RV Compartment Door: Latch, Locks, and Everything You Need To Know


If there’s one thing many of us RVers can’t live without, it’s our RV compartment. From storing sports equipment, additional blankets, fold-up chairs, and more – there’s just no end to what you can keep in there. The space inside your RV can be limited at the best of times, especially when traveling with children, friends, or pets.

Not only will we be talking about RV compartments today, but more specifically, your RV compartment door. After all, it’s not much of a compartment if you don’t have a door to secure it!

RV Compartment Doors

The doors for your compartment can come in a range of shapes and sizes, with rectangular, rounded edges being the most common. A good RV compartment door will keep your storage areas dry and mildew free, as well protect your electricals and propane tanks. This is why it’s important that you check your RV compartment door sealing as often as possible, as well as to make sure your door meets the specifications of your compartment.

An RV baggage door comes in two common styles: square corners and radius (i.e. rounded) corners. Depending on your storage needs, these RV baggage doors can come in sizes ranging from 14 inches to approximately 50 inches in width. Usually, these baggage doors swing in an outwards motion from the top, giving you quick access to storage. They also come with latches and locks, allowing you to securely store your items.

Like most RV parts, you can purchase RV compartment doors (as well as latches and locks) from manufacturers online, or even your local RV accessories shop. If shopping online is more up your alley, then we recommend websites such as Amazon, as it provides great deals and fast shipping.

RV Compartment Door Latch

Not to be confused with a door catch, your RV compartment door latch is what allows you to click it closed. There’s a variety of compartment door latch types, including those made from materials such as plastic, steel, metal, rubber, and more. You’ll want your latch to be very secure, particularly when you’ve hit the road, to prevent the compartment door from opening mid-drive.

RV Baggage Door Catch

Isn’t it annoying when you’re packing or unpacking your baggage compartment, only to have the door repeatedly shut on you? You can quickly and easily fix this problem with an RV baggage door catch, which come in a wide range of materials (including stainless steel, plastic, and chrome).

RV Compartment Door Lock

While your latch keeps the door closed, the RV compartment door lock is what will keep your contents secure as you travel. Even if you don’t place valuables in your RV’s compartment, it’s still best to ensure only you or your loved ones have access to this area, especially if you keep things such as your electricals or propane tanks.

RV compartment door locks come in a range of styles, sizes, and materials. So, check out this Compartment Lock Guide we created to answer any and all your lock specific questions.

Now that you know all of the important facts about your RV compartment door, there’s no excuse not to utilize this gem of a space! Just make sure your compartment door is safe and secure next time you hit the road in your RV.

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