Throw Out That Lumpy Sofa! You Need A New RV Sofa Bed

Company is coming! Time to pull out your RV sofa bed for your extra guests. Don’t have a sofa bed? This quick and easy guide will help you choose the right one for your rig. Believe it or not, there are a variety of RV sofa bed styles to choose from. Your particular space will often dictate your choice.


Here are the main RV sofa bed styles:

RV Sofa Bed

Jackknife– A Jackknife RV sofa bed is a couch that pulls out and lays flat. This type of couch is popular for its easy transition skills. The downside of this style of RV sofa bed is that it can be uncomfortable. Many people choose to place a mattress pad on top of the couch, once opened. This softens the surface and helps guests have a good night’s sleep.

rv couch

Traditional hide-a-bed– Less popular is the traditional hide-a-bed RV sofa. While this was once the leading form of RV sofa beds, today they are rarely used. Traditional hide-a-beds are heavy and can be uncomfortable. With that said, you can still buy this style of couch for your RV.

rv hide a bed air mattress
Air mattress hide-a-bed– The most common RV sofa bed in today’s new rigs is the air mattress hide-a-bed. These RV sofa beds convert like a traditional hide-a-bed, however, the main difference is that they do not store a heavy mattress. Instead, the couch hides an air mattress that easily inflates to provide a good night’s rest.


RV sofa bed

Where do you buy an RV sofa bed?

There are a variety of companies that sell RV sofa beds to the general public. You can find them at Camping World (with the best selection being online, not in their stores). You can also buy them from an RV furniture store, such as RV Furniture, or Bradd and

How much does an RV Sofa Bed cost?

You can grab a new RV sofa bed for as little as $600. If you are on a tight budget, check Ebay and Craigslist. Many people choose to customize their RV and remove the current furniture. Their loss could be your gain–helping you save a bundle!

RV Sofa Bed measurements

You will need the length, depth, and height of your current couch or space. You will also need to measure the amount of room, once the RV sofa bed is pulled out. Ask your rep for the exact method of measurement they recommend.

How much is shipping?

This is an important question to ask the company you buy from. One company may offer you an excellent price on the sofa bed, but make it up in the shipping. Ask questions about shipping costs, methods, and sales tax before you order.

Can I return an RV sofa bed?

Good question! Companies vary, so be sure to find out the exact process, and terms, involved in a return. Remember, a sofa is BIG and not an easy thing to ship.

Can I use a residential sofa bed?

It’s possible to use residential furniture within your RV. The problem with residential furniture is that it is not designed to fit inside an RV door. If the furniture you choose is adjustable, and easy to get through the door, it might be an option. Remember, you will need to secure the furniture, so it doesn’t shift when you’re on the move.

So, what did you decide? Jackknife? Traditional? Air Mattress?

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