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Constructed by former Tucson Mayor Levi Manning, this camp, once the summer residence of his family, has transitioned into a vital high-elevation hub for numerous fire and natural resource studies. Perched at an elevation of 8000 feet, Manning Camp offers an entirely distinct climate compared to the desert scrub encountered at the Visitor Center. With six campsites, the area is predominantly shaded by ponderosa pines, providing a refreshing retreat from the sun-drenched desert. Serving as a refuge from the valley's scorching temperatures, Manning Camp seldom exceeds 85 degrees, ensuring a cool haven. A reliable perennial water source near the cabin, drying up only twice in Saguaro's history, makes water nearly always accessible, marked by a sign directing visitors to it. Embracing the chilly nights, fires are a necessity, with fire rings providing warmth, especially given the lows often dipping below 40 degrees until late May.

Why You’ll Love Manning

The journey to Manning Camp spans 14-18 miles and entails an elevation gain of 5500-6500 feet, contingent on the starting point. En route, hikers traverse various biomes, encountering dramatic shifts in flora and fauna composition while passing through riparian zones and arid cliffs, all accompanied by breathtaking views.

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