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Spud Rock

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The campsite itself boasts exceptional eastward views, providing a captivating panorama. Water sources are accessible at various points along the trail, particularly during wetter months. However, winter transforms this area into a snow-covered landscape, and travelers are advised to inquire about current conditions before embarking on their journey. Despite the seasonal challenges, the campground offers a cool refuge beneath the shade of pines and aspens, with lower temperatures providing relief from the summer heat. While water availability is subject to the seasons, Manning Camp, not far away, ensures a year-round water source in most years.

Why You’ll Love Spud Rock

Spud Rock, positioned at an elevation of 7200 feet, stands out as the most remote among the six campgrounds in the vicinity. Typically accessed from the east, the route via Turkey Creek trailhead poses a considerable challenge, demanding a lifted truck or a jeep for traversal. A vehicle equipped with four-wheel drive is a minimum requirement, and vigilance is crucial to assess road conditions.

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