20 minutes from Cedar City, Utah. This park is known for its extraordinary bentonite clay spires and cliffs that resemble the soaring heights of a cathedral. Unsurprisingly, hiking on this park’s excellent trails is immensely popular. In addition to the rock formations, you may also see some coyotes, lizards, rabbits, snakes, and more. 

Crystal Cove State Park  

You should definitely experience the wonders of the California coast on your road trip from Coeur d’Alene to Anaheim, so you need to drive 30 minutes south of Yorba Linda to Crystal Cove State Park. One big draw here is the 3 miles of Newport Beach; swimming, surfing, and tidepool exploring are all huge here. You can also head into the wilderness on 18 miles of trails ideal for hiking, trail running, and biking. 

Along the Way

Crystal Gold Mine  

If you want to include a gold mine on your road trip itinerary from Coeur d’Alene to Anaheim, you can’t beat an authentic gold mine that’s only a minute off of your route as it passes through Kellogg, Idaho. At this attraction, you’ll be able to take a guided tour of the mine, pan for gold, and park your RV at a site with full hookups. 

Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve  

The entrance to this otherworldly lava wonderland is an hour and 15 minutes west of Blackfoot, Idaho. One popular way to explore this moon-like park is to take the 7-mile loop road by car although you can also hike or stroll on the roadway. Amazing features like the Spatter Cone, Inferno Cone, and Big Craters await.

Thanksgiving Point  

The Thanksgiving Point complex is home to multiple interesting attractions, so you should definitely pay it a visit since it’s just off your route as it goes through Lehi, Utah. At Thanksgiving Point, you can explore the Museum of Natural Curiosity, the Museum of Ancient Life, the Ashton Gardens, the Butterfly Biosphere, and Farm Country.

Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument  

On your Coeur d’Alene to Anaheim RV road trip, you could drive a couple of hours to Grand Canyon National Park. Of course, you could also simply travel 15 minutes east of Littlefield, Arizona, to visit Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument. Hiking and backcountry camping are immensely popular here; the stargazing is amazing as well because of the monument’s remote location.

Mojave National Preserve  

If you want to see the Mojave Desert in all its glory, then you have to explore the Mojave National Preserve since it’s near your route as it passes through Nipton, California. Joshua trees, sand dunes, abandoned mines, canyons, volcanoes, and more all call this park home. You can explore this rugged desert environment with your car, your bike, your horse, or your own two feet. 

Main Cities You Will Pass Through

Missoula, Montana  

Whether you want to walk around the lovely University of Montana or tour the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, you’ll find some nice places to visit in Missoula. You’ll also find some great dump stations and campgrounds

Idaho Falls, Idaho

Idaho Falls Riverwalk and the Idaho Falls Zoo are two fun places to visit in this Idaho city. If you need to clean out your camper, there are some quality dump stations nearby. And since Idaho is so famous for its rugged landscape, you'll find some great campgrounds as well.

Salt Lake City, Utah  

This city on the Great Salt Lake is full of fascinating attractions like Temple Square and the Natural History Museum of Utah. Plenty of top-notch dump stations and campgrounds are in this popular area.

St. George, Utah  

When exploring St. George, be sure to stop by Red Hills Desert Garden and Pioneer Park. Numerous excellent dump stations and campgrounds are close by.

Las Vegas, Nevada  

Sin City needs little introduction; The Strip and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area await. You’ll have no trouble finding dump stations and campgrounds in this tourist mecca.

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